Male Idol Extra 9

Chapter 9 Hongou Hiroko, My Heroes

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 ”Sorry, everyone, it seems like the car broke down.”


 On the day of the Heaven’s Sword photo shoot, we finished the morning outdoor shoot and were heading back to the company in our van when it suddenly broke down.

 Even if we arrange for a replacement car, it’ll take some time to get here, and it’s already noon. Let’s just send Aqua-kun and the others back in a taxi for now…

 No, it’s not safe to take a random taxi. It’s better to have someone from the company come to pick us up. It might take some time, but it’s safer that way.

 ”Sorry, everyone, but can you wait for a bit?”

 I explained the situation to the 4 of them and asked them to wait.

 They’re all good kids, so they listened and nodded. Tenga-kun and Aqua-kun, who seem to like tinkering with machines, even offered to help with the repairs. But it’s not good to draw attention to ourselves by working on the car outside, so I just thanked them for their willingness and called a repair service to come and fix it while we waited outside.

 Then, some people came walking towards us from the nearby park where we had stopped the van.

 Oh no, isn’t this a no-parking zone? I thought, but it turned out to be a completely different matter that surprised me.

 ”Excuse me, are you from the Hero Show crew?”

 ”Uh, no…”

 I was taken aback when I heard “Hero Show”.

 If it’s a Hero Show they’re talking about, it’s probably Heaven’s Sword.

 They must have seen our van and mistaken us for the staff.

 I couldn’t say “You’re right, the real deal is on board”, so I lied.

 ”As expected…”

 ”What’s going on?”

 They, the staff members of Hero Show, looked worried, so I asked them what was going on, thinking that it might be some kind of connection.

 ”We actually can’t get in touch with the crew…”

 I see, there are several reasons why, but I’m still worried.

 As for me, I want to help if I can, but I don’t know what to do.

 ”It’s almost time for the Hero Show, and if we don’t do something, it’ll be canceled for sure.”

 ”I’m sorry for the kids, but there’s nothing we can do. Let’s just apologize to them for now.”

 ”I’ll do anything, even if it means doing a silly dance or something, and apologize with everyone!”

 Can’t I do anything at all?

 When I was a kid, I loved Hero Shows so much, and I know how much the kids are looking forward to this show. That’s why I thought it was okay to just give up.

 Luckily, we have the Driver and Chijo costumes in the van, and we can lend them out.

 I figured if I lend the three staff members, they might be able to do something, even if it’s not a lot.

 ”Ah, um…”

 The moment I called out, the staff members turned around and froze, looking at something behind me.

 Huh? What’s wrong? I slowly turned around and my eyes widened.

 ”May I ask, can we help with the Hero Show?”

 ”I thought you’d say that, Aqua. Well, I’m okay with it.”

 ”If the kids are looking forward to it, I’ll do what I can to help.”

 ”Heh, as expected of my proud juniors. You’re quick to offer help.”





 I told you not to come out, but… yeah, I knew you guys would come out if you heard this conversation.

 Luckily, there was no one around, and only the staff members saw us coming out of the van.

 ”Huh? Ah… are you the real deal? So, are you that Director Hongou?”

 Ah, ah, I see, I’m not wearing my usual jersey and toilet sandals today, and my hair is neat, and I’m wearing contact lenses instead of glasses, so they didn’t recognize me….

 ”Um, everyone’s saying the same thing, so can we help you?”

 ”Of course, please!”

 ”Thank you so much! Thank you so much!”

 ”Hey, is this some kind of TV show or something?”

 I asked Aqua-kun and the others to change into their costumes inside the van.

 It’s only natural that we can’t go out in public without disguises, considering the security concerns.

 ”Sorry, everyone. It’s a bit of a hassle, so can you help me out?”

 ”Leave it to us, Director!”

 ”If we don�t do it here, it�s not the Hongou team!”

 ”If the guys do it, the girls will just nod along!”

 I asked my 3 film crew members who were riding in the van with me to play the role of regular Chijo.

 They’re not professional actors, but they’ve helped out when we’re short on people, and they’re all huge fans of Masked Driver. I trust that they can do it.

 The problem is the announcer girl. In a hero show, the announcer girl is pretty important.

 It’s tough when it’s an amateur. I was thinking that I should do both the extra and announcer roles, but then I got an unexpected answer from my staff.

 ”For the announcer role, we found a pro among the audiences, so we brought her along!”

 ”Nice to meet you, I’m Morikawa Kaede, a big fan who came to watch the hero show privately.”


 Really nice, Morikawa! Thanks, Morikawa! Great, Morikawa!

 I read online that Kaede-chan is really capable when it comes to Aqua-kun, and it’s true!

 ”Also, we thought it was necessary, so we brought along people who are suitable for the boss role of the extras.”

 ”Nice to meet you, I’m Kirika Kotono, a big fan who came to watch the hero show privately.”

 ”Same here, I’m Yukishiro Emily, a big fan who came to watch the hero show because I was free.”



 Perfect timing!! I’m not tall enough, and Kotono-san would definitely be better suited for the boss role.

 And I thought Emily-chan would be perfect for the Chijo role when we shot the MV.

 ”Also, we need a girl to get kidnapped, right? So we brought along a real princess.”

 ”I’m Shirogane Kanon, a big friend who was invited by 3 people to watch the Hero Show.”


 When it comes to the Hero Show, kids usually get kidnapped, but since kids are pretty sharp, I was thinking, “What if they find out?” There’s no better girl for the job.

 Alright! I’ll hurry up and write the script, and then hand it over to the event staff.

 ”The venue is over here!”

 After Aqua-kun and the others change into their costumes, we’ll sneak onto the stage from behind, wearing our costumes. The people playing the Chijo roles will change into their costumes backstage, and then we’ll all wait for our cue together.

 ”This is almost like a Beryl-sponsored event…”

 ”Or rather, it’s like a real Heavens Sword event…”

 ”If we did this kind of casting, the city’s budget would probably fly out the window.”

 ”It’s definitely going to be the highest-quality Hero Show in the past.”

 Yeah, I get it.

 I never thought I’d get an opportunity like this, so I’m a bit excited.

 ”The Hero Show will begin on the central stage!!”

 As the stage opened, everyone got excited at Morikawa-san’s announcement.

 The moms were overjoyed, and the kids were…

 ”Ah, it’s Hogekawa-san!”

 ”Morikawa-san is the announcer!”

 ”Gorikawa-san isn’t Chijo?”

 ”Morikawa-san, who used up all her paid leave!”

 Haha, she’s being teased. The kids are teasing too.

 On the other hand, the Hero Show is proceeding smoothly.

 ”Kyaa, help me!!”

 Kotono-san, playing the role of Boss Chijo, aka Deka-onna, restrains Kanon-san.

 ”Wait, wait, is that the real Kanon-sama? For now, let’s do your best, Chijou!!”

 ”This is the real Shumi! Chijou is amazing!”

 ”I’ll write on the bulletin board… Chijou, do your best!!”

 ”Shumi, die, it’s great, Chijou, do your best!!”

 Now it’s the moms’ turn to get excited.

 It feels like there are a lot of people cheering for Chijou, but maybe that’s just my imagination?

 ”Everyone, let’s call out to Driver to rescue the kidnapped princess!! Help us, Driver!!”

 For a moment, I thought Kanon-san would get booed since she’s playing the role of a hostage, but it seems like everyone understands and is calling out to Driver to avoid troubling the staff.

 Akira-kun, playing the role of Poison Charis, takes the lead and appears first.

 Although he has a weapon for close combat, Poison Chalice’s main weapon is a long-range bow.

 However, during action scenes, Akira-kun’s personality takes over and he tends to rush forward. Considering Kamishiro’s nature, that’s to be expected, and it’s actually kind of cool.

 ”I’m here!!”




 W-wait! You’ll get found out if you make a sound!!


 ”J, just now, that voice!”

 ”Wait, are you kidding me?!”

 ”Eh? Is that really him?”

 ”N, no way, it can’t be a recording or something?”

 ”Beryl might be able to pull it off, but…”

 ”Yeah, it’s definitely a god-tier performance.”

 Akira-kun attacks the two Chijos with sharp action.

 He’s really gotten good at action scenes.

 He must have trained his muscles and received guidance from Chijou’s kids on action scenes.

 It’s amazing to see him in a different light from what I usually see during filming.

 With Deka-onna’s instructions, Chijou and the others jump out to the audience seats.

 The audience is also surprised, and they let out a “kyaa” in excitement.

 ”We won’t let Chijou kidnap!”


 His sharp, cold voice echoes throughout the venue.


 The voices of the Lightning Hopper, who was on the verge of falling into darkness, sent mom and the others into a panic.



 ”Shin-sama, this is definitely Shin-sama!”

 ”This can’t be a recording!”

 ”That butt is unmistakably the real deal, and as a top-notch butt sommelier, I’m telling you it’s not a mistake!”

 ”Mayuzumi-kun is really getting more and more fans, isn’t he? This is crazy!”

 ”This is really a godly show, isn’t it?!!”

 Yeah, it’s already completely blown our cover.

 But, oh well Kirika-san might be worried, but since the fans are happy, it’s all good!

 The Lightning Hopper slowly approaches.

 Shintaro-kun has really mastered the art of creating his own space, or rather, creating an atmosphere.

 Even though action scenes are really tough for him, he’s able to pull it off using his brainpower.

 It’s really unfair, everyone’s amazing, and they’re still growing!

 When the cornered Deka-onna counterattacks, this time it’s Poison Chalice and Lightning Hopper who are pushed back.

 That’s when our hero, Heaven’s Sword, appears.

 ”My mom said…”

 Just one phrase, yeah, that one phrase alone, and the world around us is painted in Heaven’s Sword’s colors, drawing us into his world.

 Aqua-kun was amazing from the start. But I think he really leveled up after filming for the ninth month.

 As someone who was filming at the same time, I can tell that. I can’t thank Kohina Yukari-san enough for bringing him this far.

 ”Enduring the pain… enduring the suffering… and still standing up, that’s what it means to have a heart that never gives up!”

 Not just the voices of people, but even the sound of the wind, the rustling of leaves, and the sound of water dripping, all sounds come to a halt.


 After that, the biggest cheer of the day overflowed from the stage, covering the entire park.


 ”Shirogane Aqua’s supremacy! Shirogane Aqua’s supremacy! Shirogane Aqua’s supremacy!”

 ”No way, it’s gotta be Kenzaki, the main protagonist!”

 ”This sense of security is unbeatable!”

 ”He’s definitely a hero!”

 ”When you say hero, you think of Heaven’s Sword, and when you think of Heaven’s Sword, you think of Shirogane Aqua!”

 ”Even in a suit, he’s still super cool!”

 ”Ahhhhhhhh, god, god, god!”

 ”I wanna say something like ‘Announcer Morikawa, you’re doing a live show or something, what’s going on?’ but it’s so exciting!”

 ”This isn’t just a hero show, it’s on a whole different level!!”

 ”I know for sure this isn’t the kind of show you’d do in a park like this…”

 ”Yeah, it’s no surprise, but I guess they can�t really show Toa-chan live…”

 It’s already overwhelming.

 As he approached Chijou while doing a backflip, I thought he’d get the audience all riled up with his flashy and beautiful actions, but then he struck a majestic pose, captivating all the moms in the park.

 Yeah, it was pointless to even think about not talking or trying to deceive anyone from the start.

 I mean, who else could pull off something like this, perfectly playing the role of the Kenzaki Souji, Heaven’s Sword? Only Shirogane Aqua in this entire world, that’s who. So, no matter what, it’s gonna be exposed.

 As I was getting all teary-eyed from the excitement, another boss, Chijou, spoke up.

 ”That’s enough!!”

 It was the boss Chijou who had taken Kanon-san as a hostage. Emily-chan, dressed as Seijo Midara (Lewd Saint), one of the top executives among the Chijou, appeared.

 ”Guhehehe… Do you really care what happens to this Shu–fairy tale-brained woman?”

 Whoa, Emily-chan, you’re amazing!!


 The Seijo Midara’s small yet impressive performance, the cheap tricks, and the perverted parts were all perfectly portrayed.

 Huh? Did she just get caught up in her role? Even I, the director, thought it was the real deal. This girl must be the real thing.

 ”Hey, if you don’t want this fairy-tale-brained girl to get hurt, then… Kenzaki, take off your clothes!”

 Ah, that’s what she’d say!

 I didn’t have time to write it into the script, so she just ad-libbed it, but the choice of lines is perfect too!!


 ”God, this is amazing!!”

 ”Seijo Midara-sama is the best!!”

 ”Midara-onee-sama, I’ll follow you for life!!”

 ”It’s definitely Midara-sama. She’s on a different level”

 ”Seijo Midara-sama, banzai! A-qu-a!!”

 ”Kids shouldn’t watch this! I’ll watch it carefully for them instead!!”

 ”Haa haa, haa haa…”

 The voltage in the audience seats was maxed out.

 The kids, whose eyes were covered by their mom, were peeking through their fingers, their eyes fixed on the stage with excitement.

 Heaven’s Sword was following Midara’s instructions, putting his hand on his own helmet.

 Just when everyone thought it was over, a butterfly suddenly flew in from somewhere.


 At that moment, my spine tingled.

 A butterfly flying in like that, and in November too… it’s impossible to plan a performance like this normally.

 In other words, this is a complete coincidence. And this coincidence led to a miraculous encounter with his arrival.

 ”I’m sorry, but I won’t let you touch Souji even with a finger.”

 In reality, the debut of his current form was still over a month away.

 But it’s not like we can just have 3 people come out and leave one behind, right?

 I wanted to do a perfect hero show if I was going to do it.

 A hero show with a missing cast member, or a villain from a different Driver series showing up, that’s just not it.

 I wanted to do a real Heaven’s Sword hero show, by Heaven’s Sword, and for Heaven’s Sword.

 ”Masked Driver, Butterfly Mask, has arrived!!”


 Ah, it’s so beautiful.

 Toa-chan’s transformed Driver emphasizes its beauty with a butterfly motif.

 Compared to the other 3, its design is smart and stylish, with a pure white color.

 The Butterfly Mask, with its mantle fluttering, holds the spear in Midara’s hand, freeing Kanon-san.

 ”AAAAAAAAAAAAHH! A new Driver has appeared!!”

 ”T-Toa! Aaaaah! Toaaaaa-channnnn!”

 ”You’ve got to be kidding me!!”

 ”I’m glad I came to see this!”

 ”Uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo, uooo!!”

 ”It’s the 4th one!!”

 ”As expected of Beryl!!”

 ”This voice is definitely Toa-chan’s!”

 ”Should we put all our money on this show?”

 ”It can’t be free…”

 ”I’m glad I paid my taxes, thank you!!”

 The audience is now on their feet.

 The moms are all excited, carrying their kids on their shoulders.

 ”Now’s the time, Souji!”

 ”Ah, got it!”

 Aqua-kun places his hand on the beetle horn attached to his belt.


 He says that, and then looks at the audience.

 As expected, he knows!!


 I, the audience, the staff, Morikawa-san, and the cast all shouted!

 Ah, but the Chijou’s people are excited, but they shouldn’t be the ones shouting.


 Heaven’s Sword’s kick grazes Midara’s chest.

 Seijo Midara falls back, rolling around on the stage, and eventually falls off the back of the stage.

 Perfect! Perfect, Emily-chan!

 The way she rolls around, it’s so pathetic, like a low-ranking officer. It’s perfect no matter how you look at it.

 Hey, the person playing Midara, said she’s at her limit due to back pain, so how about I take over from the next scene? I’ll pay for the part-time job!


 ”Thank you so muchhhh!”

 ”Bravo! Bravoooooo!”

 ”That was the best hero show ever!!”

 ”Heaven’s Sword is unbeatable!!”

 ”I’m looking forward to seeing you in the main story, it’s gonna be fun!”

 ”Mayushin-kun, I’ll always support you!”

 ”Tenga-senpai was amazing!!”

 ”Aqua-kun!! You’re still the strongest and the best protagonist!!”

 The hero show was a huge success.

 At first, I was worried about how it would go, but thanks to everyone’s help, we were able to make the kids in the audience happy.

 By the way, it seems that the staff person got the car fixed while we were doing the show, so we got to ride back home in the van. Thanks to that staff person!!

 ”I’ll say it again, everyone…”

 I stopped talking there.

 When I turned around, the 4 of them were sleeping soundly in the back seats.

 That’s understandable, since we’d been filming from early morning to noon, and then did the hero show.

 So, let’s take it easy and rest until we get home.

 ”Thank you.”

 To our… no, my, best heroes!!


 I realized that the Driver can be created.

 However, it can’t hold weapons, and the insect-san attached to the belt is also impossible, and even if I specify it with a negative prompt, it ends up with an extra color like the Butterfly Mask.

 Maybe it would be different with better software, but for now, I’ll just have to make do with this….

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