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Chapter 6 The Truth that is Realized after Fifteen Years

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 This is the current state of the settlement, which, of course, has not yet been developed in the slightest.

 However, there is already a mansion built in this land, which will be the place for me and Diana to live.

 The reason why a mansion has already been built in the unsettled land is to preserve a certain tool to prevent the land from turning into a labyrinth.

 The labyrinthine growth will spread if left unchecked, so it was necessary to put a special tool called “Ameris’ wedge (triangular shaped tool)” into the ground to stop the labyrinthine growth.

 The Ameris’ wedge installed here in particular is quite huge, and the house was built to fit the size of the wedge to protect it from the wind and rain and beasts.

 Incidentally, this Ameris wedge, in addition to keeping the land from becoming a labyrinth, also keeps away monsters from the area.

 However, this effect is not so reliable. It seems to be effective only to the extent that the monsters “don’t want to go near it because it’s kind of creepy.” So, some of them ignore it and enter the area, therefore, we must not be overconfident.

 (Well then, what am I going to do now?)

 I look up at the huge Ameris wedge sitting in the center of the entrance hall of the mansion, and think about what I am going to do.

 Of course, I can’t just rush into the labyrinth.

 I should start by building a house for the slaves to live in.

 (Come to think of it, how about a place for them to sleep for now?)

 I wondered about this, and asked Diana about it. It seems that there is a tent among the materials brought in for the settlement, and the slaves are supposed to sleep in it.

 The women are allowed to use the servants’ room in the mansion to take care of the maintenance of the mansion, such as cleaning the mansion.

 I was told that I should take the lead, but I wonder why the personnel assignment has already been decided.

 Anyway, I’m thankful that I don’t have to think about it anymore.

 As it was already late today, I decided to start the development work tomorrow.

 First, I plan to clear the forest to secure a place and timber, and then build a house and a fence.

 In the meantime, I need to check the materials and personnel brought to the site, so I decide to check them in my office.

 As for the materials, only the minimum necessary for the development is prepared, and I can easily imagine that the shortage of the materials will come out soon when the development is actually started.

 As for the human resources, there is little information except that the slaves were bought by my family, and all of them are so poor that they cannot even pay taxes, and they all seem to have sold themselves rather than starve to death.

 Well, their masters are required to provide their slaves with a minimum of food, clothing, and shelter, but since that minimum is determined by the master’s discretion, I think it was a poor gamble.

 (As I expected, all of them are ordinary villagers.)

 There might be a hunter or two, but they are not the kind of people who can be used to capture the labyrinth.

 So, these 30 people are considered to be only for building the base, and I need to gather people for the labyrinth attack separately.

 However, no one likes to come to such a remote area to attack the labyrinth, so I have no choice but to hire someone with money, but since the funds are not plentiful, I have to deal with the financial situation first.

 ”Diana, what do you think is the most likely source of money around here?”

 ”I think it’s the core of the labyrinth. They fetch a lot of money for that.”

 ”I’m talking about the money to capture the labyrinth.”

 Worst-case scenario, I might be able to borrow money from somewhere, use it to capture the labyrinth, and then use the nucleus core I get to pay off the debt, but if I fail to capture the labyrinth, I will be left with nothing but the debt, so I prefer another way as much as possible.

 ”Is there any way that you could somehow perform your specialty experiment, Master Neil?”

 ”What do you mean by “somehow”?”

 ”Make a specialty for this new frontier.”

 ”Specialty products, huh…”

 It’s true that if I can make a specialty product, merchants will come to buy it, and people and goods will naturally gather here.

 With my modern knowledge, it would not be difficult to come up with a specialty or two, but to do so, I need to find out what is available in this new frontier area.

 ”There’s a lot to think about.”

 ”That is why Master Dirac entrusted the task to Master Neil, who is a prodigy.”

 ”Everyone expects too much from me.”

 Perhaps it’s no wonder that I look like I’m doing great things, but I’m not doing anything great myself.

 The reason I was called a child prodigy was simply because I was an adult on the inside, and there was a significant gap between what everyone imagined me to be and what I was in reality.

 I guess that is why others see it as an extreme form of condescension.

 (If only I could have known about my cheat ability that would have been given to me.)

 If I had known that, I would not have been so despicable.

 ”Seriously, Master. I don’t understand why you are so self-deprecating. It is truly unfortunate that you possess such great ‘Chii to nōryoku (status and ability / 地位と能力)’, yet you do not seem to believe in yourself. After all, you have been entrusted with the important task of developing this new area.”

 Hmm? I think I just heard a word that really stuck with me.

 ”I’m sorry Diana, can you repeat that?”

 ”You’re a really pathetic little maggot, a trashy little worm, an elephant worm.”

 ”Why aren you saying that much!? I mean, not that part, but before!”

 ”Your face looks even worse than before…”

 ”How much further back do you want to go?”

 That’s the part from the beginning of the day, isn’t it?

 ”Master Neil… Even though you possess such great ‘Chii to nōryoku (status and ability / 地位と能力)’…”

 ”That’s it! That’s it!”

 ”Yes? “Is everything okay? You’re usually so sensitive when I say things like this.”

 ”You’re just being a jerk, aren’t you?”

 I didn’t want to hear that, but that’s not important.

 ”Chii to nōryoku (status and ability / 地位と能力)…’”

 Hey, hey, it can’t be, no way, but what did God say then?

 ’Chii to nōryoku (status and ability / ちいと能力)…? Oh, I understand. Your ability is not a problem, but in that case, it’s a reincarnation, not a transmigration, is that not a problem?’

 Is it possible that God did not understand the meaning of the word “cheat ability” and interpreted it as a status and ability?

 The way he said “the ability is not a problem” after that, could he have interpreted the wish as a wish for both a position and an ability?

 And why did I have to be reincarnated instead of transferred? Wasn’t it because it was necessary to decide my birth in this world in order to give me a position?

 There are many people in this world, of course, and only a handful of them are nobles.

 To be born as the first child with the right to inherit such a noble family, I can only think that God intentionally made it so.

 As for my ability, as I mentioned before, I can remember faster in general than other human beings, and at first I thought that God gave it to me as a bonus of reincarnation, but I guess this fast remembering is a part of my ability.

 In fact, thanks to this, I think my overall ability is higher than average compared to other people of the same age.

 However, it is only higher than the average, and compared to the best people in every field, I am probably in the second-rate level of ability.

 It would be a great thing to be able to do everything reasonably well without having any weak points, but since I do not have the advantage of being “unbeatable in this one thing”, I am always behind someone else.

 In short, I’m the ultimate skillfully poor person now.

 ”No way…”

 I thought I wanted to be free from the responsibilities of work in another world and have adventures in freedom, but who would have thought that God would have misheard it and I would be a nobleman, far from being free and burdened with such a heavy responsibility?

 ”Who asked ‘chii to nōryoku o kure (Give me status and abilities / 地位と能力をくれ)’? I said ‘chīto nōryoku o kure (Give me a cheat ability / チート能力をくれ)’”

 It is too late to cry out in such a way now.

 Fifteen years have passed since my rebirth in another world, and I have finally come to understand the reincarnation bonus that was granted to me.

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