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Chapter 80 Bright Red

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 Hot, my body is hot, like I’m on fire.

 My hands, my feet, my whole body is all black, it’s been like this ever since something entered my body.

 When I take a step, the sole of my foot feels soggy, like finely chopped meat, which I hate.

 It’s disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. ―Yes, let’s go outside.

 Not out here where there’s meat all over the place, but out in the open, out in the light, out there where I’ve always wanted to be, but why? Why are you interrupting me?

 Don’t make me any redder than I already am, all that sticky red, all that messy red.

 Hey―please don’t stop me.

* * *

 Since then, the work has been progressing smoothly, and most of the details of the curtio implanted in the body of the criminal slave have been revealed.

 The only thing that remained unclear was the curtio in the area of the heart. However, the phenomenon that occurred when I tried to revive this person who had suffered a cardiopulmonary failure before led me to believe that it was definitely an active curtio.

 As a result, I was relieved to find out that there was no such type of curtio that could generate fire inside the body, which my teacher was worried about, and that at least there was no curtio that needed to be removed immediately.

 However, even if it turns out that removal is not necessary, it does not mean that there are no problems.

 If healing magic is used to cure him in order to awaken his consciousness, it is inevitable that the curtio will be activated, and the load on the body is a problem, but the biggest problem is that the curtio will suck the magic power of the healing magic.

 In the case of healing external wounds such as cuts, it is not so much a problem because the affected part can be healed before the magic power is absorbed by the curtio in the body, but in the case like this, the magic power is absorbed before the healing magic takes effect, so there is a possibility that the healing magic will not be effective enough.

 To avoid this problem, the surest and safest way would be to use recovery magic on his physical strength in order to remove the curtio, but honestly speaking, it was judged to be difficult to do so.

 The reason is that this person is a criminal slave, and he is a murderer of a person whom the Church has defined as a criminal and should be punished.

 Murder is an unforgivable crime in any country, but it is never allowed in the Church, even if there is a justifiable reason such as self-defense.

 Only a few people are allowed to do so in the Church, and even if they did not tell the priests that they have committed murders in the past. So, it would be almost impossible for me to ask the priests to save him, because he would be excluded from the people who should be saved by the Church.

 ”If we want to be sure, we should rely on recovery magic, but it would be more difficult to get help from them than to heal him with healing magic.”

 ”Then, we still have to do something with healing magic at any cost, don’t we?”

 ”That’s right…”

 My teacher looked thoughtful for a while and then opened her mouth as if she had made up his mind.

 ”The curtio, which seems to be an active system implanted in the chest, may require a heavy load, but if it is fully activated at the same time as the healing magic, the possibility of regaining consciousness will increase dramatically. However, the burden on the body is tremendous, and in the worst case, there is a great possibility that he may never wake up again.”

 ”Does that mean that if the magic power of the healing magic is going to be sucked out, we should just pour in the magic power intentionally so that the magic power of the healing magic won’t be sucked out?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. According to Master Neil, the curtio in the chest requires a lot of magical power, and with just the magical power generated by the healing magic, both the healing magic and the curtio will only work half-heartedly.”

 I understand what she is thinking.

 But this is a very bad bet.

 Even if he regains consciousness, the healing and the curtio will drain his physical strength so much that in the worst case scenario, he may just weaken and die.

 But I decided to go along with my teacher’s idea, because I knew that if he couldn’t regain consciousness, he would eventually die due to his weakened condition.

 ”First, I will cast a healing magic on him. I hope he wakes up after that, but if he doesn’t, I will ask Master Neil to supply the magic power to Curtio.”

 ”I understand. Then, please do so.”

 ”Then, let’s begin.”

 My teacher puts her hand on the forehead of the criminal slave who is lying down and activates the healing magic.

 The moment a warm light envelops the head of the criminal slave, the light flows toward his torso.

 ”The magic power suction is much more intense than I expected.”

 ”But I don’t think the curtio has been activated yet.”

 Probably because the curtio in the chest closest to the head was sucking the magic power, the magic power did not circulate to the curtio implanted in other parts of the body, and contrary to our expectation, only the curtio in the chest sucked the magic power, while the others remained silent.

 My teacher continued to cast healing spells for a while, but since there was no sign of regaining consciousness, she once released the spells.

 ”It’s no good, the magic power in the chest is too much absorbed by the curtio and it’s not working.”

 ”I guess I have to pour my own magic power into the chest to prevent the curtio from sucking your magic power, huh?”

 ”But I have one concern… you said that when the chest curtio was activated before, there was a muscle contraction and a sudden rise in body temperature, are you sure it was the chest curtio?”

 ”Uhh, I’m sure of it.”

 At that time, I am sure that I sent a considerable amount of magical power toward the heart, even if it was only momentary.

 If the curtio in question is embedded near the heart, it is very likely that it is the curtio that was activated at that time.

 Of course, it is also possible that some of the magic power flowed to another curtio located nearby and activated that one, but as far as I know from the details of the curtio implanted in the body, there is no other curtio that causes muscle contraction or rapid increase in body temperature.

 That is why my teacher concluded that the muscle contraction and the increase in body temperature were probably caused by a curtio in the chest area.

 ”Is there something wrong?”

 ”It’s the fact that it doesn’t seem to be working at all, even though it’s absorbing so much magic power. It’s not very likely that an active curtio would not work even though so much magic power has been poured into it.”

 ”Is there a possibility that the curtio is broken because of the large amount of magic power that I had instantaneously poured into it before?”

 ”Yes, it is possible that the curtio may be damaged if a great load is applied instantaneously, but it should not be broken because it is sucking the magic power.”

 After saying this, my teacher’s face became thoughtful again, and she opened her mouth after a while.

 ”Master Neil, I consider it dangerous to continue the treatment.”

 ”What? No way! Then what’s going to happen to this man?”

 ”I’m afraid…”


 My teacher’s words were slurred, but her intention was clear to, “Give up.”

 ”But if I give up, he will die, right? Then it’s worth a try, even if it’s risky…”

 ”No, I’m not talking for his sake, but for our own safety, I’m saying it’s dangerous to continue the treatment.”

 ”What? What do you mean, our safety?”

 ”The cartio in his body requires an enormous amount of magical power, and it is quite dangerous to put such a huge amount of magical power into a curtio, a magical tool that is small enough to be implanted in the body. In the worst case, the compressed magic power will be released at once and may cause damage to the surroundings.”

 ”In other words, there is a possibility that the curto will explode?”

 ”Yes, in that case we at close range won’t be safe either.”

 ”It can’t be…”

 I couldn’t say anything back to her.

 If I failed, not only the criminal slave’s life but also my life and my teacher’s life would be in danger.

 There was no way I could ask her for any more cooperation after hearing such a story.

 ”Okay, teacher, thank you very much. Teacher, please go back to your room and take a rest.”

 ”I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help… no, please wait.”

 She was about to apologize for her inability to help me, but suddenly she turned her tone of voice and looked at me with a stern expression on her face.

 It was like the face of a master of magic that she had once shown me when I had made a mistake.

 ”Master Neil, what do you mean by ‘please go back’? What is Master Neil going to do now?”

 ”I’m going to bet on the curtio embedded in his chest.”

 ”What nonsense! Didn’y you hear what I said?”

 ”I heard it, teacher. ‘If I fully activate the chest curtio, the chance of regaining consciousness will increase dramatically.’”

 ”That’s not what I meant!”

 ”I know, that’s why I told you to go back to your room, teacher”

 ”Master Neil…”

 Realizing that there is nothing she can say, she calls my name without effort and looks at my face as if she has made up her mind.

 ”Okay, then I will perform the healing magic and Master Neil please supply the curtio with magic power as planned.”

 ”What? But then, if something happens, you’ll be involved too.”

 ”I will help you as much as possible to prevent that from happening, but please prepare defensive magic so that we can protect ourselves. An explosion contains not only magic power but also debris that will be scattered by the impact, so please choose a defensive magic that can deal with both.”


 ”Master Neil, I have no intention of becoming a part of the both of you. I’m only suggesting it because I can protect my own personal safety.”

 Is this really true?

 If she is as good as she said, she might have no problem with it, but I couldn’t help but think that it was just a way to make me feel safe.


 ”…I understand, teacher, please lend me your power.”

 In order to save the person in front of me, I decide to ask for her help.

 After we both prepare our defensive magic, we look at each other, my teacher puts her hands on his head and I put mine on his chest.

 ”Remember, if you see any sign of outburst of magic power, please remove your hands and keep your distance from him immediately.”


 ”Then―here we go!”

 With that as a signal, my teacher and I move at the same time.

 She activates her healing magic, and I pour all the magic I have into him to prevent her magic from being sucked out, and to activate the curtio.

 At that moment, the body of the criminal slave, which had never shown any reaction before, starts pulsating like that time, and his body temperature begins to rise.

 ”Teacher! What do you think!?”

 ”There is no sign of it yet, but you have to keep your eyes open! The magic power may burst at any time…”

 Just as my teacher was about to say that, I noticed something strange at the same time.

 The burning smell in my nose, the unusual heat from my palm touching the body of the criminal slave, and the steam rising from his whole body gave me the impression that his body was being vaporized.

 ”Stop! Stop it! Stay away from him!”

 We let go our hands to stop the supply of magic power.

 But the changes in the body of the criminal slave did not subside, but became more intense, and his whole body gradually became redder.

 ”Teacher! What happened!?”

 ”I don’t know, but it seems that the activated curtio is sucking up all the magic around it.”

 ”Does that mean we can’t stop it!?”

 ”At least, it will continue to do so until the surrounding magic power is depleted.”

 Aside from our conversation, the body of the criminal slave had finally turned bright red, and even the steam rising from his body was blended with red.

 The smell of blood mixed with the burning smell on my nose made me realize to my horror that the red vapor was the evaporation of blood.

 But just when I was thinking that his body would be burnt to death before he woke up.

 Without warning, the criminal slave suddenly raised his right arm.


 While we were astonished, the criminal slave raised his upper body and slowly got up from the bed.

 Has he regained consciousness? No, but he looks strange.

 Even we, who are keeping a distance from him, can see that he is not in any pain even though his body is radiating a tremendous heat, his flesh is burning, and his blood is evaporating.

 His appearance reminds me of Diana and the others in a hypnotic state.

 ”Master Neil!!”


 It happened so suddenly.

 Before I knew it, a bright red palm was right in front of me, completely catching me by surprise, and I couldn’t react at all.

 The approaching palm looked as if it were in slow motion, and just as it covered my vision, a thunderous sound and a shock hit me.

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