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Chapter 94 Anxiety-Inducing Strategy※

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 On the night I had talked to Diana, I had come to Neil’s bedroom at bedtime, as Diana had instructed me to do.

 ”Is this really okay…”

 When I heard the details of the plan that Diana was going to execute, I was very much worried about the plan itself, even before I knew whether it would be successful or not.

 To tell the truth, I was quite troubled when I heard about it, and even now, I was filled with a desire to run away, but the anxiety that if I backed out now, nothing would progress any further, just slightly outweighed my desire to escape, barely holding me back.

 As I was thinking this, the bedroom door opened slowly so as not to make any noise, and Diana peeked in quietly.

 After confirming that I was waiting, Diana beckoned me with a gesture without speaking and I mustered up the courage to step into Neil’s bedroom.

 The first time I entered Neil’s bedroom, there wasn’t much there. There were no furnishings or anything, which was good because it was tidy, but it was bad because it was a bland room

 However, I knew that Neil was not interested in art works and furnishings that are popular among aristocrats, and I felt a little relieved to see a room like Neil’s. However, such a little relief was soon blown away.

 After Diana closed the bedroom door soundlessly behind me, she led me to the side of the canopy bed, which was closed by thick curtains, and slowly opened the curtains.


 Neil is sitting on the bed, blindfolded by a cloth, and he looks up at the sound of the curtains opening.

 ”Diana, are you there?”

 ”Yes, I’m here.”

 ”How long do I have to sit like this?”

 ”Just a little while longer.”

 Neil, who has been left blindfolded, muttered with dissatisfaction.

 The content of this operation, which Diana said that Neil would judge me directly, was quite simple: blindfold Neil and have him misidentify me as Diana, and then drawing out his impressions.

 As I was wondering if this strategy would really work, Diana approached me and whispered in my ear.

 ”Miss Meisy, let me help you undress.”

 ”W-What, undressing…!?”

 ”Judgment will be more accurate if it’s done directly rather than over your clothes. Also, there is a possibility that you will be recognized as not being me due to your attire.”


 I thought it was just going to be a casual touch over my clothes and asking for Neil’s opinion. But I never expected it would lead to taking off my clothes.

 As if she didn’t care about what I was feeling, Diana swiftly stripped me of my clothes, leaving me naked in no time.

 I should be used to being naked and being seen naked thanks to the servants, but just the fact that I was naked in front of Neil, who was not supposed to see me, made my heart beat faster and my breath become erratic.

 Diana gently pushes me back and I get on the bed in my undress and sit down in front of Neil, who is blindfolded.

 ”Master Neil, please proceed.”

 ”Well, even if you say so…”

 Neil, whose vision is blocked, stops moving for a while as if he is troubled. Then he slowly crawls his hands on the bed and starts to check his surroundings by groping.

 The fingertips of Neil’s right hand touch my leg, and his hands stroke my leg as if to check its shape.


 It’s funny, I’ve experienced being touched by a person before, especially when I bathe in a hot tub, but an indescribable sensation runs up and down my spine.

 Is this because I am being touched by someone of the opposite s*x?

 Or is it because it’s someone I’m interested in?

 Before I have time to ponder these questions, Neil’s hands crawl up from my legs to my waist, from my waist to my stomach, and eventually touch my breasts as if he is scooping them up from below.


 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Well, I can’t help but feel like your breast is bigger than usual…?”

 Neil… was already feeling uncomfortable due to the difference in breast size.

 Since I couldn’t speak, I had to rely on Diana to take care of everything, so I sent a glance her way to ask if everything was okay, and Diana nodded as if to say there was no problem.

 ”That’s just an illusion caused by relying solely on your sense of touch due to your visual senses being sealed. In fact, don’t you feel your hands are more sensitive than usual?”

 ”Well, when you put it that way, the feeling of skin on the palm of my hand feels different from usual.”

 As Neil said this, he checked what Diana had said by frantically moving his hands and began to mercilessly grope my breasts.


 As I forcefully suppress the voice that naturally leaks out with my hand, Diana suddenly asks Neil, pretending as if she had just thought of something.

 ”Master Neil, could you also share your thoughts about my body while you’re at it?”

 ”What? Why all of a sudden?”

 ”Master Neil tends to concentrate silently during the act. Your words are only the bare minimum to show concern for the other person, which makes you look like you are performing the act mechanically, and makes the other person wonder what Master Neil is thinking and whether you are truly satisfied with it.”

 ”So, you want me to give you my thoughts?”

 ”Yes, Master Neil. You were probably embarrassed about it and thought about it in your head but never said it out loud, weren’t you?”

 Perhaps Diana’s question was right on the mark, Neil stopped moving his hands and kept his mouth shut.

 Then, as if he couldn’t find words to refute her, he let out a small sigh of resignation.

 ”Okay, I got it. Diana’s right, it’s not good to be silent like that. It makes the other person anxious.”

 Neil then begins to resume the movement of his hand.

 ”It’s so elastic, and the sweaty skin is so moist against my fingers.”

 ”Does that turn you on?”

 ”…yeah, I am.”

 When Neil said this, I instinctively looked down at his lower abdomen.

 Neil’s p*nis is pushing up the pants of his pajama pants, and as soon as I see it, a certain sensation rushed through my spine.

 Unlike the indescribable sensation that rushed up like a bolt of lightning, this sensation, which seemed to push up gradually from my lower abdomen, was unmistakably s*xual desire.

 The more I became aware of myself as a woman, the more my lower abdomen tingled strongly and nectar overflowed from my genitals.

 Neil’s hands on my breasts also changed. Instead of just rubbing around my breasts, his palms kneaded and his fingers occasionally pinched my erect nipples, trying to give me pleasure.

 ”Your nipples have gotten quite hard. Are you feeling it?”

 I could not reply, so I desperately held my mouth with my hand and muffled my voice, but just a light pinch on my nipple made my body react on its own.

 ”What’s wrong? You’re the one who asked me to tell you how I feel, but you don’t wan to tell you how you feel? Well then…”

 Perhaps because I didn’t answer, Neil relied on the sense of touch and brought his face closer to my breast.

 No way – almost as soon as I guessed what Neil was going to do, he was sucking on my breast.

 With a squelching sound, he used various techniques such as licking, sucking, and gently biting my nipples.

 ”Phew… it’s a bit salty.”

 It’s natural because I’m sweaty! I held back the urge to say so and somehow managed to keep my voice quiet.

 Then Neil sniffed his nose as if to confirm my body odor.

 ”Maybe it’s because I can’t see, but the smell seems to be different from usual.”

 ”How is it different?”

 ”I don’t know, it’s just different somehow. If I had to say, I’d say it’s a gentle smell, or a comforting smell. It’s the kind of smell that makes me want to keep smelling it.”

 I am relieved to hear that the answer is at least favorable, even if it’s an ambiguous answer.

 ”That is very abstract, isn’t it?”

 ”I’m sorry for being so abstract, but there’s no way I can tell the difference.”

 ”That’s because Master Neil isn’t observant of people. A keen-eyed person wouldn’t miss even the slightest changes in the people around them. For example, Master Neil probably doesn’t know what kind of perfume I use.”

 ”Huh, Diana is wearing perfume? I did think it smelled nice, but I didn’t realize it was perfume.”


 This is terrible. While it’s true that the perfume Diana is wearing has a subtle and natural scent, even I knew that she was wearing it.

 The fact that Neil, who should be closest to her, didn’t even notice that she was wearing perfume and was satisfied with simply thinking it smelled nice, shows just how little he pays attention to others

 Diana must have been thinking the same thing as I was, because when I glanced at her face, she had an expression of exasperation on her face.

 ”I can’t believe it’s this bad. You probably haven’t even noticed how well dressed Miss Meisy is, have you?”

 I shuddered reflexively at this sudden rebuke.

 ”That’s too much! Even I would have noticed that!”

 ”Oh, is that so? But I recently saw the two of you together and it seemed like you didn’t even notice Miss Meisy’s changes and were acting like you usual self. So, I assumed that was the case.”

 ”That’s simply because I realized that Meisy is still Meisy, no matter how much she’s changed.”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”…Don’t laugh when I tell you why.”

 ”I won’t laugh, please tell me.”

 Neil, who had been guided by Diana, starts to tell us the reason why.

 When I first dressed up and made myself look presentable, he was surprised. He was also nervous because he thought maybe there was someone I was interested in. However, when I told Neil that I didn’t want to just rely on him for free and that I would have to contribute to the rent by giving him most of the profits from the beauty products I developed, he realized that his previous assumption was incorrect. He understood that my efforts to improve my appearance were solely for the purpose of testing and validating the beauty products I had developed, and not because I was interested in someone.

 So, yeah, that’s how it is.

 Neil thought that I had become a maiden in love at first and was conscious of it, but in the end, he was thought I just doing research for practical purposes as usual, and was relieved that nothing had changed inside me.

 Neil’s sudden return to normal was simply his reaffirmation that I was no longer a woman, but a mere research maniac.

 I felt angry at Neil for saying, “It would be hilarious if Mei, who is far from being in love, were to have a crush on someone,” and even more so at my usual self for making him think that way.

 I was aware of the fact that I was a person who had nothing to do with love.

 But I thought that was fine, and I never wanted to change it.

 Until this moment.


 ”Hmm? Huh?”

 I place one hand on Neil’s shoulder, and with my other hand, I carelessly remove the cloth covering his eyes, and ignoring his confusion, I kiss him passionately and push him straight down on the bed.

 ”Mm! Huh!?”

 ”Neil, look at me now, look at me as a woman!”

 ”Wait, Mei! Wait! Diana, what’s going on!?”

 ”I’m sorry, she lost control… But it’s good that things are moving so quickly…”

 ”No explanation!? I mean, why are you restraining me?!”

 ”To make it easier for Miss Meisy to move. Master Neil, women don’t like it when you’re too insensitive.”

 ”What do you expect me to understand from this situation, where I’m suddenly blindfolded and find myself covered by Mei!?”

 While Diana was holding Neil’s shoulders and arguing with him, I pulled down his pajama pants and took out his p*nis.

 It was slightly wet, perhaps due to excitement.

 This was my first time inserting a p*nis, but I figured it should be enough, considering how hard it was. I groped for the tip of his p*nis and brought it to my entrance…

 ”Hey, Mei! Stop it all of a sudden――”


 Ignoring Neil’s warning, I lowered my hips all at once.

 The hot rod of flesh forcibly scrapes through the walls of my vagina, and I involuntarily bend forward against the opening of my cervix.

 Throb, throb, throb! I could feel Neil’s member pulsing hotly and throbbing within me.

 ”H-hey, are you okay?”

 Neil looks concerned when he sees me, but I don’t have time to worry about that right now.

 Before the residual stimulation in my lower abdomen faded away, I started moving my hips desperately up and down.

 ”Huff, ha…ahh”

 I didn’t know how to move my hips properly, nor did I even know if I was doing it well.

 Every time I slammed my hips down, my pelvis hit my thighs and caused pain, but that wasn’t important right now.

 ”Huff, huff――Neil, just for now, forget that I’m Meisy Novac.”

 ”What are you talking about?”

 ”Just do as I say! Forget the me that’s always sitting in front of the desk, consumed by research! Right now, in front of your eyes! I’m just a woman who shamelessly shaking her hips, all in order to get the person she like to turn his head―so just look at me, the me now!!”


 I don’t know how my words reached Neil.

 But I wanted him to see me as I am now, not as I have been.



 Before I knew it, Diana released Neil from his restraints and his arms reached out towards me in freedom.

 Just as I thought he was going to push me away with all his might, his arms slipped past my sides and wrapped around my back, gently pulling me in for an embrace.


 I was confused as he suddenly hugged me and then his lips met mine.

 It wasn’t just a forceful kiss like before, but one that was gentle and all-encompassing, at times even passionate.

 I was confused, and Neil probably didn’t understand everything either.

 Still, there were things we understood about each other.

 We definitely want each other now.

 Not just as fellow researchers, but as a man and a woman.



 At that moment, nothing else mattered.

 We threw away our positions and our rivalry and passionately sought each other.


 It was different from when I moved my hips selfishly.

 Every time Neil slammed his hips against me, our bodies collided with a smacking sound and my buttocks bounced, rubbing against his manhood and pressing against my cervix. It sent a tingling sensation deep into my stomach, gradually building up.

 ”Ah, ouch!”

 I moaned, my thoughts melting away with every thrust.

 The pleasure in my lower abdomen is so intense that it could burst at any moment, and the pressure is crushing my reason.

 ”Neil, something…something’s coming! It’s coming!”

 ”Yeah, me too, almost there!”

 ”Ah! Hiiiii! Ahhhhhhhh…!!”

 The pleasure that had been built up to the limit burst out at once, and my mind went blank for a moment.

 My whole body twitched, and as the waves of pleasure began to subside, I belatedly felt the presence of the male organ pulsating repeatedly in my vagina, and the heat of the sperm that had been expelled from it.

 Neil was aroused by me, too, and I felt an indescribable sense of joy and relief at the same time, as if I had finally reached my goal, and at the same time I suddenly lost consciousness.

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