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Chapter 91 Reborn Sword

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 After leaving the laboratory, I went straight in the direction where I thought Wen was headed, and arrived at the farmland.

 A few people were working in the farmland, but there was no sign of Wen, and the forest was spreading out beyond the farmland.

 I was worried for a moment that Wen might not have run out of the farmland, but I remembered that there was no one who could harm Wen, who was a spirit, and I decided to look around the farmland first.

 On the way, I exchanged greetings with people who had noticed my presence and asked them if they had seen Wen, and one of them saw Wen.

 ”If it’s Wen, I saw her doing something at the altar. But when I looked away for a moment, she disappeared.”

 ”Okay, thanks.”

 I looked toward the stone altar on the side of the farm, but Wen was already gone, just as I had heard.

 However, there was a broken sword on the altar, and the sword glowed faintly, flickering in a constant cycle like the beating of a heart.

 Can I assume that the sword was in the middle of some kind of work?

 I wondered for a while whether I should leave the sword there, and looked around, but there was no sign of Wen’s return.

 As I wandered around the altar, Lewya, who had come to check on the people working in the farmland, noticed my presence and called out to me.

 ”Neil? What are you doing here?”

 ”Oh, Lewya, actually.”

 I explained to Lewya that Wen had run off to fix my broken sword, and that I had followed her here, but I couldn’t find Wen, and instead I found the sword on the altar.

 ”I see, so that’s why the spirits were gathered here.”


 ”Neil, Wen is not here, she just stopped materializing to focus on the restoration work, but she’s here.”

 Oh, I see, I’d forgotten that Wen is not normally recognizable to humans, since she’s been so recognizable to us lately.

 I thought she was gone because I couldn’t see her, but it seems that Wen has been here all this time working.

 ”How long do you think this will take?”

 ”Well, I’ve never heard of spirits fixing anything before, so I have no idea how long it will take.”

 ”Not even elves know about this?”

 ”We’ve never thought of having a spirit fix a broken thing, nor have we ever heard of spirits seeing a broken item and spontaneously fixing it. This is an unknown event for us as well.”

 ”So it’s because Wen is spontaneous that this happened.”

 Wen said she would fix it, but how could she fix something that the craftsmen had already given up on as irreparable?

 It’s not like she’s going to re-hammered the sword or spliced it, she’s just going to knead magic power into the shards, right…? After all, it’s hard to believe that this will restore the sword to its original state… Just as I look at the shards with suspicion, the light emitted from them on the altar becomes stronger, and they begin to rattle and shake.

 Immediately after that, the shards move as if they were sliding on the altar, and they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

 The blade, now a single mass, is attached to the hilt, and as soon as the sword regains its original shape, the luminescence ceases, and silence reigns around the area.

 ”…Is it over?”

 ”Apparently so.”

 I fearfully reach out my hand to the sword on the altar and check it carefully.

 The sword seems to be attached to the altar, but there is a crack in the body of the sword, and it seems that the sword is not completely restored.

 Since the cracks are still there, the sword would probably break apart again if it was used to cut monsters… but just when I was looking at the sword with such anxious feeling….



 I was surprised to hear Wen’s voice in my ear, and I was even more surprised when I reflexively looked in the direction of the voice.

 There was Wen, as I had expected, but she had become even smaller than when she was a little girl, and now she looked like a figure of about ten centimeters.

 ”What? Wen? What’s wrong with your appearance?”

 ”It seems that she consumed a lot of magic power to repair the sword.”

 First a girl, then a little girl, then a miniature girl… I wonder what will happen next when her magic power is reduced.

 ’Neil! Magic! Magic!’

 ”Hmm? Do you want magic power?”

 ’Weapon! Magic!’

 ”Oh, you mean you want me to put magic power into the sword?”

 At first I thought she was saying that she wanted magic power because she had consumed magic power, but she kept pointing at the sword and saying “Magic”, so I thought she probably meant that she wanted me to put magic power into the sword, and I lightly put magic power into the sword.

 Then one of the shards burst, and a kind of haze spread out to fill the space between the shards, forming a wide sword.

 ”This is…”

 ”Is this a magic greatsword?”

 Lewya described it as a magic greatsword, but in fact it was not so big that it could be called a great sword, but only one size larger than the original long sword.

 I crawl my finger through the haze, but my finger slips through the haze and there seems to be no substance.

 ’Magic! More!’


 As Wen urged me, I put more magic power into the haze, and the haze became thicker, and when I tried to touch it, I felt a definite sensation on my fingertips this time.

 ”Heh… if I put magic power into it, it materializes and I can use it as a normal sword.”

 The magic power passes through it well, and it can be used as a medium for activating magic.

 It’s more of a modification than a repair, but it’s better than just restoring it to look like an ornament… yes, I think it’s good.

 ”Neil, why don’t you give that sword a try?”


 ”I think it’s best to see how it feels before you try it out. I’m also personally interested in weapons blessed by the spirits.”

 ”I see, it is certainly necessary to check it.”

 Following Lewya’s opinion, I decided to check the feel of my reborn beloved sword.

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