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Chapter 69 (ask)’s Past, Part Two

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Sole => “It”


 A little back in time, after Neil had gone off on his own to pursue Gipner to defeat him, “It” was left alone to attract the attention of the three hypnotized people.

 The three hypnotized people moved very slowly, and it was very easy for him to escape from them, thanks to their feet being caught in the snow.

 If all he had to do was to buy time for Neil to defeat Gipner, there would have been no problem.



 Neo lets out a small moan and falls down on the ground like a threadbare doll.

 ”It” forgets to be alert, and rushes over to Neo, picks him up, and is surprised at the coldness of his small body.

 Neo’s body had been outside the settlement for much longer than Neil and the others, and was completely cold and so weak that he could no longer be hypnotized to listen.

 ”It” hugs Neo’s small body tightly and tries to warm him up by giving her own heat to him.

 What a spirit of self-sacrifice, but it is of no use against Gipner, and the other two, in a hypnotic state, swing their blades at the defenseless him.

 Numerous small wounds are carved into his large body.

 The blood flowing out of his body and the loss of his body heat, Neo’s life or even his own life could be lost if the situation continues, but “it” continues to hold Neo’s body in her arms.

 ”I’m okay with this,” the man said, remembering the hell he had experienced in the past.

 ”Ah―it’s wonderful!”

 With ecstatic words, the hammer is brought down on his body, but his body bounces it back, unharmed.

 ”I can’t believe your old shabby body! How does it feel to be born anew?”

 ”It” does not respond to the question.

 The life is gone from his face, and his dead eyes look silently up at the ceiling, not even reflecting the face of the man who looks into his face.

 In the six months since he was bought as a slave by this man, and has spent hellish days in the basement, his body has transformed to the point where it could be said that he has become a different person.

 His body was transforming day by day, and in proportion to that, the man began to let out an insane pleasure, and nowadays, rather than working on his body, he was often satisfied with wielding various instruments as if to check their perfection.

 ”I don’t care what I do as long as it doesn’t hurt”―”it” has given up on getting out of this basement, on being free, and just wants the time to pass by.

 However, as if mocking his wish, the man shows him something unidentifiable.

 ”What do you think this is?”

 It is a seemingly crafted piece of metal, and the man continues to play with it in his hand as if he were a child with a new toy.

 ”This is a magic tool that will make your body even stronger. Yes, it’s a magic tool, but it’s not a magical tool.”

 The man is a bit amused, but when “it” does not respond, he shrugs his shoulders.

 ”Well, I don’t need an explanation at this point. Let’s embed this in you right away.”

 At the word “embed”, “it”, who had not shown any reaction before, shows a reaction for the first time in a while.

 ”It” follows the man’s movements with his eyes, and when he sees what he takes in his hand, he turns pale.

 The object in the man’s hand is a huge saw, and he inserts the blade into Sole’s arm with a light touch, as if he were cutting a log.


 ”Well, I’ve been working out a little too much, it’s hard to cut through. However, it would be a waste if the body I’ve obtained is damaged by beating it up after implanting it.”

 Because the healing magic has been activated to keep “it” from dying, the wound begins to heal as soon as the blade is inserted, and it takes more than 30 minutes to make a cut enough to embed it, completing a procedure that is too rough to be called a surgery.

 Although the feeling of a foreign body in his arm and a creeping pain remain, “it” is not long before “it” is relieved that the surgery is over, and the man speaks disturbing words.

 ”My goodness, this is a very time-consuming job. I didn’t think it would take this much time to embed just one, even though there are still some curtios left.”

 The man shows him a large number of cartridges of curtios in a wooden box.

 ”I’ve worked hard to collect them for you. Now, which one do you want next? I’ll let you choose.”

 His hell is not over yet.

 The man’s madness is not over yet.

 In the hell that seemed to last forever, “it” only seeks only rest.

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