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Chapter 56 Ignorant Elf※

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 When Diana called her name, Lewya, who had been watching our affair in a daze, suddenly came to her senses.

“Huh, what should I do when you say it’s my turn?”

“I won’t tell you to do as I do. First of all, you should entrust yourself to Master Neil so that he can get used to dealing with women other than me.”

“Leave me to him… I-I understand.”

Lewya comes up to me fearlessly, as if she were approaching a wild animal, and sits down next to me on the floor.

What am I supposed to do from here? Lewya is bending forward and guarding her body tightly, which makes it very difficult for me to touch her.

When I put my hand on her shoulder, Lewya shivered.

“I’d like to start with a kiss, okay?”

“K-Kiss!? Oh, yes! Do it!”

Lewya, who is in a state of tension, pulls her face close to mine and stares at me at close range with her eyes wide open.

She looks scary, not like she’s waiting for a kiss.

“Well, I’d appreciate it if you close your eyes.”

“Close? I-I see… There’s a certain way of kissing…”

Lewya closes her eyes tightly.

Again, I couldn’t believe that she was waiting for me to kiss her, but I put my own lips on hers gently, because I couldn’t go on further if I had to point out every single thing.


The moment I put my lips on hers, Lewya’s body jumped and her breath escaped from the gap between our overlapped lips.

I put my hands on her shoulders and move them to her back, patting her gently and sometimes rubbing her to calm her down.

After a while, Lewya’s tense body gradually relaxes, and she naturally leans her body against me since she was leaning forward.


The breath that escaped from between our overlapping lips changed from rough to hot and lustrous, and as Lewya calmed down, I was able to focus my attention on other things.

I looked over her shoulder and felt her rounded feminine body, pale skin and small butt, her soft skin clinging to my chest, and her two small but firm breasts.

By the time I realized that this was a bad idea, it was already too late, and my son, who had been deflated by throwing up once, regained his vigor.


Suddenly Lewya is hit by a sensation that pushes up her lower abdomen, and she lets out a crazy cry and pulls her body away, then stops moving when she sees what it is.

“Huh… Does this mean you’re all set, right?”

“Well, yes.”

“I-I see.”

When I was feeling a little bad that she had so quickly regained her energy after Diana had pulled her out to keep her cool, Lewya straightened up her posture, straddled my knees, and tried to sit down…

“W-wait! What the hell are you trying to do to me all of a sudden?”

“Huh, I can’t?”

“No, it’s not a bad idea, but it’s going to hurt a lot if it’s not thoroughly wet and loose.”

“Is it going to hurt!? But it’s true that Diana seemed to be in a bit of pain last night.”

This reaction makes me wonder if Lewya doesn’t know much about s*x.

Surely, she doesn’t even understand the meaning of what she is about to do, right?

“I’m asking you a question, Lewya, do you understand what you’re about to do?”

“Of course I do.”

“I see. How can you be so clueless―”

“Because Diana just told me.”

That means she didn’t know about it until just now, right? What’s going on with the s*x education in the elven village?

“But then why were you alone last night, comforting yourself? If you didn’t know what it meant, you wouldn’t do it.”

“Well… I don’t know about that either, I was just looking at the two of you and I got this indescribable feeling in my lower abdomen, and I thought if I did what Neil was doing to Diana, it would make it go away.”

Well, I didn’t understand what she meant by that, but I guess she was imitating what she saw in order to suppress the arousal that was rising in her.

I knew that she was not immune to the opposite s*x when she helped me change my clothes as a servant, but I had never expected that her s*xual knowledge would be so limited.

“Did it help a little after you tried it?”

“No, I had this strange tingling sensation, but it was nothing like Diana’s at that time. I was trying various things to see what the difference was, and ended up in the morning.”

I wonder if it’s curiosity born of ignorance, but when I think that she spent the whole night alone playing with it without understanding what it meant, I feel my alter ego boiling hot even though it hasn’t been touched.

“So, where do we go from here?”

“Uh, I’m going to touch your breast first, okay?”

“O-okay, it’s breasts, right?”

I stop her, and Lewya, who is in the posture of lifting her hips on my lap, asks me with a puzzled look on her face.

At first, I caress her breast from the underside with the base of my thumb and forefinger, as if scooping up her breast.

Although her small breasts are modest in size compared to Diana’s, they are firm and firm enough to push back against my fingers.


“Does it hurt?”

“No, it doesn’t hurt, but it feels a little ticklish.”

I guess she still doesn’t know how good it feels.

Then I move my fingers a little boldly, stop rubbing around her breast in a circular motion, and squeeze it with both hands as if crushing it from the top.

“Huh, ah!”

Then, a gasp of a different tone comes out from Lewya’s mouth.

Unlike Diana, who feels gentle touch more, Lewya seems to prefer a more forceful touch.

“This is so different from when I touched it myself.”

“Touching it by yourself is totally different from being touched by someone else, huh?”

“Yes, but it’s funny, the feeling doesn’t go away, it gets stronger…!”

Lewya rubs her inner thighs together as she says this, and I release one hand off her breast and put it behind her back, grabbing Lewya’s butt.

After enjoying the feeling of her small but firm butt, I slide my fingertips between her inner thighs.

The viscous liquid that sticks to my fingertip is definitely the love juice from Lewya’s secret place, and I run my finger up and gently touch the source of the liquid, trying to scoop it up.


Lewya’s body jumps up and down at the touch on her sensitive part.

However, she was surprised only for a moment, and she immediately regains her composure and opens her inner thighs, which were tightly closed, so that I can caress her easily.

A bridge of viscous liquid is formed between her open thighs, which tells me that Lewya’s secret part is still wet.

“You’re so wet.”

“Uuuu, at my age I’m pathetic.”

Pathetic… Well, that’s natural, Lewya doesn’t know what love juice is.

“This isn’t a pathetic. This is what happens to women when they have s*x.”


“Yeah, it hurts if you touch it or put it in while it’s dry, doesn’t it? To prevent that, the body naturally secretes lubricant.”

“I see, so that’s why I felt so much stimulation when I touched it myself yesterday. Oh, I’m sorry, please continue.”


Satisfied, Lewya urges me to continue, and I agree before resuming my caresses.

Even though she prefers a stronger stimulation, I thought that I had suddenly applied too much pressure to her secret parts, so I rubbed her groin and the outer part of her labia.

As I rubbed the sensitive parts with my fingers, the labia expand and open with s*xual excitement without touching them, and the love juice spills out from the exposed vulva.

“Huff, huff…!”

Lewya’s face turned red and she endured her shame, knowing that it was not a gross s*xual act, but the liquid spilling from her lower abdomen stirred up her sense of shame.

Diana had told me to be gentle with her since it was her first time, but seeing her like this made the lecherous part of me start to raise my head.

Oh, I’m sure it’s all right, as long as I don’t do it roughly.

“It’s really great, it’s spilling out like drool!”

“D-don’t say that!”

“But, it does, doesn’t it? Drooling like a starving animal, do you want my cock so bad?”


Lewya is surprised at my unexpected verbal abuse.

“N-Neil! I can’t believe that’s your true nature…!”

“True nature? Men are just like this when their skin is peeled off.”

“Then what you did last night, hyah!?”

Before Lewya can finish her words, I push my finger, which has been just barely touching her, to her secret place.

When I rubbed her secret part with my finger, her back jumped, her mouth let out an uncontrollable gasp, and she tried to escape by moving her hips, but I caught her and rubbed the entrance again and again.

“No! No! Don’t do it, Neil!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know what’s wrong!!”

She screamed and moved her hips hard to escape from the pleasure, and then my finger slipped into her vagina.

“Hyii!? ―Aahhhhhhh!”

Suddenly, she felt a foreign object and strong stimulation, and she experienced her first climax.

“Ah, oh…!”

Lewya trembled and let out a meaningless moan from her mouth, as she was assaulted by unknown sensations that she had never experienced before.

Every time she moaned, her slick and wet vagina tightened its grip on my finger like a lick, pulsing hungrily.

I had thought that I should be careful since it was her first time, but my son, who was already ready to fight even before I started caressing her, was already at the end of its patience, and together with the feeling of her vagina undulating hungrily, I pulled out my fingers and held her close to me with both hands.

“That’s enough, I’m going to put it in.”


Before I hear her reply, I cover her lips, lift up her waist forcefully, put the glans against her vaginal opening, and slowly sink my cock into her vagina.


The sensation of the foreign object is so much more intense than that of my fingers that a moan of pain escapes from the gap between our lips.

I slowly lower my hips to Lewya’s and take my time, trying to ease her suffering at least a little.

When Lewya’s moans become quieter, I make sure that my cock is completely inside her vagina, and I stop kissing her.

“Okay, it’s all the way in, how’s the pain? Lewy―!”

I’m speechless when I pull my mouth away so I can see Lewya’s face.

“Ugh, uuu… Sob!”

Lewya’s eyes were filled with big tears, and she was crying a lot.

“Huh, did it hurt that much!? I’m sorry! You were already very wet, I thought you’d be okay, but, ah, healing magic is not good―eh, uhhh…”

In the case of a laceration like a broken melon, there is a possibility that the broken skin might be healed by healing magic, so I can’t use it carelessly to stop the pain.

While I was upset like this, Lewya put her hand on my shoulder and squeezed it.

“The pain is fine, not as bad as I thought it would be.”

“R-really? But I’m sorry, I knew it was your first time, but I got ahead of myself because I couldn’t control my excitement. I’m sorry, I should’ve told you more, I’m so sorry!”

“…Do you really think so?”

“I do.”

“Really, really?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

As if to prove it, I gently hold Lewya close and rub her back.

“I’m sorry if I scared you, I’ll be gentle, can we continue like this?”

If I let it end here, Lewya’s first experience would end up as a bad memory.

I asked Lewya to avoid that, and she nodded her head quietly after a long pondering.

I thank her and move my hips to the side, pressing my p*nis against the vaginal wall, instead of thrusting to protect her still sore vagina.

“Mmm, mmm.”

Slowly, and slowly, I moved my hips carefully so that the inside of her vagina would be loosened, and I was able to move my hips somewhat smoothly.

“Lewya, how is the pain?”

“I still have some zinging pain, but not as much as at first.”

“Okay, I’m going to change the movement a little bit now, but if it hurts, you let me know, okay?”


After seeing that Lewya agreed, I slowly thrust my hips back and forth.

Carefully, so as not to cause any pain, I repeatedly hit the opening of Lewya’s cervix with my glans in small strokes, and gradually the opening of her cervix descended, and the glans and the opening of her cervix began to collide strongly.

“Mmm, hmm…!”

“Does it hurt?”

“N-no, it doesn’t hurt, but it sounds spontaneous.”

“You don’t mind? Then I’ll keep going a little longer.”

“Ah, please… Mmm”

It seems that Lewya does not like to be penetrated deeply.

So I kept moving my hips back and forth, but kept moving in small, quick increments.

As I pounded Lewya’s cervix over and over again, her moaning became more and more lustrous, and her love juices made a squeaky sound as they flowed out from our union with each movement of my hips.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

Perhaps the pleasure was getting stronger than the pain, Lewya herself started to move her hips, and our movements became more and more intense, and the sound of flesh colliding with flesh echoed in the bathroom.

Our bodies were wet with sweat as if we had just gotten out of the bathtub, and our lower bodies were soaked with a mixture of sweat and love juice.

Lewya screamed with each slap of her hips, her breasts and butts bounced and splattered with her bodily fluids, filling the area with a lewd smell.

Sight, sound, touch, smell, and all the senses pushed us to climax as if guiding us.

“Haa~, haa~! Lewya…! I’m gonna cum!”

“Hyaaa, ahh!”

I don’t know if she didn’t hear me or not, but I was at the end of my patience, and I couldn’t stand Lewya’s unceasing movements of her hips, so I unleashed my desire into her vagina.



Lewya screams at the sensation that is even hotter in her vagina at the boiling hot sperm that fills her vagina, and she stops moving her hips, her vaginal walls twitching as if they are squeezing out the sperm every time I spurt out my semen.

“Huff… huff… are you okay?”

I asked Lewya after I had finished pumping out my semen and had calmed down somewhat, but she kept her face down and did not respond to my question.

Just when I thought she might be angry at me for having cum in her vagina before I got her approval, she looked up from her prone position and was crying again with big tears in her eyes.

“Whaa! I-I’m sorry! I’m sorry I let it out without permission! But it’s okay! You can’t get pregnant just by putting it in your vagina!”

“No, it’s not like that. I’m just relieved.”

“What? What do you mean, “relieved”?

While I was still wondering what she was talking about, Lewya started to talk.

“Last night, when I heard Diana’s pained voice coming from Neil’s bedroom, I was worried. I was afraid that Neil was a terrible person and that instead of showing it, you were torturing Diana at night and taking out your frustrations on her.”

“Torture? Why would I do that?”

“Because there’s no other way!? I didn’t understand the meaning of this act! Seeing Diana moaning in pain and Neil smiling happily at her, anyone would think so!”

It’s true that I am usually completely at Diana’s mercy, but when it comes to the practice of the succession, I can take the upper hand and blame Diana, and my sadistic side comes out more often than not.

If someone who doesn’t know much about s*xual intercourse sees it from the side, it may look as if I enjoy torturing Diana.

“But it’s nothing like the torture I know, and for torture, both Neil and Diana seem to be in a funny mood, or at least you two seem to care for each other, and I’m confused. I wondered why Neil was touching Diana’s breast and why Diana was making such a noise when her breast was touched.”

Well, I thought she was masturbating to satisfy her curiosity and to quell her tingling, but it seems that Lewya was trying to understand by touching herself to clear her doubts.

“I felt a strange sensation when I touched myself, and it didn’t make any sense at all, so I asked Diana what it was all about. And she told me that it was a ritual to make a baby and an act for a man and a woman to confirm their love for each other… but I still couldn’t understand what you were doing last night.”

“Well, people don’t understand the meaning of the act even if you just tell them what it means, do they?”

That’s natural.

Lewya must have come to the same conclusion and decided that the only way is to actually experience it.

“That’s why I was really worried when Neil changed his mind! I was afraid that Neil was the first one and this one was the real one.”

“I’m sorry, Lewya’s reaction was so cute that I couldn’t help myself.”

“Cute!? I won’t be fooled by such words! I was really anxious and worried, you know!?”

I was convinced when I saw Lewya clapping me on the shoulder, angry.

I see that the last tears she shed were tears of relief that I was back to normal.

I should reflect on my words and actions, which might have been unthinkable for me, to have made her that anxious.

Just as I was letting this experience be a lesson to me, a hand was placed on the shoulder other than the one Lewya was tapping, and I looked over to see Diana standing there with a very friendly smile on her face.

She was smiling so much, more than I had ever seen before, and for some reason it sent chills down my spine.

“I’m glad you’ve cleared up the misunderstanding.”

“Huh, are you mad at me?”

“Angry? I don’t know what you mean. I’m not angry. Master Neil, would you like to practice dealing with more than one woman at the same time?”

“What? But I’ve already done it twice.”

“What are you talking about, Master Neil has already discharged into my intestines five times in the past, haven’t you? Isn’t it still possible?”

“No, I was in a bit of a state of exhaustion at that time, and it was not continuously but with breaks in between, so let’s take a break at least.”

“What do you want to do, Lewya?”

Oh, did she not hear what I said?

“Well, I’d like to try one more time if I could.”

“Well, since Lewya already fucked once in her vagina, two times should be okay.”

“Uh… do I have a right of refusal?”


Diana was so angry that I didn’t know why she was so angry, and I was squeezed by both of them.

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