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Chapter 73 Ghost Investigation with All Men

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 The three of us, myself, Gaadhir-san, and Narsht-san, were going to investigate the identity of the ghost who had been appearing in the settlements recently, and we were going to look around the settlements with Gaadhir-san in the lead.

 ”Hey, why am I in the lead?”

 ”Why? Of course, you’re the one who’s so well prepared for ghosts that you’d have to lead. I’m a chef and Master Neil is a nobleman. Besides, you’re a guard… So, shouldn’t you be in the lead?”

 ”Wh-What about the possibility of being attacked from behind?”

 ”Ah, that’s a possibility, huh? It’s also possible that they might suddenly attack us from behind, so it’s a good idea to have a meat shield behind us.”

 ”I’ll watch the front! You’re in charge of the back!”

 Too easy, too easy, Gaadhir-san.

 As I watched their exchange, I smiled wryly.

 I’m envious and a little jealous at the same time, wondering how they could get along so well in such a short period of time.

 ”By the way, Gaadhir-san, where did you get those amulets?”

 ”This one? I asked Liana to get them from Harvest Hoe.”

 ”So, you spent a lot of money on amulets… and because of that your wife lectured you and cut off your food allowance… and you were chomping on raw cabbage for dinner tonight…”

 Although it’s his own fault, it’s still too awful to take a bite of raw cabbage.

 ”Why did you go to such lengths to get all that stuff? Are you so bad with ghosts?”

 ”No, I’m not! It’s not because I’m afraid of ghosts or anything…”

 After a pause, Gaadhir-san continues with some embarrassment.

 ”You see, he still hasn’t woken up because he saved my son. Then I’ll have to do my best to make up for his absence, won’t I?”


 ”I can’t go hunting like him… so the only thing I can do is to show him the same peaceful settlement as before when he wakes up.”

 ”…I agree, Gaadhir, but it’s not a good thing for Master Neil that the settlement remains the same…”

 ”Ah, Master Neil! I’m not thinking that it’ll be easier to guard the settlements if the settlements don’t develop, or anything like that!”

 ”I know, and peace is good for me too, of course it would be better if it develops on top of that.”

 We looked around the settlement, exchanging light words like that, but we didn’t find any ghosts, so we decided to look around inside the mansion this time.

 It was still dim inside the mansion, and perhaps because it was more atmospheric than outside, we naturally started to talk less and less.

 ”Is it my imagination? It should be familiar hallway, but there is something strange.”

 ”Do you think so too, Narsht-san? I’ve been wondering if there’s something in the dark there too.”

 ”No, please don’t say that Master Neil, but if there really is something in there I have to protect this settlement.”

 Gaadhir-san looks obviously frightened when he hears what we are saying, but he immediately tightens his grip on his surroundings.

 Following Gaadhir-san’s lead, I also became aware of my surroundings, but the more I became aware of my surroundings, the more eerie it became, and the more fear started to rise up from under my feet.

 While we were paying attention to our surroundings like this, Gaadhir-san, who was walking in front of us, suddenly shook his body and stopped.

 ”Gaadhir-san? What’s wrong?”

 ”M-Master Neil, did you see someone crossing the hallway from right to left?”

 ”Huh? I didn’t see someone.”

 ”Wh-What about you, Narsht?”

 ”No, I didn’t see it either.”

 ”So I’m wrong…?”

 ”Let’s just go to that corner.”


 We walked to the corner of the corridor with Gaadhir-san in the lead, who had witnessed something and stiffened up, and all three of us peeked fearfully from the corner of the corridor to the left, but there was no suspicious shadow.

 ”Then, if you said you saw someone, what exactly did this person look like?”

 ”I didn’t get a good look at it, but she was a little girl with green hair like I had heard, and her lower half was transparent!”

 ”She has a transparent lower part of her body, huh? She looks like a ghost…”

 I thought it was rare to see such an easily recognizable ghost nowadays, but this is a different world, so I guess there is no such thing nowadays.

 While I was thinking about this, I hear the sound of someone’s footsteps walking behind me.

 All of us shuddered at the sound, looked at each other, and turned around at once.

 ”What are the three of you doing out here all together?”

 ”Oh, Lewya…”

 The footsteps approaching from behind were actually Lewya, and all three of us were relieved and patted our chests.

 ”What’s Lewya doing out this late at night? Even carrying a dagger?”

 ”Oh, no, this is…”

 Lewya lowers the dagger in her hand and looks at me as if she is having a hard time saying something.

 From the look on her face, I wonder if this is something to do with spirits. Since she frequently makes eye contact only with me, it is obvious that it is something difficult for her to say in front of the two of men.

 I quickly follow up with Lewya.

 ”Well, actually, I asked Lewya to take a look around the mansion.”

 ”Huh, really?”

 ”Yes, actually, I was looking around the mansion and I found a suspicious person, so I followed him…”

 Saying this, Lewya looked at Gaadhir-san who was covered with amulets.

 Oh, I see, this is certainly a suspicious person in anyone’s eyes.

 ”Suspicious person…? Don’t tell me Lewya saw that semi-transparent kid too?”

 ”No, it’s you, it’s you.”

 Narsht-san, who was the only one who didn’t understand the story, gave a sharp rebuke to Gaadhir-san.

 With the two of them engaging in comic banter on the side, I quietly approach Lewya to check on the situation.

 ”Did Lewya see the girl I heard about?”

 ”No, I haven’t seen her, and with the help of the spirits, I’ve been unable to find the suspicious person who was reported to be here.”

 I knew that Lewya’s visit here was related to the spirits.

 It would be the story that the spirits told her there was a suspicious person and she came here to find out that it was us, Gaadhir-san to be precise.

 But it’s a little worrisome that Gaadhir-san has seen the ghost of the green-haired girl, but the spirit has not.

 ”Okay, Lewya, you keep on investigating with the spirit, and we’ll look for the ghost on our own.”

 ”Are you sure you wanna split up?”

 ”We can’t even talk to the spirit if there are two of them. So, you’re on your own. As long as it doesn’t interfere with tomorrow’s work.”

 ”Okay, I’m sure they’re not the harmful kind from what people are saying, but be careful.”

 With that, I parted from Lewya and we resumed our ghost investigation.

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