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Chapter 81 Things That Are Not Allowed to Exist

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 After the deafening roar and impact, I manage to crawl out of the pile of debris that has been created.

 ”Cough, cough… ah, I thought I was going to die…”

 ”Don’t say ‘I thought I was going to die’!”

 I look toward the voice and see my teacher looking at me angrily from above the debris.

 ”Why are you using that defensive magic in the room of all places!?”

 ”Uhh, I thought it’s okay if it’s going to explode anyway.”

 The defensive magic I cast was a reactive armor magic.

 There were several defensive spells that could deal with both physical and magic, but among them, Reactive Armor was the most effective against instantaneous impacts such as explosions.

 But in the end, it was only me who exploded, while the other person came at me swinging―oh, yes!

 ”That guy…!?”

 ”He was blown out of the building by the explosion.”

 I jump out of the collapsed wall in a panic, thinking that I’m not going to make it if he’s hit by the explosion at close range.


 Then I saw the scene that caught my eyes, and involuntarily froze.

 Because that man was standing up, unharmed, without a care in the world.

 Unharmed by the explosion at close range? That’s absurd! How could he have withstood it with his skinny and emaciated body now?

 I was glad that he was unhurt, but as I was more confused by the incomprehensible scene in front of me, people who had heard the commotion started to gather one after another.

 ”Master Neil, what’s going on here!?”

 ”Diana! We’ll talk about it later! Stay away from that man for now!”

 Although he suddenly attacked me earlier, he just stands there and doesn’t seem to take any action.

 Diana rushes to my side and looks at him with me.

 ”What happened to that man?”

 ”I don’t know, I think it might be Curtio, do you have any idea?”

 When I turned around to look at Diana, she did not answer me, but just kept her eyes on the criminal slave.


 ”No way, but there’s another possibility…”


 ”M-master Neil.”

 ”Do you have any idea what’s going on? If so, please tell me.”

 My teacher looks worried for a while, then opens her mouth while keeping her eyes on the man.

 ”I have only heard about it and have never seen it, but there is a possibility that there is a curtio in him that should not exist.”

 ”A curtio that should not exist…?”

 Some curtio are not allowed to be used in some countries.

 However, such items can be used as research materials for medical purposes, so it is not illegal to possess them, but it was new to me that there are curtios that are not even allowed to exist.

 ”In the past, there was a story that a soldier who was captured by the enemy as a prisoner of war, when he was released and returned to his homeland, suddenly changed his behavior and went berserk, causing great damage to his own army. The soldier lost his life after a long rampage, and his body was autopsied and examined, and a curtion was found with unknown details.”

 ”The soldier went berserk because of the unknown curtio?”

 ”Yes, it is said that the soldier lost his life not because of resistance from his allies, but because of the tremendous load he had to bear in return for being given strength beyond his physical limits by the curtio.”

 What a tragedy, so he was captured as a prisoner of war, had a cartio implanted in his body, and then was used as a tool to inflict damage from the inside under the pretense of being released.

 ”Since that incident, the possession and manufacture of curtios that affect the human psyche and those that inflict such a heavy burden that they can kill people have been banned in many countries. However, no matter how much the laws are regulated, it is regrettable to abandon the power once it is in one’s hands so easily. I had heard rumors that some people who think so have gathered in the Federal state, where regulations on curtios are less strict, and are continuing their manufacture in secret, but I had no idea that they had brought it to the Empire.”

 ”But he doesn’t seem to be acting out of control, does he?”

 Although he had suddenly punched me when he woke up, he was just standing there quietly now, not acting like I had heard the story at all.

 ”I guess it means that they don’t manufacture only curtios that make people go wild without thinking. I am sure that his physical body is at least under a lot of strain, regardless of the mental effects.”

 The rising red steam and the smell of burnt flesh and blood made it obvious that a life-threatening load had been placed on his body.

 If the curtio is not stopped as soon as possible, the man will die.

 ”Is there any way to stop it!?”

 ”As I told you before, if the magic power runs out, the curtio will stop. But as long as it absorbs the surrounding magic, it won’t stop until the surrounding magic is exhausted. If there’s any other way to stop it…”

 ”What!! I’ve come all this way to save that man, I won’t let him die here!”

 Sensing what my teacher is trying to say, I pull out my sword as if to deny it.

 Seeing me like that, Diana stops me with a panicked look on her face.

 ”Master Neil, what are you going to do!?”

 ”I’ll stop the Curtio even if I have to put this sword in his chest!”

 ”What nonsense!”

 ”If I don’t do it, he’ll die from the load! I’d rather do what I can than stand by and watch it happen! If I let him die without doing anything, I’ll regret it! That’s why―”

 ”So you’re going to go ahead by yourself and do something reckless without listening to others like you did with Heindahl?”

 ”Ah, even Diana didn’t listen to me at all that time!”

 ”Of course, when it comes to my life and Master Neil’s life, it’s only natural that I’d give priority to Master Neil’s life.”

 ”D-Diana always does that! That’s why I…”

 ”Master Neil, you really don’t listen to me when it comes to emergencies. Then is my life and Master Neil’s life in danger this time too?”


 When I was puzzled by Diana’s intention, she continued in a firm attitude.

 ”What is at stake now is not my life or Master Neil’s life, but his life. I was only trying to stop Master Neil’s impulsive behavior, not against saving his life. Did you think I was against saving his life?”

 ”Wh-what? B-but I thought Diana would have stopped me if I tried anything dangerous.”

 ”…I don’t deny that. But…”

 Diana breaks off and looks at the criminal slave.

 ”It was my own fault that he turned out the way he did. If I had not been hypnotized by Gipner, he would not have become like that.”

 Looking at Diana’s expression of shame, I finally understood the meaning of her words.

 ”Of course, I wanted to keep Master Neil out of harm’s way, but more than that, I wanted to save him from the mistake I made… no, it’s not fair to cover it up like that. I must save him. So Master Neil, please let me, no, let us help to save him too.”

 I looked around, and before I knew it, the people of the settlement had gathered here, all staring at me.

 They were all standing there with the same expression on their faces as Diana, as if they were waiting for my next words.

 I was a fool, I was rushing on my own to save that person, and I didn’t even realize such a simple thing until Diana told me that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to save that person.

 ”Thank you―everyone! Please help me! Let’s work together to save him!”

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