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Chapter 90 Scattered, Sad

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 I had a difficult look on my face in front of the two items that had been sent with the contract from the Harvest Hoe.

 One was the document of Gaadhir-san’s contract from Banrai no Senpu (Battle Axe of Ten Thousand Thunders), and the other was my sword that had been destroyed before.

 The contract with Banrai no Senpu (Battle Axe of Ten Thousand Thunders) was originally only signed during the Ice Month (Star), but after Neo and Pius were injured in the Gipner incident, and Neo was stuck in bed for a while, Gaadhir-san insisted that he would continue to stay in the settlements so that his son could recover and protect the place also until Pius woke up. So, the contract was extended to Harvest Month.

 Now that the Harvest Moon has passed the halfway point and the end of the contract period is approaching, I have received the documents to either terminate or extend the contract.

 As for me, I would like Gaadhir-san to continue to guard the settlements, but Neo is now well, and Pius is awake, although he is now recuperating in the capital, so there is no more reason for Gaadhir-san to have wanted to postpone the contract before.

 However, judging from Gaadhir-san’s condition, I don’t think he will terminate the contract, but I can’t decide on my own, so I’ll talk to him when he wakes up in the evening.

 Now, as for my sword, which was sent to the Harvest Hoe for repair, it seems that they could not find a craftsman who can fix this sword, and a letter was sent to me with an apology for that.

 My sword is made of melanicht, a metal that conducts magic power well, but it is usually used as a medium for daily magic tools, and it is not hard enough for use in swords, armor, or other armors, so I had to combine it with another metal to ensure its strength.

 The metal used was a special metal called Renal, which is a liquid like mercury in its natural state, but has the strange property of gradually solidifying when heated to a high temperature, and was often used as a material for making alloys because it is easy to fuse together.

 However, once Renal hardens, it does not return to a liquid state no matter what is done, and alloys made by mixing Renal cannot be recast.

 I was aware of this, but since I am not an expert in the field, I thought that a specialist might be able to repair the alloy, so I asked them to repair it, but the result was as follows.

 The letter also said that it could be repaired only in appearance, or that a new one could be made, but to tell the truth, I was not interested in making a new one.

 The reason why I am so concerned about the current sword is that it is a gift from my teacher.

 I learned the skill of sword and the knowledge of magic from each of my teachers, and this sword was given to me as a proof of my graduation.

 That’s why I was determined to keep using this sword, but I couldn’t stay unarmed forever in the settlement where I didn’t know when the monster attack would happen.

 Just when I was thinking of having this sword restored to its original appearance and having a similar sword prepared for me.



 I looked up in surprise to see Wen staring at me, or rather at the dismembered sword on the desk with a strange look on her face.

 ’This, weapon?’

 ”Oh, yes, it is.”

 ’Scattered… scattered, Neil, sad?’

 ”Eh, what?”

 ’Face, sad, Neil, sad.’

 It seemed that my face showed my sadness, so much so that Wen could see it even from the side.

 ’Weapon, fix? Repair?”

 ”Too bad, it can’t be fixed anymore.”

 ’Can’t, fix?’

 ”Forever, it’s scattered.”

 ’Forever, scattered… Neil, forever, sad.’

 She seems to think that I’ll always feel sad as long as this sword is not repaired.

 Wen looks thoughtful, and suddenly she looks up as if she has an idea, and at the same time the parts of the sword on the desk float up.

 ’Weapon, fix’


 ’Water, earth, weapon, fix!’

 ”Oh, hey! Wen!”

 Wen didn’t hear me, and she ran out of the window with the broken pieces of the sword.

 I debated whether or not to go after her, but I knew that I couldn’t leave the scattered blades flying around the settlement, so I left the office to go after Wen.

 ”I screwed up…”

 I should have jumped out of the window, but I had completely lost sight of Wen as I walked around to the entrance and went out.

 I went in the direction Wen jumped out, and the first place I found was a laboratory built on the side of the mansion.

 I don’t think she is here, but just to make sure, I knock on the door of the laboratory.


 ”Mei, it’s me.”

 ”Neil? Come in.”

 After receiving a reply, I open the door, and as I expected, Wen is not in the lab, but only Mei who looks at me with a curious look on her face.

 ”What’s wrong? I thought today was not the day to check the condition of the sauce.”

 ”No, I was just looking for Wen.”


 ”Yeah, and, what you’re working on right now…”

 ”Hmm? This?”

 Mei points to a desk.

 ”This is a potion for the Harvest Hoe.”

 ”You’ve made quite a lot.”

 ”Well, I’ve been brainstorming a lot these past few weeks, so this is just a little relaxation.”

 ”Brainstorming? What do you mean by that?”

 ”…It’s nothing for Neil to worry about.”

 Is it my imagination, or do I feel a slight harshness in what she just said?

 ”But was it good?”


 ”I’m talking about the share. Mei, you’re doing all the development and production, and you’re only getting 10% of the profits.”

 ”I’m talking about the place, the equipment, the materials, and the process itself is simple and doesn’t require any special skills. It’s enough to pay for the labor.”

 ”You say that, but…”

 Paying 90% to the settlements is too much, even a corrupt aristocrat wouldn’t be this bad.

 While I’m balking like this, Meo opens her mouth.

 ”Neil, I don’t want to be a nuisance to anyone, and I’m not going to stay in this settlement for free.”

 ”Well, but we agreed on the condition that you’d help me with my research, didn’t we?”

 ”That’s true, but nowadays Neil is able to make the sauce by himself, and since I haven’t started any new research, you don’t have to pay me for it anymore, do you?”

 ”But that doesn’t mean this is―Oh.”

 Then I suddenly realized a possibility.

 Could this be the reason why Mei created the beauty potion?

 I thought that Mei, who was worried that she was being taken care of by the settlements without any help anymore, might have made and sold the medicine as a rent and tried to pay the profits to the settlements.

 Mei’s becoming beautiful may be the result of her trying the medicine by herself, since it is difficult to obtain the result with a simple substitute doll, right?

 If so, it is no wonder that her hair and skin have become beautiful but her clothes are still in disarray.

 If she dressed herself up with someone in mind, it would be impossible for her to leave only her clothes untouched, and the more I think about it, the more I understand.

 ”I see.”

 ”Hmm? What’s that?”

 ”No, I mean this one.”

 I say this and try to cover it up.

 I can’t say that I had mistakenly thought that Mei had found someone she was interested in.

 If I said such a thing, she would definitely look at me with a puzzled look on her face.

 ”Anyway, I’m going to look for Wen, so let me know if you see her.”

 ”Um, okay.”

 Mei nodded her head in confusion, but nodded her head in agreement.

 After watching her, I resume my search for Wen.

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