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Chapter 77 Impatient

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 I let out a sigh for the first time today in my office where the only sound is the sound of papers being flipped over.

 No, it’s not just today, it’s been like this for a while.

 I’ve been dawdling more and more during the experiments, and Mei has locked me out of the laboratory for my own safety, so I’ve been reading and re-reading the documents I’ve gone through once more for no reason.


 I felt restless no matter what I did, and a hazy feeling was swirling around in my chest.

 I knew why, because it had been five weeks since I had heard nothing from my teacher after my previous letter.

 The nutritional supplements and healing magic that Mei had made for the criminal slave somehow kept him alive, but he was getting thinner and thinner day by day, and now he was no longer a shadow of his former self.

 Every time I see him, I feel so pathetic that I can’t do anything to help him.

 I wished I had learned some high-level healing magic from my teacher, but it was not easy for me to master such a high-level healing magic when I was only a second-rate student, and even if I could have learned it, there was nothing I could do since there was a curtio of unknown details buried in my body.

 As I was unable to hide my frustration, the wind suddenly brushed my cheek, and I turned around to see the spirit of the wind looking at me with a worried face.

 ”Sorry, I’m fine… But, thank you, Wen.”

 Wen, or Wensis, is the name given to the wind spirit.

 Wensis means triumphant wind in the spirit language, and triumphant wind means a gentle wind blowing from the south, and it is named after the fact that this settlement is located in the southern part of the imperial territory, and the impression Wen gives is like a gentle breeze.

 This was my idea, and I came up with it when Lewya told me the name “fensis”, which is a spirit word meaning “tornado wind”.

 Wen seemed to be confused between this name and Fensis until the end, but finally she chose Wensis.

 I am sorry for Lewya, but I think Wensis is more suitable for her and I am glad that she chose the name I thought of.


 ”What? Outside? Are you asking me to go for a walk?”

 I still can’t understand Wen’s words, but thanks to her recent attempts to communicate with me through gestures, I’m able to grasp some of her intentions.

 ”Well… there’s nothing to do, let’s go for a walk. Let’s go (Razui), Wen.”


 I left the office with Wen and wandered around in the settlement with no particular destination in mind, when the building that serves as the store of the Harvest Hoe came into my field of vision.

 I told Liana to contact me immediately if there is any progress, so I know it is no use for me to go there, but I still go toward the store to see if there is any progress.

 When I entered the store, there was a customer in front of me, and Narsht-san was just talking with Liana about something.

 ”Oh, Master Neil! And Wen! Come in!”

 ”Ah, Master Neil, Wen, hello.”

 ”Hello, both of you. Narsht-san, are you buying more ingredients?”

 ”Yeah, I’m just stocking up on some unusual ingredients for a new dish I’m working on.”

 Narsht-san is purchasing ingredients for the restaurant and for the development of new dishes from the allocated funds, and since he uses the Harvest Hoe store more than anyone else in the settlement, I often saw Narsht-san at this place.

 Incidentally, the next most frequent visitor is Glayna-san, who is often seen shopping for daily necessities on the store shelves, perhaps to maintain the appearance of a store.

 ”Can I help you with anything, Master Neil?”

 ”Ah, no, have you heard anything about that matter since then?”

 ”Ah, I’m sorry, I haven’t heard anything about it. I’ve asked the head office if they’ve heard anything, but they said they haven’t heard anything since then.”

 ”I see…”

 ”Are you talking about ‘Amaviata’?”

 ”Yes, I’m talking about ‘Rooney-san’.”

 Amaviata and Rooney, one might wonder who we are talking about, but both of them are the name of that criminal slave.

 Unlike Wen, we have no fixed name for him yet, although there are only candidates, and since we cannot call him a criminal slave…, we now call him by the name that each of us has given to him.

 So now, when an unfamiliar name is heard in the settlements, it is most likely to be that person.

 ”It has been a star (month) since then and now, it’s a Harvest Star (Month).”

 ”Is the snow delaying the delivery?”

 ”It’s possible. Even if it was, the snow has already melted, and I think it’s about time to receive a reply.”

 It was when we were talking like that.



 Suddenly, a loud voice came from the back of the store, causing Liana’s body to jump.

 It seemed to be a call from the head office.

 ”S-sorry, I’ve been summoned! I’m coming!”

 She walks into the back of the store and I talk to Narsht-san, who is left behind.

 ”It was a great voice, wasn’t it?”

 ”Yes, Liana rarely stands still and watches the store, so it’s natural for them to call her loudly.”

 I wonder why she is not fired for that. Normally, she could be fired for making a habit of it, but I wonder if it is because of her personality that she can get along with anyone that she is allowed to do so.

 Well, to be honest, the fact that it doesn’t affect her work that much is also a big factor.

 And just as I was thinking about this and chatting with Narsht-san.

 ”Hey, Liana! There’s still something to talk about―”

 I thought I heard such a voice from the back of the store, and Liana rushed out from the back of the store.

 ”Master Neil!”

 ”Y-yes, what’s going on?”

 When I asked her that, she held something in her right hand toward me and said

 ”I-I got your letter!”

 It seems that there was finally a breakthrough.

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