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Chapter 71 Countermeasures and Future

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 Three days have passed since the incident, and the suddenly flustered settlements are now, on the surface, regaining their composure.

 In response to the appearance of the Gipner monster, it was decided to set up a magical tool to resist mental domination in the settlements so that a similar incident would not happen again.

 If the settlements are safe, we will have to prepare another countermeasure when we go out for hunting or other activities.

 As for the injured, Neo is still under observation, but fortunately, there is no sign of any aftereffects.

 However, the other person is still unconscious, and since we cannot help him by ourselves, we have to call a medical doctor from the city.

 We requested a medical doctor via the Harvest Hoe, and received a call yesterday evening that the medical doctor had been arranged, so he/she should arrive by the end of the day.

 And among the mysteries that have arisen or been uncovered as a result of the incident, a few things have turned out to be true.

 One is the unchanging climate of the settlement, which was attributed to the power of the spirits, as Lewya had predicted.

 The answer to the question, then, is that no one borrowed the power of the spirits, and the spirits themselves were protecting the settlements.

 Spirits in this world are famous for their moodiness, but there is another thing they are famous for.

 Basically, they do not interfere with other beings themselves, and it is only when they are interfered with by other beings that they manifest their powers.

 For example, speaking to a spirit in a spirit language is also a form of interference, and it does not matter whether the spirit is aware of it or not.

 Well, how the interference is done depends on whether the spirit is willing to listen to our request or not, but the important thing now is the fact that the spirit, which is not supposed to do anything unless it is interfered with, was manipulating the climate of the settlement.

 When Lewya asked the spirits about it, the spirit replied, “It’s just my mood.”

 When I heard this, I almost convinced myself that spirits have feelings and that such a thing could happen, but Lewya told me that it is absolutely impossible.

 I don’t know what makes her say so, but it must be something serious since Lewya can recognize spirits.

 Another thing I have learned is the identity of the mysterious inteferer.

 When Lewya told me that it was a spirit of “wind”, I understood that the mysterious inteferer was that spirit.

 Blowing away Kobolds who tried to attack me and Gipner who tried to escape, generating strong winds that choked me, and having the wind caress my cheeks in response to my thanks, all of them were related to the wind, and if it was a spirit, it was no wonder that it did not appear.

 However, it is impossible for a spirit to help a human being so much just because of his/her mood, so I guess that his/her mood is a lie and he/she has some other intention.

 In the end, I decided to put the wind spirit on hold for the time being, since it does not mean any harm, although I am concerned about the fact that the important part remains unclear.

 What remained a mystery was whether only I and the criminal slave were not hypnotized by Gipner’s hypnotic sound.

 As I remember, Gipner’s hypnotic sounds have no age or gender restrictions, and the condition to be hypnotized is to have enough intelligence to understand Gipner’s commands, and of course Kobolds can be hypnotized, so we must have met those conditions, so why were we the only ones not hypnotized? One of the hypotheses is that the criminal slaves have already signed a slave contract.

 The slave contract is a kind of mental domination, although it does not cause confusion of consciousness like Gipner’s hypnosis, but it is more powerful than Gipner’s hypnosis because it is directly engraved on the body.

 As for me, I have no idea about it, not even a hypothesis.

 There was also a suggestion that a spirit might have helped me in some way, but according to Lewya, there are no spirits around here that can break the mental domination or protect me from it.

 In the end, why we were the only ones who were not hypnotized remains a mystery.

 While I was thinking about the recent events and compiling my report, there was a knock at the door of my office.

 ”Who is it?”

 ”It’s Diana. Master Neil, the medical doctor has arrived.”

 ”Okay, I’ll be right there.”

 I stop writing the report and go with Diana to pick up the medical doctor, then go to a room in the mansion to see Neo first.

 The reason why I have him in the mansion instead of the dormitory where the family lives is because there are more people there and I can respond immediately to any change in his health condition.

 For this reason, the criminal slaves are also kept in a room in the mansion, although they are in separate rooms.

 When I went to the room where Neo was sleeping, I found Gaadhir-san and Glayna-san in the room.

 ”Oh, Master Neil, is that the medical doctor from the city?”

 ”Yes, I am, but, Gaadhir-san, are you sure you don’t need to sleep? You’re on guard duty.”

 ”Yes, but when I heard the medical doctor was coming, I couldn’t stand still.”

 ”I’m sorry, I told him I’d take care of Neo, but he wouldn’t listen to me.”

 I see, even though their child had regained consciousness, they were still waiting here because they were worried about Neo.

 We’ll cut the chit-chat for now and ask the medical doctor to check on Neo.

 ”Yes, I think he will be all right if he continues as he is.”

 ”Thank goodness!”

 ”Well, he has frostbite once, so he will have numbness and purple discoloration in his hands and feet when he gets cold for a few years. Please keep his hands and feet as warm as possible.”

 ”Yes, thank you very much!”

 Neo’s examination was over and he was about to leave the room when the criminal slave’s turn came next.

 ”Master Neil!”

 ”Yes? What’s wrong?”

 ”Excuse me, can I come with you? I’m worried about him.”

 Gaadhir-san asked me for permission to go with him.

 The reason why Gaadhir-san is worried about that man is because he has heard that Diana and the others, who were in a hypnotic state, still have vague memories of him, and that he sacrificed himself to warm Neo who collapsed from the cold.

 As a father, he must be hoping from the bottom of his heart for the safety of the man who protected his child at all costs.

 ”No problem.”

 ”Thank you, so Neo, Dad’s going to check on Uncle.”

 ”Uncle, will he be all right?”

 ”Yes, I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

 Gaadhir-san patted Neo’s anxious head, and we moved to the next room.

 We move to the next room, where the medical doctor examines the criminal slave.

 ”This is…”

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”His muscles are so unnatural… How do you train him like this… No, no way, is this a curtio?”


 ”Yes, it seems that there are multiple cartio implanted in this person’s body.”

 Cartio is a magical device that exerts various effects by being implanted in the human body, and was originally developed for the purpose of replacing or assisting functions lost due to disabilities and the like.

 However, it was confirmed that the use of such devices on healthy people improved their physical abilities, and they were also used for the purpose of strengthening the human body, such as adding functions that the human body does not have, or assisting in drawing out powers beyond the limits of the body.

 However, many countries prohibit the use of cartio for the purpose of physical enhancement as it is not humane, and the use of cartio for other than medical purposes is also prohibited by the Empire.

 ”Well, which one is buried?”

 I asks fearfully which cartio is buried for medical purpose or physical enhancement.

 ”I can’t tell. I’ve been using clairvoyance magic to examine the inside of the body, but I’ve never seen any of them.”

 The fact that the doctor does not recognize anything in the body increases the possibility that it is not a cartio for medical purposes, but since the doctor has never seen it before, he would prefer not to say anything.

 Or perhaps it is more correct to say that he did not want to make a careless remark in front of the nobles.

 If this is a cartio for physical enhancement, and he says that he has seen it before, he may be suspected of being a “how do you know such a thing?” and he might be accused of something he doesn’t know.

 The doctor’s avoidance of saying anything may be his way of getting around the situation.

 ”If he is unconscious, it would be quicker to try a higher level of healing magic, but it would be troublesome if there is an unspecified cartio buried in the body. The cartio could be activated in response to the magic power of the healing spell. What will happen if we carelessly activate it?”

 ”Magic power… Ah!”

 Yes, when this man’s heart stopped, I felt as if magic power was being sucked from somewhere.

 Was it also the work of Cartio that his whole body was pulsating and his body temperature rose suddenly?

 I came to the conclusion that the weak magic of the electric shock was not enough to activate Cartio, and that Cartio must have activated by absorbing the magic of the powerful electric shock that I released afterward.

 ”I can’t help you any more, I guess. Without someone who is familiar with the cartio, I can’t do anything.”

 ”I see… Thank you for taking the trouble to come all the way here.”

 I thanked the doctor for coming all the way here, and he left in the same carriage.

 However, it is not enough to be a person who knows about cartios.

 So, this person must be a person who knows about cartio and also has a deep knowledge of medicine.

 ”I have no choice but to call teacher.”

 I knew such a person in my mind, and as soon as I returned to my office, I immediately picked up my pen and wrote a letter.

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