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Chapter 76 Two Names

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 It has been two weeks since the ghost’s identity was revealed, and although many were surprised at first by the wind spirit’s repeated sudden appearances and disappearances, the time the spirit has been visible has increased with each passing day, resulting in less frequent appearances and disappearances, and after a week since her identity was revealed, people have grown accustomed to it and few are surprised anymore.

 However, Gaadhir-san was the only one who could not get used to the sudden appearance of the spirits, and there were times when we heard him screaming at night when he was guarding the place.

 Perhaps Gaadhir-san’s reaction was amusing, but there were times when I heard Gaadhir-san’s screams again and again during the night, which I had to make him stop.

 It was partly because I felt sorry for Gaadhir-san, and more because some of us could not sleep because of his screams.

 The spirit of the wind seems to have taken an interest in me for some reason, and has started to follow me around during the daytime when I am active.

 However, when she realizes that I am in my office filing papers or working in the laboratory and she does not want to be with me, she seems to wander around the settlements.

 Even though she has been able to stay visible for a longer period of time, it seems that it is still difficult for her to be physically present, and she periodically tries to touch me, but is unable to do so, and repeatedly pouts.

 The spirit might get angry if I say so, but I felt as if I was looking at a small animal, and I couldn’t help but relax my cheeks.

 Other people seemed to agree with me, and the wind spirit was already becoming a mascot of our settlement.

 At that time, Lewya told me something like this.

 ”What? The name of the spirit?”

 ”Yeah, some people say it’s a pity that she is always called ‘spirit’.”

 ”Well, that’s true.”

 ”And there’s also a suggestion that we should think about a name for the criminal slave guy too.”

 Oh, you mentioned that too.

 Actually, I once thought the same thing and tried to get his name from him, but I couldn’t get it because he couldn’t speak or write.

 At that time, Diana told me, “The slave is Master Neil’s property, so you can name him whatever you want without worrying about his past name”, but I didn’t want to give up his past name, so I put the matter on hold. But after that incident, people who were afraid of criminal slaves stopped being afraid of him and started worrying about him seriously as a fellow settler.

 That in itself was a very good thing, but considering that it was the result of his sacrifice, I couldn’t be happy about it.

 ”At least I have to ask him if we can call him by a new name, don’t we?”

 ”Then just ask him. Regarding the man, just prepare a list of possible names for him, and ask him when he wakes up.”

 ”Okay, can you ask the spirit to confirm it for now?”

 I look over my shoulder at the spirit who was looking at the documents.

 When I looked at her, she tilted her head as if to say, “What do you want?” My cheeks relax again at this sight.

 ”―Confirmed, there’s no problem.”

 ”Okay, but the names…”

 Two names, and since everyone will be calling them by those names from now on, it’s a big responsibility.

 ”Hmm? I see, everyone.”

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”No, I just thought since we’re all going to be calling them, it might be nice to get names from everyone. So, Lewya, do you have any ideas?”

 ”Me? Well… how about “Fensis” which means tornado wind in the spirit language if you want to use the spirit one?”

 ”Tornado wind”, the name may be related to the spirit of wind, but she doesn’t sound so wild as tornado wind, more like a gentle breeze.

 However, it is a valuable idea, so I leave it as a candidate.

 All right, let’s go around and ask everyone, and later ask the spirit herself which one she prefers, and let the man choose after he wakes up.

 So I immediately went around the settlement to ask for two possible names…

 ”Names? Oh, there is one good name for a man! The name is “Einsulhurst”! It’s the name of the hero of a heroic tale… I was going to name Neo that at first, but Glayna was strongly against it…”

 ”Uh… thank you very much.”

 ”Their names? How about “Pulmer” and “Heinke”?

 ”Those are the names of drugs.”

 ”But they sound like names of people, don’t they?”

 ”That’s not the point.”

 ”Is it a name? I’m sorry, I’m not good at that kind of thing. It’s the nature of a cook, or something, that when I try to think of names, they tend to be like names of dishes, and I’m not good at thinking of names of people. If you don’t mind, I’ll think of a name for them.”

 ”Well, then, I’ll ask you to think of a name.”

 In the end, I managed to go around to all of them, although I was still a little uneasy because of the way things had been going from start to finish.

 Not all of them were able to come up with a name immediately after I asked them, and some of them were still thinking about it, but there were a good number of candidates, so I decided to narrow down the number by asking the spirits once.

 I then repeated the process of asking the spirits to narrow down the list of candidates, and finally narrowed it down to a single name.

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