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Chapter 89 Obsession with Beauty

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 A few more days passed without knowing whose person Mei was interested in.

 To be honest, I was spending my days worrying about when things would happen, but Mei was still confined in the laboratory, never going out except for eating, sleeping, and ordering materials from the Harvest Hoe, and she did not seem to be approaching anyone.

 As for me, I was also uncomfortable when Mei was with me, so I stayed away from the laboratory to avoid her.

 This has put a temporary halt on the development of the new sauce, and if I don’t take action to resolve the situation, there might be a lot of trouble.

 Just as I was thinking about this, there was a knock at the door of my office.

 ”Neil, it’s me.”


 I couldn’t help but raise my voice, as if she was peeping into my head at the right moment.

 For a moment I wondered what I should do, but then I took a deep breath and calmed myself down, thinking that there was no point in turning her away.

 ”You can come in.”

 ”Excuse me.”

 The door opens and Mei and Liana come in… why is Liana with them?

 It was unusual for Mei, who usually stays in the laboratory, to come to the office, but more than that, I didn’t understand why Liana was here.

 And she’s with Mei… is Liana the one whom May is interested in?

 If that’s the case, the two of them visiting me together, don’t tell me they’re not going to ask me to be their matchmaker, do they?

 As I was suppressing my aching stomach, thinking that she was going to ask me to convince the Duke Novac, Mei came up to me and put several bottles on the desk.

 ”…What are these?”

 ”This is a beauty potion I’ve developed, and I’ve come to see if I can market it as a specialty product of the settlement, or more precisely, under Neil’s name.”

 ”Beauty potion…?”

 I’m not quite grasping what’s going on, and I’m racking my brains trying to make sense of it.

 ”Uhh… so why is Liana with you?”

 ”If we’re going to sell something in the settlements, we’ll have to rely on Liana’s place, won’t we?”

 ”I see?”

 While I was half convinced that this was true, I wondered if there was any point in bringing Liana here directly, when Liana, with tears in the corners of her eyes, came up to me with a serious face.

 ”Please, Master Neil! Please give us permission to sell this medicine!”

 ”Hey, calm down, I didn’t say I won’t give you permission!”

 ”So you’ll allow us to sell it?”

 ”I don’t have a problem with you selling them, but why are you so desperate?”


 Liana told me that Mei had given her a beauty potion as a token of gratitude to Liana for her frequent orders of materials.

 When she tried it, the quality of her hair and skin improved greatly, just like Mei’s now, and she bragged to the senior staff of the Harvest Hoe through the item box to show them what she had become, but….

 ”It’s terrible, you know! Marma-san ssuddenly reached out and grabbed my head, and then pulled it while bombarding me with questions! And all with a terrifyingly intense expression! If I can’t sell it now, I wonder what they will do to me.”

 Liana was scared like a small animal as she said so. I see, seeing Liana’s hair and skin suddenly become beautiful, the staff at the main store came to her and asked for the same thing.

 ”I understand your situation, but since Mei developed this medicine, why don’t you use your own name instead of mine?”

 ”Even though I developed this medicine, I got the idea from you. It’s just like the item box and the alchemical fertilizer.”

 ”Did I ever tell you about the beauty potion?”

 Since Mei and I have been asking and answering each other for a long time, I honestly don’t remember what kind of questions and answers we have been asking and answering, but since she says so, I guess it must be so.

 However, no matter how much she got the idea from me, I don’t think it’s right to spread it under my name like the item box and the alchemical fertilizer, even though I wasn’t involved in the development of them.

 Perhaps realizing what I was thinking, Mei smiled a little self-deprecatingly.

 ”To tell you the truth, I don’t think my name should be mentioned. A medicine made by a prodigy of Atmiras would be better received than one made by the Witch of Novac, wouldn’t it?”


 I understand what Mei is trying to say, and as I keep my mouth shut, Liana, who is the only one here who doesn’t understand the meaning of our words, asks me a question without hesitation.

 ”Uhh, what is a Novac witch? I’ve heard of the prodigy of Atmiras, but I’ve never heard of that one.”

 ”Mine is a street name famous only among the nobility, so it’s not surprising that Liana has never heard of it.”

 ”Only among the nobles… Uh, do you mean that Meisy-san is Meisy-sama?”

 Liana looks surprised that Meisy is an aristocrat. It is true that Mei doesn’t look like a noblewoman because of her usual comments and actions, but it is still a surprise that she didn’t know about it until now.

 ”Mei may look like this, but she is a daughter of the Novac Duke, you know?”

 ”My Lord…”

 ”Don’t panic, I don’t expect you to treat me as a Duke. You can go about your business as usual.”

 ”I-Is that so? I understand.”

 Liana is amazing, I guess she has a certain guts, though it is not so easy to be convinced by such an offer from an aristocrat.

 If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to accept such a request from someone in a higher position than me.

 While I was thinking about such a trivial thing, Mei pulls me back.

 ”So, will you allow me to use Neil’s name?”

 ”…well, okay, I can’t refuse me for that reason, so you can use my name.”

 ”Thank you, Neil.”

 Considering the meaning of the name “Witch of Novac,” I agreed with Mei.

 ”But if we sell it, it will be through the Harvest Hoe, so we’ll need to get Gibbett-san’s permission too.”

 ”That’s all right! Marma-san and the others are already in direct contact with the representative!”

 ”They’re moving very fast…”

 Is this the result of people’s obsession with beauty?

 And it seems that the obsession was real, as a few hours later, a contract was sent via item box, along with two items.

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