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Chapter 62 A Sh-tty Job(ask) Part Two

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 A few days have passed since then, and I have been asked to guard the settlement. I meet up with Gibbett, the head of the harvest hoe, at the entrance of the city.

 I look around to see if he has already arrived, and I see a carriage with a wheat and hoe emblem on it, and I approach the carriage.

 There was no one on the driver’s seat. I peeked into the back of the carriage to see if he was in the back, but there was no one there.

 As I was wondering where they had gone, I was called from behind.

 ”Hey, you, what do you want with our carriage?”

 ”Ah, Mister Gibbett.”

 I turned around to see Mister Gibbett, the man I was meeting, standing there with a suspicious look on his face.

 When he saw my face, he looked surprised and his suspicious face fell, and he scratched his head apologetically.

 ”Gaadhir-san, I’m sorry, I thought a stranger was messing with the carriage.”

 ”Oh, well, it can’t be helped.”

 I turn my eyes toward the source of his misunderstanding.

 ”You must be Gibbett-san, my name is Glayna, Gaadhir’s wife, and it’s nice to meet you today. Come on, Neo, say hello to him too.”


 ”…well, Gaadhir-san, what’s this?”

 The mister asked me with a puzzled look on his face, which I would have expected if I had suddenly appeared with my family at the rendezvous point.

 ”Actually, when I told them about this job, I didn’t know if they would come with me… but my wife told me to just give up if Mister say they can’t come…”

 ”Well, as you can see from the carriage, there is room for two people, and I have no problem bringing them to the settlement, but I don’t know if the settlement will accept people who are not on the schedule, and if that’s OK with you, I’ll bring them.”

 ”By all means!”

 Before I could interject, Glayna responds with an immediate answer.

 I was against taking my wife and son to such a dangerous place, but she was against the idea of our family living apart, and my son agreed with her, so it was two against one, and I had no choice but to bring them here.

 It would have been best if Mister Gibbett had refused to let my family come with me, but it was inevitable that he accepted.

 Well, they would be sent back once they reached the settlements, so there should be no problem.

 I would rather think of it as a good chance to show Neo, who has never been outside the city since his birth, the outside.

 ”Excuse me!”


 I turned my head to look at the voice that suddenly came from the side and saw a girl running up to me, waving her hands in my direction.

 ”R-Representative! Sorry I’m late!”

 ”Indeed, Liana, do you know how many times you’ve been late in this month?”

 ”Well, this is the third time, isn’t it?”

 ”Fifth time. Do you want to lose 50% of your salary for being late five times?”

 ”No! Sir! Please don’t do that!”

 From their conversation, it seems that this girl Liana is a habitual latecomer.

 ”Mister, who is she?”

 ”She’s one of our employees who is taking Gaadhir-san to the settlement. Actually we’re planning to open a branch in the settlement and Liana will be in charge of it.”

 ”Ah… Well, are you sure about that?”

 I don’t know what’s wrong, but seeing Liana crying inconsolably when she is told that her salary will be reduced makes me feel uneasy in many ways.

 She doesn’t seem to be a competent person to be in charge of the store.

 ”Don’t worry, the store I’m putting Liana in charge of is a non-stock store.”

 ”Stockless store?”

 ”In short, it’s a store that prepares and sells products only when they’re ordered. The staff at the main store does the purchasing, so all Liana has to do is pass the orders she receives to us and deliver the goods to the customers, and if she can shut down a store with this, she’s a kind of talent.”

 Well, to put it simply, it is not a store but a window to receive orders.

 Since the main store is the one who actually purchases and stocks the goods, there is no problem in letting a girl like Liana take care of it.

 ”Now that we’re all here, let’s get going. Get in the back.”

 ”Hey, what about the driver?”

 ”I’ll be the one in charge.”

 ”Are you coming with us to the settlement?”

 I thought he was just coming to see me off, but I didn’t expect him to take on the role of a guardian himself.

 ”I’m going to hand over the personnel requested by Master Neil. I can’t leave it to just some staff members.”

 He was thinking of the other party’s position. It’s hard to be the head of a firm when you have to think of each other’s position.

 The carriage with the five of us, my family, my wife and Liana, leaves the city and goes smoothly along the city roads.

 My son Neo, who was out of the city for the first time, had been excited and wild at first because of the rarity of the place, but now he was exhausted and had fallen asleep with his head on Glayna’s lap.

 ”Hehe, he’s so cute.”

 ”Yes, it’s true…”

 ”Oh… Hmm?”

 I agreed with the natural flow of the conversation for a moment, but I immediately noticed something strange and turned my eyes toward the identity of the person.

 There was Liana, who was looking into Neo’s face.

 ”How old is he now, Neo?”

 ”He is five years old this year.”

 ”Five years old? He is the same age as my little brother!”

 Why is this so common in our conversation? Is it me, who is the one who is concerned that they are so familiar with each other even though they have never met before?

 While I’m left in the dark like this, the conversation between Glayna and Liana continues.

 ”So, by the way, how many siblings do you have, Liana-san?”

 ”I have a big sister and a little sister, and two little brothers!”

 ”You have a lot of siblings. Dear, we can’t lose…”

 ”Hey, what are you talking about in public!?”

 I reflexively responded to my wife’s unabashed invitation with a strong tone of voice.

 I wonder if my words were too strong, because Liana turns red and looks at us alternately, muttering “this is an adult”.

 Oh, for heaven’s sake, why do I have to expend my energy in this place before we even arrive at the settlement?

 ”Oh? Why are you in such a hurry?”

 ”Because you said we can’t lose.”

 ”Yes, that’s exactly what I said. I said we can’t lose as a person with many siblings, okay? By the way, I have six brothers and Gaadhir has eight brothers. Isn’t that great!”


 ”Oh? Ararara? What’s wrong, you two? What’s wrong with your faces?”

 I’m sorry, I’ve been tricked.

 Liana and I both thought it was an invitation for the night.

 Glayna, who seemed to be amused by the fact that we had been so well fooled, smirked at us and asked us a question.

 ”Why do you have such a sour look on your face like you ate something sour?”

 ”W-eell, I don’t know, I was born with a face like this.”

 ”And Liana, why is your face so red?”

 ”Huh? Well, that’s because I was born with a red face too!”

 ”Oh really? I don’t think either of you had such a red face a while ago, is it my imagination?”

 Her persistent questioning continued, and by the time we arrived at the settlement, Liana and I were so exhausted that a strange bond had formed between us as two people who had endured her torment.

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