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Chapter 93 Mei’s Love Advice

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 I was impatient now.

 The reason being that, since that time, nothing had progressed and time had just passed by. Even though I had dressed myself up, it was because Neil was returning to his usual self.

 It wasn’t that I cared about my own honor, but I couldn’t allow my actions to tarnish the name of the Duke Novak. As a result, I refrained from taking any proactive measures.

 Especially after Neil came to the laboratory looking for Wen, his attitude toward me suddenly changed, or rather, he became strangely calm.

 I was curious, so I asked him indirectly, but his response was…

 ”No, Mei is still Mei.”

 …I had no idea why Neil’s attitude had suddenly changed.

 However, I did realize that he was gradually losing his consciousness of me as the opposite s*x.

 No matter how much I dressed up, to Neil, I was still me, and I was no longer someone he saw as the opposite s*x.

 I had a sense of crisis that if I left things as they were, I would be completely lose my femininity… So, feeling the crisis, I twisted my head and thought about how to overcome this situation.

 I decided to seek advice from others as soon as possible, because I knew that I would not come up with a good idea if I thought about it alone.

 The problem was who to ask for advice. In this pioneer land, there were only a few people who could offer advice on romance.

 Among them, I could think of only one person who seemed reticent enough to keep a secret.

 ”So I was the one you chose?”

 In a room of the mansion, Diana mutters in agreement after hearing my story.

 The other candidates were Liana and Glayna, but Liana was excluded because she seemed like she would attack me with questions before even listening to my concerns, and moreover, she also had a tendency to accidentally reveal secrets. As for Glayna, I had never spoken to her directly, so I couldn’t judge what kind of person she was, and there were too many unknown factors. So, Diana, who knew Neil well and also knew me, seemed like the most suitable candidate.

 ”Diana, what do you think I should do?”

 ”Before we discuss this, I think it is important to know what Miss Meisy wants to be with Master Neil.”

 ”What do I want to do with him?”

 ”Yes, for example, is it a lover’s relationship, marriage, or just a physical relationship?”


 ”Yes, depending on the final destination, the actions you should take may vary. What do you think about that, Miss Meisy?”

 Well, it’s true that it might be important to clarify what I want to become with Neil in the end.

 Up to now, I have only had a vague objective of having a relationship with a man and a woman romantically, but it is a good idea to clarify what I want to do with Neil.

 ”But for the aristocracy, marriage is the most important thing to strengthen the relationship between the families, and the will of the individual is of secondary importance. Even if we could become lovers, there’s nothing I can do about the marriage.”

 ”That is a rather pessimistic statement from you, Miss Meisy. While it may be true for ordinary circumstances, you are different.”

 ”Hmm? What do you mean?”

 ”Pardon me for being impolite, but isn’t Miss Meisy already past the marriageable age, and your family may have given up on the idea of you marrying.”

 ”Well, yes, the last time I heard about a marriage proposal was years ago, and I’m sure they’ve given up on the idea of marrying me off.”

 ”Then, if Miss Meisy herself wants to get married, there is no reason for your parents to oppose it. If it is the Countess Atmiras, who are highly esteemed among nobles due to Neil’s invention, wouldn’t they be rather pleased?”

 As Diana said, the Count Atmiras are highly esteemed among the nobles of the same rank for Neil’s invention, and the Duke Novac are a good match for the Count Atmiras.

 Besides, the Count Atmiras would gladly accept a relationship with the Duke Novac.

 In this case, the situation miraculously aligned with the daughter of a duke who had given up on marriage and the eldest son of a highly respected earl’s family, and all that remained was their willingness to marry each other.

 The only problem was how to win Neil’s heart, which was a very difficult problem for me.

 ”So, Miss Meisy, are you aiming for marriage?”

 ”If possible, I would like to, but I wonder if Neil has any intention of marrying someone like me.”

 ”Be confident, the current Miss Meisy is a very attractive woman in my eyes.”

 ”Does that mean I wasn’t attractive before?”

 ”I will refrain from making unnecessary remarks.”

 Although she says so, I sense an atmosphere of affirmation in her words.

 Well, I do realize that the old me threw away many things as a woman, so Diana’s reaction is probably justified.

 ”However, while Neil seemed to have initially been aware of me as a member of the opposite s*x, he has recently returned to his previous attitude. In the end, no matter how much I improve my appearance, my appeal as a member of the opposite s*x seems to be limited, doesn’t it?”

 ”Master Neil has his own values and thought process. To be honest, I don’t know why he suddenly changed his attitude.”

 ”Even Diana doesn’t understand?”

 ”Yes, so if you don’t understand, you should investigate it.”

 ”Investigate it? How?”

 As I wondered how exactly to investigate, Diana made a shocking statement.

 ”You should ask Master Neil directly to make a judgment.”

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