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Chapter 61 A Sh-tty Job(ask) Part One

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 ”F*ck this.”

 For the first time today, I let out those words with a sense of frustration.

 That nasty son of a b*tch, who used to bow down to me and watch my face, but nowadays he’s so obviously looking down on me.


 I can’t hide my annoyance at the sudden pain in my side, all because of that sh*tty job.

 About six months ago, I was offered a job by a firm.

 It was a request to hunt a very mild-mannered and weak monster called Plumer, and the materials extracted from Plumer could be used as medicine, and they were very profitable monsters that could be bought at a reasonable price no matter where and when I brought them in.

 Moreover, the market price per creature was two platinum coins, but the request was to buy them for four platinum coins.

 I was happy to accept the request because I thought that I could earn ten gold coins just from the request, considering that Plumas have a tendency to live in groups due to their fragile nature.

 The Plumer nests are located in areas with few natural enemies, so the route was supposed to be relatively safe and easy.

 However, on the way to Plummer’s den, I was attacked by a swarm of Badahis.

 Badahis are extremely ferocious and voracious, and once targeted, they relentlessly pursue their prey, literally sucking them down to the bone if they catch them.

 They always hunt in packs, and their individual fighting abilities are not low, so it is difficult to survive, let alone defeat them with a mediocre ability.

 Moreover, unlike Plumers, Badahis do not produce any valuable materials, which, coupled with their nuisance, makes them the first monsters that are hated among my peers.

 Then, I understood why this request was so unprofitable and the reason for the recent shortage of Plumer’s materials.

 Probably, Badahis have settled in this area as a hunting ground in order to attack people who come to hunt Plumers.

 Naturally, in order to hunt Plumer, it is necessary to defeat the Badahis and then go to hunt Plumer, but it is not a matter of course that one has to post a request and prepare a reward for the Badahis.

 However, no one wants to make a request to kill the hated Badahis for a considerable amount of money, and even those who make such a request are not willing to pay such a large amount of money to kill the Badahis.

 I should have been suspicious when they offered such a seemingly easy and tasty request to me, an expert, not a novice, and I desperately turned back to the city, swinging my sword, and managed to escape with my life.

 But in return, I received a wound that will never heal even if I use healing magic, and I can no longer go hunting outside the city as I used to do.

 From then on, I was unable to get a decent job, and I was forced to do cheap jobs that a novice would do, such as being a gatekeeper of a mansion, or a bouncer who deals with drunks in a bar, and so on.

 My treatment within the firm deteriorated, and day after day I received the nickname “chore man” behind my back, and yet the only reason I continued to work at the firm was so that I could support my wife and my son.

 ”Haa… D*mn it…”

 But then I got into an argument with a staff member about my job, and I just burst out.

 As I dragged my heavy legs back to the firm, I came across a man who looked like a staff member and a customer talking with each other over the counter.

 ”Ah! Gaadhir―san!”

 The staff member calls out my name with a weirdly friendly smile on his face, though he has been calling me “Gaadhir-san” lately.

 I have a bad feeling about this, but I can’t ignore the call, so I walk up to the counter.

 ”Is it work?”

 ”Yes, actually, I just got a job that fits you perfectly, Gaadhir-san.”

 I’m a perfect fit? It sounds totally unpleasant.

 While I was thinking like that, a man who seemed to be my client approached me.

 ”Are you going to take the job?”

 ”Well, I was wondering if you could tell me what it’s about―”

 ”Yes, that’s right! I’m sure Gaadhir-san will meet expectations!”

 Damn it, what’s the matter with him?

 But from the way the staff is reacting, they really want me to take this job.

 If I refuse the job, they may never give it to me again.

 I have no choice but to do whatever it takes to support my family.

 ”Huff, I would like to confirm this request with him, if that’s all right.”

 ”No, I’ll tell him myself. There’s no need to bother Gibbett-sama.”

 ”This request is very important to me as well, and I would like to confirm it by talking to him personally. Or is there something wrong?”

 ”N-no! That’s not true!”

 The staff member shuts his mouth as if to assure me that he has nothing against me telling him.

 ”Now, about your request, do you know about a settlement a little bit far from this city?”

 ”Yes, recently a nobleman started to settle there, right? There’s a rumor among colleagues that there might be a request to develop the area soon―No way…”

 ”Don’t worry, this request is about the new land, but it doesn’t ask you to attack the labyrinth.”

 I’m relieved to hear that.

 Even before I was injured, I would not have been able to attack the labyrinth, there was no way I could do such a job now.

 ”Well, then, if it’s not a labyrinthine conquest, what exactly does the job entail?”

 ”Guarding the settlements, since there are many wild creatures that come down to human settlements in search of food during this season, and you will be asked to deal with such creatures.”

 Guarding the settlements, I’m sure it’s tougher than the jobs I’ve been doing recently, but it’s not something I can’t do now if I don’t have to go out hunting.

 ”How long will the job last?”

 ”The job will last until the Ice Star period passes, but Master Neil, the original client, expects you to stay on the land and continue working as a security guard.”

 Settling in the settlement? Oh, come on, what kind of a joke is that?

 Unless there is already a security system in place to guarantee the safety of the settlers, it is obvious that the security is not yet secured when they are recruiting people to guard the settlers.

 Moreover, since they say that they have only started the settlement this year, it is not hard to imagine that the settlement is still in its infancy.

 It would be much better to live in a cold village far from the city.

 My prediction was right for the most part, and when I asked for details about the current status of the settlements, I was told that there are only large farmlands and a few buildings, and that the settlements are surrounded by a simple wooden fence.

 To tell the truth, this level of protection makes me feel uneasy when guarding a settlement where monsters may appear.

 I guess that’s why they asked me to do this job, but it seems to be harder than I expected.

 When I looked at the staff’s face from the side, he was nodding his head insistently, as if he wanted me to accept the job.

 If I refused, I would probably never get the job again.

 So I decided to accept the job on the condition that it would only be available during the Ice Star.

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