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Chapter 92 Love Sword and Contract

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 To check out the sword, we left the farmland for a little while and moved to the perimeter of the settlement.

 ”Okay, let’s do this.”

 As soon as I put magic power into the sword, the sword blade breaks apart, and a wide sword blade is constructed to fill the gap by the magic power.

 I aimed at a tree and swung the sword at it with a sideways swipe.

 The tree was sliced without any resistance, and the upper part of the tree slid down to the ground with a loud sound.

 ”That was a very sharp sword, wasn’t it?”

 ”…Yes, it is.”

 ”What’s wrong, Neil? You’re looking a little confused. What’s on your mind?”

 ”I don’t like the way it’s reacting, and I don’t like the lack of weight.”

 Before the magic power was applied, the body of the sword was connected to the hilt, so it had a certain weight, but as soon as the magic power was applied, the body of the sword was separated and fixed in the air by the magic power, so the only weight left in the hand was the hilt.

 When wielding a sword, it is necessary to swing it appropriately, taking into account the weight of the sword itself and its center of gravity, rather than simply swinging it with arm strength.

 Therefore, even a subtle difference in weight had a great impact on the way of swinging, and this difference could even make a difference in the fate of the wielder.

 ”Rather than swinging the sword, I feel like I’m just swinging my arm. I don’t know the weight or even the center of gravity.”

 It would take a lot of effort to master this sword.

 However, the fact that the sword cut a tree in half when I only wielded it with my arm means that the sword’s sharpness is that great.

 If I could master it, I would be able to cut down even Heindahl, whom I had struggled against before because of its sturdiness.

 ”Okay, let’s try some magic next time.”

 ”Neil, be careful with the addition and subtraction, the magic tends to be more powerful when it is blessed by a spirit. Be especially careful when you use the magic of the attribute that has a high affinity with the attribute of the spirit that gave the blessing.”

 ”In this case, Wen is a wind spirit, so she has the wind attribute, and if it has a high affinity with wind, then it is fire.”

 ”In addition, it has the blessings of the spirits of water and earth, so be careful of the attributes that have high affinity with those two types of spirits. Well, the blessing is not as strong as that of wind, it’s just a minimum, so I don’t think it will be a problem.”

 ”Oh, it’s blessed by other spirits too?”

 ”Yes, Wen’s power alone would not have been able to restore it to its current form.”

 By the way, I think Wen said something about water and earth when she jumped out of the window of her office.

 And this haze-like mist that is produced when I put magic power into it, if it is blessed by the spirit of water, it makes sense.

 I don’t know where the power of the spirit of earth is being used, but I do know that the restoration could not be done without the help of the spirits of these two attributes, and that the power of the magic related to these two attributes has also been improved.

 ”Let’s check with Scatter Rose first.”

 If there is a blessing of water spirits, Scatter Rose, which is a magic of ice attribute with high affinity to water, should be affected by it, I hold my sword straight and form an ice image of a rose at the tip of my sword, and the ice image explodes, piercing the trees deeply.

 ”How? is it more powerful?”

 ”Well, the strength of the ice sculpture has increased a little, and the power has increased as a result.”

 The injection part was as powerful as usual since there was no attribute involved, but the increased strength of the ice sculpture allowed it to hit the tree without breaking into pieces and burying itself inside the tree.

 However, the increased strength of the ice sculpture did not allow the petals to separate cleanly, and the number of scattered ice fragments was about half of the original number, so it will be necessary to adjust the strength of the ice sculpture.

 ”So that’s “enough” for ice magic. Neil, I don’t want to be a nuisance, but be careful when you use wind magic.”

 ”I know.”

 Lewya said that water and earth blessings are the minimum.

 If this is the minimum, I wonder how powerful Wen’s wind blessing would be.

 Considering that fire magic is strictly forbidden, it would be best to try some light wind magic here, just in case.


 After taking a deep breath and regulating the flow of magic, I carefully pour my magic power and create a whirlpool of wind at the tip of my sword.

 It seems that the power of the wind has been strengthened considerably, and although I intended to lightly stir the wind, it swirled violently as if I was peering into a waterfall.

 I gave the vortex a directional effect and unleashed my magic into the forest in front of me, and the vortex disappeared from the tip of my sword without a sound, and silence fell over the area.


 Just when I thought I had carefully applied too much magic and the spell had dissolved, trees within a range of several tens of meters in front of me are severed all at once, and they fall to the side.


 Lewya and I stood there in shock at the sight, and after a few moments of gazing at the beautiful open forest together, it was Lewya who came to her senses first.

 ”Neil, I told you to be careful.”

 ”N-no! I didn’t put that much force into it! I was holding the power down to the limit of my ability to maintain the magic!”

 ”Then how did this happen?”

 ”That’s what I want to know!”

 How did it happen? Why?

 The power of the magic should have been kept to a minimum, and the directionality should have been given without adding any unnecessary power, and yet this is the result.

 While we were discussing such things, people heard the booming sound and began to gather around to see what was going on, and we hurriedly tried to control the situation.

 ”Haa… I’m so tired…”

 After explaining the situation to the people who had heard the noise and gathered around, I received a sermon from Diana, and it was dusk by the time I was released.

 My beloved sword was repaired or modified, but I am sorry to say to Wen that it is now forbidden to use it easily.

 With such a powerful sword, it could easily blow up the settlement with just one mistake in handling it, and moreover, it is too unsuitable to be kept on my waist for self-defense in the settlement.

 In the end, it was decided to have another one similar to the old one made, and to use that one for daily use, while the modified one would be used only in case of emergencies.

 I do not want such a situation to happen, but I feel much safer with having this sword, and the only concern I have is that the existence of this sword itself might cause a commotion.

 However, even with this concern, it is surely reassuring, and I offered a generous amount of crops to Wen and the spirits of water and earth at the altar as thanks to them.

 Now that the sword business was settled, I was waiting in the office to take care of the remaining business, when the door to the office was opened and Gaadhir-san came into the office.

 ”Master Neil, I was told you wanted to see me.”

 ”Yes, I received this from the firm that Gaadhir-san belongs to.”

 Saying this, I presented the contract to Gaadhir-san.

 Gaadhir-san looks at the document quickly and then gives me a satisfied look, as if he understood the reason why he was summoned.

 ”As a settlement, I would like Gaadhir-san to continue working as a security guard, but I thought it was necessary to confirm his intention, so I have summoned you here.”

 ”Master Neil is very disciplined. Most of these things are usually decided by the higher-ups without any regard to our will.”

 ”I just think it’s better to let the person quit and actively replace them with someone who is motivated than to force them to do a job they don’t want to continue doing.”

 ”I see, you’re absolutely right.”

 ”So, I’d like to know what Gaadhir-san’s intention is.:

 I had already figured out the answer to my question, but I was wrong, and Gaadhir-san stared at the documents seriously for a while before slowly opening his mouth.

 ”…Can I talk to my family about it?”

 ”What? Oh, yes, of course. Your family’s opinion is important too.”

 ”Okay, I’ll leave now.”

 With that, Gaadhir-san left my office.

 I had forgotten that this job is not only about Gaadhir-san but also about his family.

 Even if Gaadhir-san himself wanted to continue the work, it was another matter if his family who had come to the settlement together wanted to stay in the settlement.

 Especially considering the incident in Gipner, where Neo had been exposed to danger, it was more than possible that he would want to return to a safe life in the city, not knowing if something similar would happen again.

 Once I start to think about it, I feel anxious.

 However, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I spent the night in agony.

 The next morning, after finishing breakfast, I was thinking about my plans for the day when Gaadhir-san and his family came to my place.

 As soon as the words “Farewell” came into my mind, Gaadhir-san presented me the documents he had given me last night with a mysterious look on his face.

 ”Master Neil, I would like to terminate this contract.”

 ”…I see.”

 My bad premonition was confirmed, and I accepted the document with a sense of disappointment.

 I was half prepared for it, but I still had a feeling that it might happen, which made me even more discouraged.

 But it can’t be helped, after what happened.

 It was my fault for not taking precautions against mental domination, and the Gaadhir-san family was not at fault.

 ”And Master Neil, I have a favor to ask you before I terminate the contract…”

 ”A favor? What is it?”

 As I was making up my mind to do whatever I could for the short time we had spent together as friends on the settlements, Gaadhir-san suddenly bows his head.

 ”Will you let my family and me live in the settlement as it is?”


 ”I’d like to ask you too!”

 I was confused, but even Glayna-san bowed, and Neo, seeing his parents bowing, bowed as well.

 ”I’m injured, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes, and if you want me to continue working as a security guard, of course I will! So please!”

 ”Wait a minute! I thought you said the contract was terminated.”

 ”Yes, I’m asking you to terminate the contract with my firm and accept me as a member of this settlement group instead of a dispatched worker from Thunder Axe.”

 Ah, I see, that’s how it is, I’m finally catching up.

 In other words, Gaadhir-san is asking me to hire him again as an individual, not via the battle axe.

 ”I understand what you’re saying, but why are you all doing this?”

 ”As I told you yesterday, I can’t disobey orders from the top. If they tell me to keep current jobs, I do as they say. If they tell me to quit, that’s the end of it. The people who are happy to get rid of me may ask me to come back at any moment on a whim. I thought that I would rather work here than go back to that firm. I talked to Glayna and Neo about it, and they both agreed with me.”

 ”We’ve decided to follow you, and the people here are good, and I feel more fulfilled than when I was in the city. And―”

 ”This is where I’m spending time with uncle and the others!”

 ”Hehe, that’s right. So, Master Neil, please welcome us and our family.”

 The Gaadhir-san family bows their heads again, to which I responded in the usual way.

 ”By all means! I look forward to working with you!”

 Thus, Gaadhir-san was no longer a dispatched member from the Battle Axe of Thunder, and his family, Glayna and Neo, became official members of our settlement.

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