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Chapter 78 Letter and Teacher

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 The letter I received was a reply from the teacher as I had expected.

 I had addressed the letter to his residence in the capital, but it seems that he had been absent from his residence for some time for personal reasons, and that was the reason for the delay in his reply.

 The contents of the letter were an apology for the delay and a promise to go to the settlement immediately.

 The letter was delivered via the item box of the Harvest Hoe, so it probably did not take long.

 Even if my teacher left the capital now, it would probably be three days before arriving at the settlement.

 ”Three days, huh…”

 On the one hand, I think “I’ve waited for five weeks, so it’s easy to wait for three days,” but on the other hand, I also feel that it will still take three days.

 Time seemed to pass longer than ever, and my restlessness increased day by day.

 Two nights later, if everything went as planned, my teacher would arrive by the end of tomorrow, and my restlessness reached its peak, and I couldn’t sit still even while Diana and Lewya were washing me in the bathroom.

 ”Master Neil, please be still, it’s hard to wash.”

 ”Ugh… sorry.”

 ”Neil, you’re really getting restless these days, no matter how impatient you are, you’re not going to change the time the person is waiting for you.”

 ”Of course, I know that.”

 ”Even though you know that, you are… Anyway, I know how you feel, but just bear with it for a little while. I mean… every time you move, your thing dangles and it’s distracting.”

 ”Ah, I’m sorry.”

 I became quiet for a while after Lewya said that, but it was still very painful for me to stay still for a while. Then, when I started to feel horny by the second—

 Knock, knock… There was a knock at the bathroom door, and Diana took her hands off my body and went toward the door.

 It was unusual for someone to come all the way to the bathroom at this hour, but I listened carefully to see if it was something urgent.

 ”What’s the matter? Miss Amelia has arrived?”

 ”Eh, is teacher here!?”

 Diana’s words made me jump to my feet.

 ”Neil! You still have bubbles on your body!”

 I can’t go outside with bubbles all over my body, so I splash my head with hot water and rinse off the bubbles in one go, and then I run out of the bathroom.

 ”Master Neil! Your body still…”

 ”Teacher has arrived, hasn’t she? I can’t just take a bath like this!”

 The woman who came to tell me that my teacher arrived is surprised to see me running out of the bathroom naked, but I don’t pay any attention to her and grab a cloth from the changing room, roughly wipe off the water, and try to put on my clothes.

 ”What? I think it was like this.”

 ”Please leave it alone, I’ll take care of it.”

 ”Oh, yeah.”

 I thought it would be faster to get dressed by myself, but perhaps because I had left it to the servants for so long, I was not sure how to do it, and eventually Diana and Lewya helped me to get dressed.

 I was a little shocked to find that I was not good at getting dressed, but that thought soon disappeared from my mind, and I ran to my teacher as soon as I finished getting dressed.

 Since the slaves never pass someone to the reception room suddenly, but always ask Diana or Lewya for confirmation, I head for the entrance of the settlement without any hesitation.


 ”Ara-ara, Master Neil, it’s been a long time!”

 The elderly woman who smiles softly at me as she rushes toward me is my magic teacher, Amelia Pordhale.

 Although her name is Pordhale, it is not a family name but a title, and only the best magicians who are recognized by the Emperor are allowed to bear the name.

 Other titles such as “Baline” for knights, “Cliffast” for alchemists, and so on were given to those who had great predecessors in the past.

 When a person with a family name, such as a nobleman, is given one of these titles, the title is added after the family name.

 ”Long time no see, teacher! I didn’t expect you to arrive at this hour.”

 ”I thought I’d better hurry from the way you’ve been writing, did I cause you any trouble?”

 ”No! Nothing at all! Rather, I’m the one who caused you trouble…”

 ”I’m sure you have a lot to talk about, but let’s get down to business first.”

 Apparently, my teacher saw that I was so impatient that I wanted to get down to the main topic, so she decided to check on the criminal slave right away.

 Normally, I should be thanking her for her hurrying, but since the criminal slave was in such a state, I led her to the room where the criminal slave was sleeping.

 When we arrived at the room, my teacher immediately stood beside the criminal slave who was lying on the bed, rolled up the blanket, and said in astonishment when she saw his exposed body.

 ”This… is so miserable…”

 The curtio that had been hidden by the thick muscles was now exposed, and unnatural protrusions had sprouted all over the limbs, which had been hidden within the muscles due to the emaciation of the muscles.

 Although they were not visible as limbs, it was not hard to imagine that there were multiple curtio embedded in the torso as well, and my teacher’s face turned grim at the sight of them.

 ”Obviously, it is not for the purpose of treatment, but for the purpose of enhancement…”

 ”Is something wrong?”

 ”No, let’s just take a look at him. Then we may be able to find out.”

 I don’t know much about Curtio, but I guess that my teacher’s eyes could see something unnatural in him at a glance.

 After saying so, she took out a book and occasionally looked down at the book while she searched inside the body of the criminal slave with her clairvoyant magic.

 ”Teacher, what is it?”

 ”It’s a book about the curtio that are known to exist in the empire. I don’t know enough about curtios to know all the details just by looking at it, you know.”

 ”I see.”

 I took a peek at the contents of the book, and found that there were two types of curtio on a single page spread, which was quite a lot considering the thickness of the book.

 I knew that this would take a long time, so I instructed Diana to prepare teacher’s room first.

 The day ended with the identification of the details of the three types of curtio embedded in the right arm, and the rest was left for the next day.

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