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Chapter 79 Healing and Recovery

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 The next day, my teacher started working on last night’s work in the morning, and I watched her work from the side, although I knew that I could not do anything even if I stayed with her.

 However, thanks to last night’s work, the details of the curtio were being clarified smoothly, and during the morning, the details of the left arm and the right leg, eight curtio including the right arm from yesterday, were clarified.

 The only remaining parts are the left leg and the torso. My teacher also looked at his head with her clairvoyant magic, but it seems that there was no curtio embedded in his head.

 ”His torso is terrible. I can confirm that there are several curtios embedded in the abdomen. There seem to be two more in the chest, but the one near the heart is difficult to see.”

 ”Even though you’re using clairvoyant magic?”

 ”Yes, the curtio implanted near the heart seems to be much stronger than the other ones, and the magic power is absorbed at a tremendous rate so that I can’t see through it. It may be possible to see if a lot of magic power is used and the strength of clairvoyance is increased, but there is a fear that the curtio may be activated.”

 ”What kind of curtio is dangerous exactly?”

 I also have some knowledge about the curtio, but I only know that there are some types of curtios that improve physical abilities or add new functions, and my knowledge is not different from that of an ordinary person.

 So I was curious, and decided to take this opportunity to ask her a question.

 ”Well, basically, the curtio system, by its nature, gives some kind of load to the human body when it is activated. This load ranges from a load that would not be a problem for a healthy person to a load so serious that it sometimes causes death to the user.”

 ”Regardless of the function of the cartio itself?”

 ”Yes, as long as a foreign object implanted in the body operates by magic power and affects the body in some way, this load is inevitable. And as Master Neil said, there is a case that the load is further increased by the function of the curtio itself. For example, a curtio that reproduces the flaming sac of a fire-breathing demon would be easy to understand.”

 ”Is there such a thing?”

 Fire-breathing, what on earth does a human being have to do to have such a function?

 It would definitely be more efficient to learn fire magic than to do such a thing.

 ”Speaking of which, is their mouth and throat safe from such a thing?”

 ”Of course, a protective measure against them is applied when implanting the curtio.”

 My teacher breaks off and stares at the body of the criminal slave.

 ”But I don’t see any signs of such a procedure on his body.”

 ”So you are saying that there is no such kind of curtio implanted in him?”


 My teacher did not respond to my question.

 She just wrinkled her brow and looked grim as she thought about something.

 ”I can’t be sure, but I can tell you one thing.”

 ”What is it?”

 ”The person who did this is insane.”


 When I was puzzled by her words, my teacher’s expression turned grim and she explained to me as if she were talking to a child.

 ”Listen, the curtio can’t work without magic power. If you want it to work all the time, you should embed it between the magic circuits where magic power is circulating, otherwise you should avoid the magic circuits and embed it so that it will not work unless you intentionally put magic power into it. In his case, however, the potency and burden are light, and everything, including the curtio, which is supposed to be always activated, is in a state where it is not activated unless magic is applied voluntarily. Of course, it is not impossible that he did so intentionally, but the fact that the same kind of curtios are implanted for voluntary and permanent activation, and the poor treatment, the one who did this is probably an amateur who is not familiar with curtios.”

 ”Amateur? How could such an amateur do this?”

 ”I don’t know but at least I can be sure that it was not done with good intentions.”

 This means that he may have been experimented on, practiced on, or maybe just played with, without even meaning to be experimented on.

 I unconsciously clenched my fists and bit my back teeth at the possibility suggested by my teacher.

 The foreign substance which must have been brought by madness, malice, or something like it, is still corroding his body and becoming an obstacle that prevents him from waking up.

 This fact makes me feel an uncontrollable anger from the bottom of my heart.

 ”Can’t you remove the curtio?”

 ”That would be difficult. He is too weak and frail to have it removed.”

 ”No way…”

 So the only thing to do now is to find out the details of Curtio and take measures.

 Even though that was my intention from the beginning, I am disappointed at the situation that I am confronted with once again.

 ”What if there is a dangerous curtio embedded in his body that is dangerous to operate?”

 ”Well, in that case, we may need the help of priests.”

 ”Priests, huh?”

 I raised my eyebrows at those words coming out of my teacher’s mouth.

 This is because I do not have a good impression of priests, or rather religious states, in this world.

 The religious state of Pentis, mainly called “Church of God”, has a doctrine of “human supremacy”, which does not recognize the existence of so-called demi-humans, and is a country symbolic of discrimination against them.

 Another reason why they do not have a good impression is the existence of the recovery magic which is monopolized by the church and only priests are supposed to be able to use it.

 Due to the nature of healing magic, which activates the healing ability of the target, its effectiveness depends on the target’s healing ability. On the other hand, recovery magic is a particularly cheat-like magic in this world where magic is commonplace, as it restores the target to its original state regardless of their healing ability, whether they have it or not, and regardless of their injury or illness.

 In short, if a person tries to heal a wound after an operation with healing magic, the subject has to rely on their own healing ability, and it is a matter of their own physical strength as long as the healing ability is activated.

 If his/her physical strength is exhausted, he/she cannot be healed, and in the worst case, there is a possibility that he/she will die because the healing magic will drain the rest of his/her physical strength.

 However, recovery magic does not care about one’s physical strength, and thanks to its “restore to normal” nature, there is no need to worry about aftereffects after the operation.

 The only inferiority of recovery magic to healing magic is that it can restore anything to its original state, regardless of whether it is good or bad.

 For example, if a person works out his/her muscles by strength training, the muscles will be repaired and grow by the healing ability, but if he/she works out his/her muscles by recovery magic, his/her body will return to the state it was in before he/she worked out.

 This is especially true for high-level recovery magic, which heals any kind of injury or disease in a blink of an eye, while the restored body becomes as weak as a newborn baby’s. This is the case of a subject who routinely stands on his feet and does things that he used to do.

 This means that the muscles that were naturally trained by the subject’s daily movements such as standing up and walking, etc., do not exist in the genetic information, and as a result of being restored according to the genetic information, the subject’s body is returned to the state of a newborn baby that has not been trained yet.

 For this reason, I sincerely hope that the condition can be managed within the range of healing magic.

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