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Chapter 55 Lewya’s Anomalies※

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 Lewya has been acting very strange since this morning.

 I thought she was getting used to her job as a servant, and she was getting used to taking off my clothes, but this morning when I asked her to change my clothes, she seemed to be acting suspiciously, stopping after taking off my pants as if she was thinking about something, or at least stopping before taking off my pants or putting on a new pair of pants.

 I was a little worried that she might not be getting enough sleep, and asked her if she was having trouble sleeping, but she bluntly said, “Nothing’s wrong!” But she seemed to be hiding something from me, and I wondered what was wrong.

 Diana didn’t seem to have any idea, so I asked Diana to check on Lewya if she could, and so, I spent today developing seasonings with Mei and tasting Narsht-san’s prototypes, and now at night, I was heading to the bathroom with Diana and Lewya to take a hot bath.


 ”Lewya, are you okay?”

 ”Eek!? Wh-What!?”

 ”Well, what’s wrong?”

 If Lewya is acting suspiciously this morning, she is probably acting ten times more suspiciously now.

 ”Master Neil, we’ll talk about it later.”

 ”Hey, does Diana seem to have heard the reason already?”

 ”Yes, but there’s still the possibility that someone might hear it here.”

 Hmm, is it a bad thing if people hear it? If so, is it something related to the fact that Lewya is an elf?

 I knew that it was not something to talk about in the hallway, so I did not go into it further at that moment. Diana and Lewya, who looked the same as usual and stiff as ever, undressed me, and I went into the bathroom first and sat on a chair.

 As I wait for a while, I hear two footsteps behind me.

 ”Thank you for waiting, I will wash your body now.”

 ”Yes, please. So what was the reason Lewya was acting so strange?”

 ”Well, you see…”

 Diana cuts the conversation short and comes up behind me, putting her arms around my waist and pressing her body tightly against mine.

 The warmth of Diana’s soft skin on my back, and the feeling of her twin mounds crushing against me…

 ”Wait, why aren’t you dressed!?”

 I reflexively turn around to see Diana, who is supposed to be washing my body in a chemise, standing there in her undress.

 Further behind Diana, Lewya, who was also naked, was standing there shyly covering her body with a cloth to wipe it.

 ”Why are you both naked!?”

 ”We’re about to do it, and we don’t want to get in the way with our clothes on, do we?”

 ”We’re going to do it!”

 I don’t need to ask what they are going to do, judging from Diana’s attitude.

 ”Wait, wait, then, what did you mean when you said Lewya was acting strange?”

 ”I’m about to ask Master Neil to help me solve that problem.”

 ”What? What the hell does that have to do with that?”

 I asked Lewya, who was still acting suspiciously in the back of the room, not making any connection between what Diana was trying to do and Lewya’s strange behavior.

 ”Lewya, what’s going on here?”

 ”Ugh, that’s… that’s…”

 When Lewya, who seems to be having a hard time saying something, does not seem to speak up at any time, Diana opens her mouth on Lewya’s behalf.

 ”It seems that Lewya saw us having an affair last night.”

 ”Last night’s affair…oh!”

 For a moment, I wondered what she was talking about, but I soon realized that she was talking about my regular practice with Diana to make an heir to the family.

 I was convinced that Lewya was watching me, and that was why she was acting suspiciously, while I asked Diana, who was still attached to my back, a question that I had not yet resolved.

 ”So, why are you doing this?”

 ”Well, it seems that she was so excited that she couldn’t sleep after watching our affair, and she was comforting herself until dawn…”

 ”Diana!? You don’t have to say that!!”

 Ah, so she said that Lewya was sleepless because she was alone while remembering our love affair, which is hard to say.

 While Lewya’s face turns bright red at the unexpected revelation, Diana continues the story in a nonchalant manner and casually reaches out her hand to my p*nis.

 ”From the way you’ve been acting today, I’ve decided that if you don’t let it go at least once, it will interfere with your work.”

 ”Does that mean you’re going to include Lewya in my practice for the succession?”

 ”Yes, Lewya has agreed to this.”

 ”Is that why Lewya was acting even more suspicious this morning?”

 ”Uh, uuuuuu.”

 Maybe her shame has reached its limit after being exposed to everything, Lewya crouched down on the spot and groaned.

 ”Besides, Master Neil needs to get used to handling women. For that reason, I decided that it would be better for you to deal not only with me but also with other women, so I decided to let Lewya join us.”

 ”Then all you had to do was tell me that! Why didn’t you do it!?”

 ”If I had only told you that, Master Neil would have said that you wanted to respect Lewya’s decision, and I could see that you would have refused to do so. So, if I don’t tell you that Lewya is also willing to accept the proposal for that reason, you will never accept it for the rest of your life.”

 Indeed, if Diana had told me that Lewya was going to participate in the succession practice, I would have definitely opposed it.

 Even if she had agreed to it, I would have continued to refuse unless she was willing to do so.

 ”What are you going to do with that? Are you going to stand there like that for a long time?”

 ”Ugh, but…”

 ”Then watch what I do there.”

 Diana said, and moved her hands, which were mostly just resting on it, and began to work on my thing.

 Diana’s body moved with the movement of her hands, and each time she did so, the duo mound pressed against my back changed their shape, and Diana’s breath hung in my ear.

 ”It is difficult to see my hand, but I like this position in which I hold Master Neil from behind, because it allows me to take the initiative.”

 Maybe because she has been getting beaten one-sidedly more and more recently, Diana is pleased with the first time in a long time, and she is beating me hard.

 The more she handled my thing, the more the runny cum poured out from the mouth of the bell and soiled Diana’s hand.

 The sound of water starts to rattle, and Diana’s breath on my ear starts to be hot.

 ”It’s okay, you can put it out whenever you want.”

 Realizing that I was close to my limit, Diana accelerated the movement of her hand, and then she started to stroke the glans at once with the palm of her hand.


 I couldn’t endure Diana’s more and more intense torture, and I spewed out my cum into her hand.

 She handled my twitching dick from the root and squeezed out the remaining semen in my urethra, then she looked at her hand soiled with my spit with a satisfied look.

 ”You’ve cum a lot, did it help you to get rid of some of it?”

 ”No, what are you trying to do by making me vent?”

 I glare at her, wondering if Lewya is the one who is supposed to vent, and Diana moves her face so close to my ear that her lips are almost touching it.

 ”Master Neil, you tends to get violent when you’re excited, and I thought Lewya wouldn’t be able to handle it if I didn’t let you vent.”

 So that’s what she meant, she wanted to let me cool down before giving it to Lewya.

 Diana pulls herself away from me and turns to Lewya.

 ”Okay, now it’s your turn.”

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