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Chapter 75 The Cause of the Disturbance

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 The next day, the fact that the ghost was a spirit of the wind became known to all the inhabitants of the settlement.

 However, since the purpose of the manifestation might cause unnecessary anxiety if it remained unclear, I left it as a symbol that the spirit had appeared to watch over the settlements as a result of continuous prayers at the altar in the farmland.

 Fortunately, I had already told everyone that the stable climate of the settlement was due to the spirits protecting it, so this story was readily accepted, and the ghost ruckus was resolved… for the time being, however…

 ”Haa~, I wonder what I should do now…”

 I turn to the green-haired girl floating in the corner of my office.

 Actually, the green-haired girl suddenly disappeared right after that, but today when I was in my office with Diana and Lewya discussing about the spirit of the wind, she appeared with a nonchalant look on her face and started floating around like that without doing anything.

 ”Somehow, I have no choice but to let her be free. A spirit is a free being. Besides, I can’t limit it, and if I try, I’ll get a painful payback.”

 ”However, having a visible spirit in the settlement is likely to attract all kinds of people, even if it’s not enough to expose Lewya’s true identity.”

 The first candidates would be those scholars who are studying the spirits.

 It is obvious that they will come to the settlements to set up instruments and other things as they like, and chase after the spirits of the wind.

 If they upset the spirits, the settlements will surely be the ones to suffer the most.

 ”Wasn’t it too early to let people know that the ghosts were actually wind spirits?”

 ”No, it’s better to cut out the seeds of uneasiness as soon as possible. Though we have to keep the outside world in the dark for now.”

 Silence falls between us as I say this.

 As we all contemplate how to keep the presence of the wind spirit secret from the outside world, the spirit that had been floating in the corner comes over to my side.

 It seems that she saw that our conversation had stopped and thought that we had finished talking, so she started to assert herself as if to say, “If you’re done talking, then deal with me!”

 ”Ah, sorry (Acta), I’m not finished (Diramanna).”

 ’―, ――’

 The spirit looks dissatisfied as I reply, and starts floating in the corner of the room again after saying something.

 Even now that I understood that she was speaking in spirit language, her speech was still too peculiar for me to understand.

 ”Hey, Lewya, can you understand what she just said?”

 ”Yes, of course, that was ‘Seriously, how long are you going to keep talking?’”

 Yes, it’s a long story, but it’s your fault, okay?

 She made it sound like it was our fault, but we didn’t like to bother our heads like this either―But, it was obvious that complaining to the spirit would do a hundred harms and not a single good thing but only to put her in a bad mood. So, I swallowed hard the words that were about to come out of my throat.

 ”It’s amazing that you can hear that, is it because you’re an elf?”

 ”Not at all, I used to not be able to listen to them either. So, if you listen to the voices of the spirits everyday, Neil will be able to understand them.”

 ”I see… by the way, how long did it take Lewya to be able to hear the voices of the spirits?”

 ”Huh? Uh… about 50 years, I guess.”

 ”That’s almost a lifetime for a human, it’s impossible for me to live until I’m sixty-five.”

 The average life span in this world is about sixty years old, and according to this average life span, a person is one step closer to the end of his or her life when he or she can hear the voice of a spirit.

 Well, even if we talk about the average life expectancy, there is a world of difference between the aristocrats who can afford to call high priests many times and the poor commoners who cannot afford to see even an ordinary doctor, so a commoner should be able to live for 50 years.

 Since it took fifty years for elves who can recognize and communicate with spirits, it is certain that it would take much longer for other races.

 While I was talking about this, the figure of the spirit floating in the corner of the room suddenly disappears.

 ”It’s strange how it disappears without any reason, isn’t it?

 ”I guess it is still difficult to maintain the figure for a long time. Normally, it is said that it is difficult for a spirit to materialize completely unless it is a very high-ranking spirit.”

 The spirits themselves are probably still there, just not as visible to our eyes.

 Lewya says this while staring at the corner of the room where the spirit was.

 ”It seems to be only recently that it has taken human form, and it will probably be a long time before it has any substance.”

 ”It’s admirable that she’s practicing so hard, but it would be a problem if she caused a ghost disturbance.”

 Yes, the reason for the inconsistency of the ghost sightings is that the spirit was practicing materialization and had not yet established her appearance, and the reason she kept appearing and disappearing is that she simply could not stay in that state for a long time and kept taking a short rest and materializing again, and as a result she was mistaken for a ghost.

 The timing was bad, but it was too confusing.

 ”So, what is Neil going to do with the spirit?”

 ”Well… can you ask her not to show herself when outsiders are around?”

 ”Hmm, I can’t specify too much, but for example, how about asking her not to show herself when people come from outside the settlement?”

 ”Then, please do that.”

 It would be too much trouble to tell the spirit “this person is OK, this person is not OK” in detail.

 If that’s the case, it would be easier for the spirit to understand if we ask her to be cautious only when someone comes from outside the settlement, and we don’t have to worry about her being seen by outsiders.

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