Male Idol Extra 10

Chapter 10 Pegonia, A Magnificent Day In The Life Of A Shirogane Family Maid

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 As soon as I woke up in the morning, I got out of bed.

 Hmm, it’s right on schedule today too.

 I quickly turned off the alarm I had set just in case, before it started ringing.

 ”Okay then…today is Monday, isn’t it? A school day.”

 I quickly changed into my maid uniform and headed towards my lady’s bedroom.


 Since Monday is a school day, and Master has work afterwards, they had separated their bedrooms last night.

 ”Lady, wake up. It’s time.

 ”Five more minutes…”

 Good grief, even the former princess shows a defenseless sleeping face…if I were a guy, I’d attack her right away.

 I brought my face close to my lady’s ear.

 ”Ahh, Master!


 My voice startled my lady, and she jumped up.

 Oh my, she’s so cute when she’s flustered like that, hehe.

 ”Just kidding.


 Good job, my lady.

 If it were Master who came to wake her up instead of me, she’d definitely be attacked for sure.

 Wait, maybe that’s a better idea?

 From now on, let’s have Master wake her up.

 My lady might not want to be seen with bedhead, but Master would definitely be okay with it.

 If it’s Master, he’d definitely lick off the drool on her sheets and suck out the sweat she’s soaked into her pajamas. After all, he’s the one who enjoyed sniffing the smell of my armpits when I took off my maid uniform, right? People might not notice, but Master is a s*x desire monster, even ‘more’ so than Yukishiro-sama.

 ”Yes, yes, let’s take a bath and get ready.”

 I apologize to Master, who gets excited even by sweaty lady, but this is a matter of a woman’s pride. She wants to give off a sweet, floral scent like a flower in front of the man she lovev. This is the natural maiden Shumi.

 I help the lady take off her pajamas in the dressing room, and we head to the bathtub together. After checking the water temperature, I add a generous amount of rose essence bath oil to the tub.

 ”Okay, please go ahead, Lady.”

 She slowly gets into the bathtub after I’ve prepared the water.

 Later, after warming up her body, I help her get out and wash her entire body from head to toe. Ah… I’ve done a perfect job again today.

 ”Thank you again today, Pegonia.”

 ”No, no, it’s my happiness to see you beautiful, Lady.”

 I take care of the lady’s hair with hair oil while she’s in the bathtub.

 Ah, it’s so beautiful… I can’t help but want to touch her cheeks. Her blonde hair is stunning.

 Even Master would be captivated by it.

 Ah, I need to treat it carefully so it doesn’t get tangled…

 When she was at Stars, it was fine, but after she started working with Morikawa-sama and Yukishiro-sama, it’s become a problem… The lady’s hair used to be silky smooth, but now it’s become prone to tangling…

 After the bath, I dry the lady’s hair and help her change into her school uniform.

 ”I’ll excuse myself now.”

 While the lady is doing her morning check, I head to Master’s room.

 Ah, as expected of Master. As a maid, I’m a bit sloppy, but Master’s room is spotless.

 I collect Master’s pajamas and bury my face in them, taking a deep breath.

 Ah, it’s unbearable. This masculine scent. My heart is racing, and I can feel my uterus contracting…

 If I accidentally let the lady sniff something dangerous, she might get pregnant. I have to collect it properly and put it in the washing machine, or else.

 I came out of Master’s bedroom and threw the collected pajamas into the washing machine.

 ”Ah, good morning, Pegonia-san.

 ”Ah… Master, welcome back.”

 Today’s training must have been more intense than usual, since Master came back later than usual.

 Master went straight to take a shower, and I followed him to the bathroom.

 Hmm, something seems suspicious… but that’s okay. Everyone has a few secrets, after all.

 I headed to the kitchen and started making breakfast.

 Let’s see… how about ham and eggs today? Ah, yeah I flipped the ham and eggs with a spatula. Young lady likes them sunny-side up, Master likes them half-cooked, and I like them well-done on both sides. By the way, I also likes them well-done, but that’s a different story. Hmm, I’m getting a bit hungry too, since I caught a whiff of that suspicious smell earlier…

 As I was cooking, Master came back from his shower and was chatting with the lady at the living room table. They really get along well, don’t they?

 ”Master, Lady, breakfast is ready!


 ”Thanks, Pegonia-san, for today as well.”

 Hehe, she has become more childish than when she was a kid, and it seems like she’s really enjoying her current life. That’s great.

 I’m happy that she has found someone she can rely on, and as her maid, I’m happy too. And on top of that, Master’s daily thanks make me feel happy too, and my cheeks relax a bit.

 But, because he’s doing something like this in the background, girls won’t leave him alone, you know.


 We started eating at the table, the 3 of us as usual.

 It’s unthinkable for a maid to eat with them, but Master’s common sense doesn’t apply here.

 ”Pegonia-san, let’s eat together. That’s the Shirogane family rule, okay?”

 At first, I was shocked when Master proposed this. I thought, “What is this person saying?” but I couldn’t say anything back.

 That’s because when Lady was with Mary, eating alone made me feel a little lonely. I’m sure Lady felt the same way, right?

 But… thanks to Master’s outrageous proposal, now I can enjoy meals with Lady more than ever before.

 ”Umm, delicious as always! Thanks, Pegonia!”

 ”Yes, you’re welcome. Ah, Master, can you pass the soy sauce?”

 ”Yes, please. Ah, by the way… I might be late today.”

 ”Got it. Let me know when you’re heading back.”

 ”Okay, I’ll call you once I’m done.”

 ”Yeah. Ah, Pegonia, can I have some soy sauce too?”

 We chatted and laughed together, confirming our schedules. Well, it seems like only Master has plans today, though.

 After finishing our meal, the 3 of us washed the dishes and cleaned up, then brushed our teeth side by side.

 ”Did you have gym class today?


 Master went back to his room to prepare for school. Lady helped him, but I knew it was their alone time, so I politely excused myself.

 I had to prepare their lunches for the day.

 ”See you later!”

 ”See you later!”

 ”Yes, have a good day!”

 I handed them their lunches and saw them off, then took care of the remaining chores.

 Normally, I would go to school too, but today I had to take the day off to take care of some things.

 Master would be fine, but leaving Lady alone might be a bit worrying. However, I had asked Washimiya-sama, Kurogami-sama, Chihiro-sama, and Mr. Tsukimachi-sama to look after Lady, so it would be okay.

 All 4 of them are very reliable, so I could leave it to them.

 I’m not worried about the rest, since Nekoyama-sama and Mayuzumi-sama, who can read the air, will somehow manage to handle whatever that clumsy couple does. And with Sugita-sensei around, they’ll figure something out. I’m not concerned about that part.

 I’ll just recheck the security system and reassign the guards, and then head to Mary-sama’s residence on a different floor.

 ”Thank you, Pegonia. You’re a lifesaver.”

 ”No need to thank me.”

 I report to Mary-sama every day about what happened with the young lady and Master, and how Master is doing.

 I also check to make sure Mary-sama’s daily life is going smoothly, but there’s never been a problem so far.

 Mary-sama’s maid, Yukishiro-sama, is a friend of the young lady, and her household skills are extremely high. Even I, a professional, have to acknowledge her expertise.

 She may seem careless, but she’s actually very skilled ―― I’ve even learned some cleaning techniques from her, and she’s great at sewing and ironing. Especially when it comes to cooking, she has skills that even I or Master can’t match.

 ”Mary-sama, by the way, is Yukishiro-sama…?”

 ”Probably sleeping, I suppose?”

 I get permission from Mary-sama and visit Yukishiro-sama’s room.

 ”Guh…Aqua-sama loves me… Shumi gets what she deserves…”

 She must be having a happy dream.

 She’s sleeping with a face that’s…well, it’s hard to describe in words, but it’s a very innocent and carefree expression.

 If only she didn’t have this sloppy atmosphere, she’d be a perfect maid…

 ”Yukishiro-sama, Yukishiro-sama, it’s morning. Wake up, please.”

 ”Ugh…5 more minutes…5 more minutes, and Aqua-sama’s…munch munch…”

 She’s muttering nonsense in her sleep, just like some clumsy young lady

 Come on, it’s morning! Wake up, please.

 ”Ugh…I just wanted to sleep a little longer…”

 ”Yukishiro-sama, Mary-sama is already up. Come on, get ready and I’ll be off. You need to get moving.”


 After confirming that Yukishiro-sama had headed to the washbasin, I took my leave from Mary-sama and went to greet her.

 Well then… since we have the time, let’s go shopping.

 Today, since we have the time, we decided to go to the nearby shopping street instead of the supermarket in the apartment complex.

 ”Ah, good morning, Pegonia-san.”

 ”Good morning. Do you have any good deals today?”

 The first place I visited was the greengrocer’s.

 ”Chinese cabbage, spinach, and mushrooms are in season, so I recommend them!”

 ”Then I’ll take all of those.”


 Master loves spinach, so maybe I can make some boiled spinach later.

 I can use the Chinese cabbage and mushrooms in a hot pot, and they’re also great in a rice cooker.

 After finishing my shopping at the greengrocer’s, I headed to the butcher’s.

 ”Pegonia-san, we have some great meat today.”

 ”Then can I have about 500g of pork?”

 ”Understood, would you like it as a roast?”

 ”Yes, please.”

 Since it’s gotten a bit chilly today, maybe we can have some Shabu-shabu with pork loin or a miso hot pot.

 Oh, and I need to buy tofu on the way back too.

 ”Mom said that tofu is great for your skin too!”

 The tofu vendor is still as enthusiastic as ever.

 I bought some tofu and fried tofu and headed back home.

 ”I’m back.”

 When I returned home, I felt a sense of comfort and a hint of a homey atmosphere, which calmed my mind.

 I never thought I’d be able to live a life like this.

 It’s unimaginable compared to those days when I was surrounded by the smell of gunpowder and burning human flesh.

 I wonder if Rinon Sarges, who was my buddy back then, and our instructor Akiko Ryback are doing well. I heard that our unit has been disbanded, but I hope they’re as happy as I am now….


 After having a light lunch, I did some cleaning, restocked our daily necessities, and took care of various household chores.

 It’s not a problem now that it’s just the 3 of us, but if Master gets a wife, our current situation won’t be enough.

 If it comes to that, I’ll have to consider hiring other maids besides myself, won’t I?

 But until then… I want to enjoy the present. I’m sure this life with just the 3 of us won’t last long, but this time is a precious treasure for me.

 ”I’m back!”

 ”Welcome home, lady.”

 ”I’m intruding!”

 Huh? It seems she has brought her friend Morikawa-sama home.

 ”I thought I saw an adult playing tag with kids on my way home, and it was Kaede-senpai.”

 ”Hehe, I was jogging in the park and got caught up with kids, and, well, being popular is tough.”

 Morikawa-sama, it’s okay to be embarrassed, but I think you’re definitely being treated like a kid.

 And, since you’re a celebrity, you should be more careful with your actions… At least, as the lady says, it’s not very adult-like to play tag with kids with all your might.

 ”Let’s have dinner together since we’re all here. I’ll call Emily-senpai later too.”

 ”Yeah, and, um, about that national broadcaster’s program… Are you not going to appear with Aqua-kun this time?”

 ”Hmm, I don’t know… We just did a magazine interview together, and I don’t think it’s good for me to be in the spotlight too much. Well, I’ll think about it. And, what about that program you wanted to do before?”

 ”Ah… Professional Morikawa Kaede, huh? Onidzuka-senpai rejected it in an instant. I worked hard to plan it, but you’re a pro? She even tilted her head, saying ‘You’re a pro?’ and went ‘Muki!’”

 I think Announcer Onidzuka’s judgment is correct.

 Look, lady is nodding in agreement.

 ”Ah, it’s a call from Aqua.”

 Young lady answers the phone with a delighted expression. Good grief, it’s been a month since they got married, and yet she still has the face of a lovestruck girl when she gets a phone call, and it’s just so cute and happy.

 ”It seems like he can come home early now. Nee-san is coming too, so I told them to have dinner together.”

 ”I understand. That might not be enough ingredients for Nabe, so I’ll go buy some more downstairs.”

 ”Got it. Ah…I’ll call Emily-senpai and grandma too, so it’ll be fine.”


 There’s no choice. I’ll buy the additional ingredients at the supermarket downstairs.

 With 7 people, it’s a bit lacking. Ah, the rice cooker’s rice might not be enough, so let’s take it out and make Charahan tomorrow. That way, I can cook new rice and…if I hurry, I can make it in time.

 I press the rice cooker’s button and head to the supermarket downstairs.

 The adults might want to have a light drink, and for Shabu-shabu, we can buy beer and Japanese sake, so that should be fine. I head to the liquor corner and reach for the premium sake.

 Then, at the same time, a hand stretches out from the opposite side.

 ”Ah, excuse… masen…?


 We look at each other’s faces and are surprised.

 With a height over 190cm, wearing short pants and knee-high socks in the winter, and that toned leg…and an expression that makes me wonder what she’s thinking…there’s no way I can mistake this person.

 ”Rinon Sarges! Why are you here…!”

 I become more cautious. Rinon’s specialty is long-range shooting, and at this distance, I’m at a disadvantage.

 Still, Rinon is strong. As far as I know, she’s one of the top 3 strongest people I’ve met so far. By the way, the other 2 are Akiko-san and the petite woman who was with Emily-san during the cultural festival.

 Master was carelessly petting her head, but she’s really dangerous. This country is too lenient. Thinking about it makes me want to slap myself. With someone like that walking around normally in this country, it’s as if Master is walking around normally too.

 ”Wait…I don’t intend to fight.”

 Rinon raises both hands to indicate she means no harm.

 Although the unit has disbanded, since I don’t know who Rinon’s current master is, I can’t let my guard down just because of her words.

 What if Stars is trying to make a move on the young lady again?!

 I hear that there are still many people who support the lady even after she got married and left the country.

 But, come on! She’s not a princess, just a normal girl living a happy life, so just leave her alone! Stop binding her to the royal family’s curse already! I screamed in my heart.

 ”I’m currently a Stars spy and also a spy for this country. That W Spy guy… but my true master is Holy Aqua Religion… Saint Emily, Yukishiro Emily-sama, so you can rest assured.”

 Huh? She’s from Holy Aqua Religion…?

 I heard that Yukishiro-sama is the leader of that interesting group, but I never thought she were also a member…?

 Yukishiro-sama said that it’s just a gathering of weirdos, but it’s impossible for a group that keeps such a dangerous person to be just a gathering of weirdos. I thought I needed to reevaluate my opinion of the organization.

 I relaxed my guard a bit and decided to finish our shopping first.

 And then, I ended up talking with Rinon for a bit in the park behind the apartment.

 ”So, you’re Master’s bodyguard, huh…? So, Master is at school, but you’re not going with her, and that’s okay?”

 ”No problem. Claire is at school. Claire is the strongest, and she promised that nothing will happen to Aqua-sama, not even 1mm. Claire won’t do anything stupid, and she’s in charge of the Library, the Dark Saints, and the servants, so she’s got the top spot among the Twelve Bishops. And today, there’s Kunoichi on break from school hiding in the classroom ceiling, so Aqua-sama is definitely safe.”

 I don’t understand what the library and Dark Saints mean, but I guess it’s some kind of code name?

 And is Claire Chihiro-sama? I thought she was just a normal girl, but that’s not the case?

 No… it’s more like, the fact that she’s making me think she’s a normal girl is what’s scary.

 Thinking about it makes me break out in cold sweat. It seems I need to reevaluate my understanding of things.

 Anyway, there was someone in Stars who said that this country is like a dog that’s had its teeth pulled out, but that’s not true at all.

 You know, there are people who can take down someone like Shirogane Aqua with just a glance or a voice. And honestly, there aren’t many people like that.

 ”I’m going by the name Kagari Rinon now. Rinon Sarges is dead. To be honest, I’m not even sure if Rinon was my real name…”


 ”Sorry, Pegonia. I knew you were by Aqua-sama’s side, but I thought it was better if you didn’t get involved, so I kept quiet. You seemed happy, after all…”

 ”That’s right… Thank you for understanding.”

 After chatting with Rinon for a bit, we exchanged contact info.

 I couldn’t get much info about the Holy Aqua Religion, but at least I knew they didn’t plan to harm Master, so that’s good enough.

 ”Well, I’ll be off then…”

 Rinon turned her back to me.


 I ended up calling out to her.

 ”Uh… If you’re free, would you like to grab dinner together…?”

 What am I saying?

 I’m just a servant, and I’m inviting an old friend to dinner with Master…

 ’Pegonia-san, if you have friends, feel free to invite them over anytime. This is your home too, after all.’

 I remembered what Master said when I moved in.

 I told him I didn’t have any friends to invite over, but he smiled and said…

 ’Even if you don’t have friends now, that doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. Neither of us knows what the future holds, right? So if someone wants to be friends with you, bring them along. Ah, but my standards are pretty high, so… Don’t think you can just bring anyone, got it? You’re my Pegonia, after all!’

 ’Hehe, what’s with that, Aqua? That’s ridiculous. Maybe I’ll say “My Pegonia is not for you”!’

 Hehe, remembering the 2 of them laughing at that time, I couldn’t help but smile too.

 If Master’s gaze is too intense when he’s with the young lady… or rather, when he’s with someone close to him, what about the others? That’s not a very pleasant tsukkomi, is it?


 ”Rinon, would you like to come to my house now? Emily-san is there too, and it’s not like you don’t know anyone. Master must have given me those words for a reason.”

 I thought that this future was inevitable after all.

 No wonder women all over the world fall for him.

 Even someone like that young lady is just a piece of cake for Master.

 I brought Rinon back home with me.

 ”Ah, welcome back, Pegonia! Everyone’s already here!”

 ”Welcome back, Pegonia-san!”

 ”Pegonia-san, is this really good meat? Hehe…”

 ”Pegonia-san, you must be tired. Are you sure you want to treat me to dinner too? Is that really okay?”

 ”Welcome back, Pegonia. I’m here to bother you.”

 ”Pegonia-san, welcome back. Thanks for buying groceries for us. We really appreciate it.”

 What’s with these people, anyway?

 It’s freezing outside, but it feels so warm and cozy in here.

 And, Yukishiro-sama, if you keep drooling like that, Master will notice.

 ”Uh… Master, Lady, I actually ran into an old acquaintance at the supermarket downstairs and…”

 ”Pegonia-san’s acquaintance!? Wait, Rinon-san?”

 ”Long time no see. Aqua-san.”

 Huh? Wait a minute, do you know each other?

 I was wondering about that, and Master noticed and answered for me.

 ”Ah, it turns out our families are neighbors. I mean, I’m surprised that Rinon-san is an acquaintance of Pegonia-san’s. Please, come on in!”

 ”I’ll be a bother…”

 No wonder there was a connection like that.

 Rinon went inside the house and exchanged glances with Yukishiro-sama.

 ”Ah, nice to meet you…”

 ”? We just met yesterday, but… Saint… nggh?”

 ”Whoa, we’re finally meeting for the first time, right? It’s our first meeting, after all!”

 ”Yeah, yeah.”

 ”And don’t even think about calling me by that nickname.”

 ”Got it, understood.”

 What are they doing over there?

 ”Long time no see, Rinon-san.”

 ”Thank you for your help back then.”

 ”Ah, you’re… I’ve heard about you.”

 Huh? Does she know Kirika-sama and Morikawa-sama too?

 And even the lady?!

 ”Ah, well, you see, when Kanon was taken away by the Stars…”

 ”Rinon-san helped Kanon-san escape back then, didn’t you?”

 ”I-I-I couldn’t thank you enough back then, but thank you again!”

 Whoa, Rinon, she did that?!

 I was stuck in that situation back then, but she were even more active than me, weren’t she…?

 Well, well, that’s just how it is. Yeah… Ahem, ahem.

 Anyway, it seems like we have a lot of acquaintances, so we shouldn’t have any trouble talking.

 I’m glad I worked up the courage to talk to you back then.

 ”Then let’s have a Nabe party with everyone right now!

 ””””””Oh, yeah.””””””

 Okay, okay, I’ll get ready right away.

 ”Hey, wait… Emily, this meat is mine.”

 ”No way, Chin… Kaede-paisen, this meat is mine.”

 ”Come on, you two, I’ll give you both the meat.”

 Don’t worry, we have plenty of meat left. It’s really unbelievable how much we have.

 By the way, Kirika-sama, who was helping me out back then, got drunk on sake and was crying while lying down.

 Master was comforting her, but that’s a story for later, and it’s definitely going to make her face red.

 That day, we all enjoyed the Nabe party until late.

 Rinon was surprised, but I understand how she feels.

 We, who couldn’t live our lives back then, are now living like this, which is unimaginable.

 So… if I could say something to my past self, I’d say this.

 It might be tough now, but the future might not be.

 Hehe, as expected, Master is a natural airhead.

 I understand why the lady gets so serious.

 So, I’ll just tease her a bit… she won’t mind, right?


 It’s not good that Master is concerned about someone like me.

 I took a sip of Japanese sake, thinking I’d return the favor… no, I’d repay the kindness, and as usual, I went to tease Master.

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