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Chapter 57 From Peaceful

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 It’s been a few days since the two of them squeezed me to death, and nothing remarkable has happened since then.

 The development of the seasonings that Mei and I are working on together is not progressing well, and although I knew it from the beginning, it does not look like it is going to be easy.

 For Narsht-san, he has been making new dishes on a regular basis, all of them tasty but lacking in originality, or perhaps, in the sense that they cannot be called the specialty of the new settlement.

 Well, creating originality with crops alone has its limits, and it seems that the quickest way is to create a new seasoning that does not exist in this world.

 For this reason, I decided to start making seasonings other than miso and soy sauce, and first, I decided to make mayonnaise, which is becoming a standard item in the “another world reincarnation” genre.

 Mayonnaise is simple to make, and can be made by patiently mixing eggs, vinegar, oil, and salt.

 The process of mixing them patiently is sometimes a little difficult, but it was solved by the wind magic, and the mayonnaise was completed without any problems, except for one incident in which the contents splashed all over the laboratory due to a mistake in the mixing method.

 At first, I was worried about whether the emulsification would work properly in this world, but the vinegar and oil mixed well together, and the taste was good enough to be used as mayonnaise, although it could not be compared to the commercial products in the world before my birth.

 The only problem was that this mayonnaise would separate quickly into vinegar and oil, and would not last for more than an hour.

 Therefore, if the mayonnaise is not made just before use, it will separate before eating, and improvements are currently being made to keep it in the mayonnaise state for as long as possible.

 The next step is to make Worcestershire sauce, which takes time to mature, but it is not labor-intensive because all it takes is to put vegetables, fruits, spices, and vinegar in a jar and leave it to stand.

 The vegetables and fruits that make up most of the ingredients can be obtained in abundance from the farmland in the settlement area, so unlike mayonnaise, which consumes precious livestock eggs, Worcestershire sauce can be mass-produced.

 This is the reason why I started to make Worcestershire sauce, but my first attempt failed because it went rotten.

 It seems that the sterilizing effect of vinegar was not enough, so I added salt and sugar to the second batch, and although it did not spoil, the resulting liquid was too dry, pale in color, and tasteless to be used as a sauce.

 Whether it was not ripened enough or the ratio of vegetables was too high, it was decided to leave the second one to ripen and increase the amount of fruits by decreasing the ratio of vegetables.

 However, all the fruits grown in the settlement sound fresh, but at best, they are watery.

 This might be the reason why the sauce was so watery, and therefore, before reducing the ratio of vegetables, I decided to reconsider the fruits to be included in the sauce.

 However, there was no way that I could conveniently find seeds of other fruits at hand, and I thought that I would get seeds of fruits for Worcester sauce from the harvest hoe firm the next time I went to the city, but as I was discussing about possible solutions, I suddenly remembered a fruit called “Oran” that Diana had tricked me into eating before.

 That fruit has an intense sweetness that destroys my taste buds, as if it were concentrated from hundreds or even thousands of fruits, so I decided to leave the laboratory and go to the place where this fruit used to grow.

 According to Diana, the fewer Oran grow on a tree, the more sugar is concentrated in its fruits, and when I see that there are about ten Oran on the tree this time, compared to two last time, I collect all of them.

 ”One-fifth compared to the last time. I wonder how sweet they are.”

 When I retrieved the Oran fruit, I saw them in my hand, and my curiosity raised its head, but I immediately shook off the thought.

 The sugar content of this fruit is more than enough for living creatures to eat, since it has not been eaten by wild animals.

 Once I brought the fruits back to the laboratory, I decided to add them to the third jar.

 Instead of adding all ten Oran, I removed only a small amount of fruit and sugar from the same contents as when I prepared the second jar, and added a single Oran, cut in half, instead.

 The third Worcestershire sauce was made in this way, and if the result alone is yo be looked at, there is no problem in saying that it was a success.

 However, if asked whether it is Worcestershire sauce or not, I have to admit that I am a bit skeptical about it.

 First of all, as I expected, it is very sweet, but not so sweet that it destroys one’s sense of taste, but only that it is sweeter than the Worcester sauces I know.

 Secondly, it is very sticky, and together with its dark color, it looks completely like a chocolate sauce.

 And lastly, although this is not a problem of taste or appearance, the use of Oran fruit as an ingredient makes it difficult to maintain a consistent taste.

 Since the taste of Oran depends on the number of fruits on the tree, it is very difficult to find an Oran tree with the same number of fruit if I want to keep the same taste all the time.

 However, since it was a successful seasoning, the third product was named Oran Sauce, and the development of Worcestershire sauce was continued.

 One day, while developing seasonings along with the development of the settlement, a sudden event occurred.

 As usual, Mei and I were in the laboratory developing the seasonings.

 ”Neil! There’s a problem!”

 ”Whoa! Wh-What’s going on?”

 Lewya opened the door of the lab roughly and shouted my name at the first sign of trouble.

 I catch myself just in time to almost knock over the fourth jar of Worcestershire sauce at the sound of her voice, and look at Lewya standing in the doorway to ask her what’s going on.

 Lewya, who seemed to be out of breath, said shocking words while trying to calm down her breathing.

 ”A-a swarm of monsters is approaching this settlement!”

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