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Chapter 70 Accident

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 ”What is this? What happened here!?”

 I rush over to Diana and the others, seeing the bloodied slave and Neo unconscious in his arms.

 ”Neil! They’re dying!”

 ”What’s their condition?!”

 ”I’ve done healing magic, but he’s still unconscious! My magic may have closed the wounds but it can’t help the blood loss!”

 I’m curious about the reason why this happened, but I don’t have the time to ask such questions right now.

 I check on them, thinking that I have to save their lives somehow.

 ”Neo… he’s still breathing, though faintly, Lewya, take Neo back to the settlement first!”

 ”What? But…”

 ”No, but… Just do as I say now!”

 ”I-I understand.”

 Lewya, who had just come out of hypnosis and was still in a state of shock, was puzzled by my order, but did as I said and left the place.

 ”Diana! Help me turn him over!”


 Compared to Lewya, Diana seems to be a little more calm, but under normal circumstances, she would have taken emergency measures without my saying anything, and I guess she is not in a normal state when she did not move until I told her to do so.

 ”His heart… D*mn it, it’s not beating!”

 I massaged his heart and tried to revive him by pouring lightning magic into it at the same time.

 ”Don’t die! Come back!”

 I press my hands into his body and at the same time, I send a deep pulse of electricity into his body.

 But each time I do this, I somehow feel as if my magic power is being sucked away to some other place.

 I can’t see any sign of the electricity reaching his heart, so I decide to increase the output of the magic, at any cost.

 My hands begin to glow with purple electricity, and even I, a mage, cannot withstand the lightning that has been heightened to the point that my hands feel numb.


 I pray to the heavens and release an electric shock.


 Immediately after the electric shock makes the huge body jump up, something happens to the body of the criminal slave.

 His body pulses as if his whole body were a heart, his body temperature rises rapidly, and steam begins to rise.

 ”Wh-What is this?”

 As I was shaken by this unexpected situation, his body stopped moving and his rapidly rising body temperature started to drop.

 When I put my hand on his chest, his body was warm as if it had been cold until a few minutes ago, and I could feel his heart beating in my hand again.

 It seems that he has been successfully revived, but what on earth was that… No, I don’t want to think about that now, I have to hurry back to the settlements first.

 Diana and I carry the criminal slave up, and we hurry back to the settlement.

 Even though we are carrying him, we are not far from the settlement, and somehow we reach the settlement before his body heat is drained out of him.

 ”Master Neil!”

 When we reach the settlement, most of the people are gathered at the entrance to the forest on the south side, and a slave spots me and calls my name.

 ”What’s Neo’s condition?”

 ”He’s still unconscious and Master Meisy is in the hut making some kind of medicine.”

 Medicine? There is almost nothing to make medicines in the current settlement, and I don’t think Meisy can do anything about it.

 ”Ah, Master Neil, your head’s bleeding.”


 A slave pointed out to me that I felt a stabbing pain when I touched my head, and when I looked at my hand, I saw that my fingertips were covered with blood.

 I didn’t realize it, but apparently my skin had been cut when the Kobold clubbed me.

 Diana must have realized that I was hurt, because she turned her head to look at me.

 ”Master Neil! You need to get your wounds treated quickly.”

 ”It’s just a cut, there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it’s healed by healing magic.”


 ”There’s someone worse than me out there right now.”

 ”―I understand…”

 For a moment, Diana looks at the two unconscious people and withdraws her statement with a bitter look on her face.

 I had expected Diana to be more insistent, but she pulled out of the conversation surprisingly easily.

 While I was treating my head wound by myself, Mei came out of the laboratory at the side of the mansion, and when she noticed my presence, she came running toward me.

 ”Neil! You came back just in time! How’s that guy!?”

 ”He’s lost a lot of blood, I think.”

 ”Well, he’s gonna need blood products and blood replacers, in addition to the blood thinners.”

 ”But we don’t have the materials to make them in the settlements. It would take time to get them from the Harvest Hoe too.”

 ”What are you talking about? Even if there are no materials in the settlements, there are plenty of such materials in your parents’ laboratory, aren’t there?”


 Oh, I see.

 My father had told me to get all the necessary materials by myself, but there was no time to talk about such a thing when human lives were at stake.

 ”Then, we’ll get it done quicker if we share the work.”

 ”Okay. You guys, I’ll take care of them!”

 Leaving the two unconscious people to the others, I go to the lab with Mei to prepare the necessary medicines.

 First of all, we give the highest priority to the preparation of replacement blood, which we transfuse into the criminal slaves.

 It is a temporary measure to prolong his life, but it seems to have saved him from a critical situation.

 After that, we made blood thinners and hematopoietics, and Neo managed to regain consciousness with the blood thinners, but the criminal slaves never regained consciousness.

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