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Chapter 72 Ghost Disturbance

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 A few days have passed since the doctor’s visit, and although I have already sent the doctor a letter via Harvest Hoe, I have yet to receive a reply.

 I still don’t know if the letter reached the doctor, and it’s times like this that I miss the civilization of the world I used to live in.

 When I was in my previous world, I used to fantasize about the convenience of magic, but while it is true that it is convenient, in terms of convenience in daily life, science is far more convenient than magic.

 There are some parts that can be substituted by magic, but compared to my previous world with its advanced automation, it must be said that it is inconvenient when it has to be done manually.

 Now that I’ve finished all the work for today, I’m in the bathroom with Diana and Lewya washing my body, talking about nothing but harmless things.

 For example, I saw a strange animal this morning, or the spirits were a little noisy today, and so on.

 Basically, we talked about such things to distract each other while getting our bodies cleaned, but one strange story came up in the midst of such conversation.

 ”Did a ghost appear?”

 ”Yeah, I heard about it today, but I asked some other people about it, and there were several who claimed to have seen it, but some said they saw a vague haze, others claimed it was a green-haired girl, and the eyewitness accounts were inconsistent.”

 ”Maybe they just saw something else?”

 ”Probably so, I asked the spirits if they saw any ghosts or monsters just to be sure, but they said they didn’t.”

 If even the spirits have not seen any ghosts or monsters, they must have been mistaken or something.

 Maybe everyone’s nerves are a little on edge due to the recent series of disturbances related to monsters.

 ”What do you think, Diana?”

 ”Yes? Ghosts are absurd, there’s no point in worrying about invisible and untouchable entities.”

 Oh, that’s a very sharp tongue, isn’t it?

 ”Hey Diana, if you’d like to take a walk on the settlement tonight to see what all the fuss is about―Ouch”

 ”Ah, please forgive me, I used the wrong amount of force a little bit.”

 ”A little bit!? I thought I’d lost the skin off my back!”

 ”So Master Neil, I’m sorry but what did you say to me earlier? I didn’t understand it very well.”

 ”Ouch, ouch, ouch! You shouldn’t speak with so much force! It’s nothing! It’s nothing!

 ”I see, I’m glad to hear that.”

 With that, Diana loosens her grip and washes my back as if nothing had happened.

 I was surprised that Diana is not good with ghosts. I thought I had found her weakness, but at this rate, I would not be able to survive if I play with her too much.

 In the end, that was the end of the story, and after taking a bath, I was lying on my bed in the bedroom by myself, but I couldn’t help thinking about the story about the ghosts.

 I said earlier that everyone’s nerves were just a little on edge, but the fact that more than one person reacted when asked if they had seen a ghost was strangely disturbing to me.

 And there is even a very specific eyewitness testimony of a green-haired girl.

 So, I get up from bed and leave the bedroom, thinking to take a short walk and look around the settlement.

 But perhaps it’s because I’ve heard of ghosts, the unlit corridor looks eerie, and I even feel that something is lurking in the shadowy darkness.

 Still, I decided to go outside, thinking it was not a good idea to stay inside the mansion.

 It is dimly lit by the moonlight in the clearing, but it is better than walking alone in the mansion, and I look around the clearing, trying not to get too close to the forest.

 ”Well, although I knew it, it is not so easy to meet them, is it?”

 If they were that easy to find, it would have been talked about more, and Lewya would have told me about it as a report, not as a chat.

 If nothing happened, I would go back to my bedroom and go to sleep. But then…



 I cautiously approached the direction of the voice and found that it was chanting something in a rapid voice.

 ”Our Lord, protect us and keep us away from our enemies.”

 It seems to be a prayer, but the voice sounds more familiar than that, and I let my guard down and head toward the owner of the voice.

 ”Salvation for the souls that cannot be saved, for the wicked…”


 ”Whoaaa!? M-Master Neil? What are you doing here at this hour?”

 ”Well, you too, what are you doing?”

 ”I’m on guard duty.”

 ”Guard duty…?”

 I look at Gaadhir-san, who says he is working as a guard, and I tilt my head.

 Because Gaadhir-san was wearing a full set of amulets all over his body, and he was not dressed like a guard.

 ”Look, that’s why I told you not to wear such an outfit.”

 ”Oh, Narsht-san.”

 In the darkness, or rather, I was too focused on Gaadhir-san’s figure to notice him, but it seems that Narsht-san was also there.

 ”Hello, Master Neil.”

 ”Did you come to bring Gaadhir-san his dinner again?”

 ”Yes, that’s all I was planning to do, but he’s afraid of ghosts and asked me to stay with him.”

 ”Idiot! Who said that! I just said that the ghosts might not come close because they’re scared of two guys!”

 ”Hahaha, I see.”

 It seems that Gaadhir-san is not so fond of ghosts as Diana is.

 ”Did you two see the rumored ghost, too, by any chance?”

 ”No, Gaadhir and I have only heard stories from slaves who have seen them, but we have not actually seen them. What about Master Neil?”

 ”I just heard about it a few minutes ago too. So I thought I’d take a look around the settlements while I was cooling off after a hot bath.”

 ”I see. But since you’re going out at night, even in the settlements, wouldn’t it be better if you went out with Diana?”

 ”That’s the thing. Well, when I asked Diana out after the ghost story came out… she gave me a pretty hard time about it.”


 Narsht-san looked at Gaadhir-san with an indescribable expression on his face, “Diana was like him too?”

 ”Ah, Narsht-san, please don’t tell Diana about this…”

 ”I know, I won’t tell Diana.”

 If Diana hears that I have told her that she is not good with ghosts, I will be punished in a terrible way.

 ”Anyway, do ghosts really exist after all?”

 ”Well, all three of us have only heard about them but not seen them. It’s possible that the slaves were mistaken.”

 ”But, when there’s more than one witness, there’s no doubt that there’s something mistaking them for ghosts.”

 ”Ha, hahaha, I’ll hunt that guy down as soon as I find them!”

 ”Oh, that’s very brave of you. Then Master Neil and I will go over there and you’ll be on your own.”

 ”Wait! Wait! You’re leaving me all alone!?”

 ”You’re the one who said you’d hunt them. And you’re the one who said the ghost won’t come out if we’re together. Then it’s better to wait for the ghost alone, isn’t it?”

 ”No, that’s… Ah, yes! I think everything will go better if the three of us cooperate with each other instead of waiting alone.”

 Oh, the three of us? Did I just casually get involved in this?

 Well, we had been looking around the settlements with the intention of doing so, and with Gaadhir-san’s strong push, the three of us set out to investigate the ghosts.

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