Male Idol Extra 8

Chapter 8 Shirogane Aqua, Otomezaki High School Cultural Festival, Miss Con Real Final Battle!!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Then, let’s restart from now and begin the real final battle of Otomezaki High School’s Miss Con, to find out who’s the true lady! We’ll start a fierce battle that involves outsiders!!”

 What’s going on!?

 The real final battle started from the Miss Con flow.

 It seems my intuition didn’t meet everyone’s expectations.

 But, my wife is cute, isn’t she? That’s gotta be an intuition point, right!!

 ’Uh, everyone, I’d like to announce a change in the judges. One of the judges, President Natsuki, will participate in the real final battle as a representative of the student council, and we’ll have Mary Stars Goshenight, the former Stars Queen, as a substitute judge. Please take care of us, Mary-sama.’

 ”Yes, I’ll do my best〜”

 Grandmother, is this for real!?

 You’re sitting in the judge’s seat, looking all energetic.

 Well, everyone’s happy, so it’s all good. The teachers are worried, though… Good luck!

 ’And for the special judge, we’ll ask for your overall evaluation from now on. However, we’ve confirmed that there was an unfair advantage in the previous voting, so we’ll cancel the judge’s point addition from now on! And at the same time, we won’t announce the points, and will only announce the final result!’

 Ugh! You did it, Miss Con Executive Committee!!

 Well, it’s okay, I’ve already decided that Kanon will win in my heart.

 ’And from the real final battle, we’ll switch from swimsuit judging to cosplay judging. Please participate in cosplay!’

 Hmm, that’s understandable. That’s not so bad, is it?

 The swimsuit judging was amazing, but the cosplay judging is personally exciting for me.

 I wonder what kind of cosplay Kanon will come up with. I’m so excited, I’m so excited!

 ’So, the top batter is the person who won the Miss Con with intuition. Please go ahead!!’


 With Kanon’s appearance, I almost stood up.


 My wife, dressed as a cheerleader with her hair in a ponytail, is a sight to behold.

 Damn it… That uniform is top-notch, but doesn’t it seem like the size is off?

 It’s clearly too short, and the material looks cheap and flashy.

 ’Okay, so as the representative of the judges, Mary-sama, do you have any comments?’

 ”Yes, well, even if the size is off, it’s a shame we didn’t get any small items like pom-poms. That’s a minus point for sure.”

 For sure, if she had pom-poms and cheered like that, Aqua-kun would’ve gotten his energy back in an instant.

 As expected of Mary-sama, she has an amazing eye for detail.

 ’Then, Kanon-san, please do something.’

 ”Uh…? Um, I’ll cheer for Aqua! Cheers, Cheers, Aqua! Cheers, Cheers, Aqua! Do your best!!”

 Wow… She’s so cute. I think she has already won.

 But it seems I’m the only one who thinks that, as the other judges and the women in the audience seem to have a different opinion.

 ”Get back here!”


 ”You’re just trying to get attention at night, aren’t you?!”

 ”Shumi, die!”

 ”Damn it, damn it, damn it!”

 ”You lost 1,000,000 points for jealousy!”

 ”You’ll just get comforted by Aa-sama later, won’t you?!”

 ”Ugh, what a disgusting woman!”

 ”This is how Stars does it, huh?”

 The loud booing from the audience, and the 3 judges holding up a whiteboard with a 0 written on it, were met with a huge applause from the entire audience.

 Damn, it looks like I have to directly tell Kanon how cute she is.

 ’Uh, is the special judge’s comment not okay? Yeah, let’s cut it. Sorry, Shirogane-kun.’

 What the…?! Is this a cut?!

 Is this kind of outrage allowed?! But my shout was drowned out by the loud applause from the surrounding crowd.

 This is the power of numbers, huh? Damn it!

 ’Yes, so next…’

 ”Wait just a minute!!”

 A woman wearing a familiar sister’s outfit climbed up onto the stage.

 It was that sister with a blindfold.

 ’Whoa, what’s going on!? You’re crashing the party! Oh, sister, what’s your name, by the way?’

 ”I’m just a nameless, ordinary sister, but… I’ll definitely stop Kanon’s winning streak!!”

 The audience erupted at the sister’s declaration.


 Wait, aren’t you that lady who’s friends with my wife?

 And this voice, I’ve heard it somewhere before… Am I just being paranoid?

 ’So, Morikawa-san, what do you think? Can Sister beat Kanon-san?’

 ”Both of them are 0s. They’re both good at putting on a facade, but they’re completely useless inside.”


 Sister was approaching us with a fierce determination.

 She was angry, and her intense aura was palpable. Especially around her chest…

 Whoa, it’s like her body is screaming at me!

 This sister’s outfit is way too revealing, it’s like she’s trying to show off her figure. It’s so erotic that it’s more like a s*x worker’s outfit than a holy one. And just like Kanon’s cheerleader outfit, it looks like it’s going to rip at the seams.

 ’Ah, no way. You can’t use violence on the judges, that’s disqualification! Disqualification Please, security guards, take her away!’

 ”Hogekawa, you’re the one who was just eating takoyaki with wasabi on your teeth, and now you’re talking about someone’s insides?!”

 ”What?! That’s not something you’re supposed to say! And you, you were eating takoyaki with bonito flakes on your teeth, weren’t you?!”

 ’Morikawa-san, this is getting out of hand. Please, security guards, take both of them away!’

 Fights only happen between people who are on the same level.

 I guess that’s true. It feels like I finally understand the meaning of those words.


 ”Yeah, Morikawa is still Morikawa.”

 ”Aqua-kun was totally checking the Sister out.”

 ”I thought he wasn’t going to hide it anymore… Sorry, Aqua-kun.”

 ”If he get excited by that body, he could sleep with 99% of the women in the world, right?”

 ”Indeed… Sister’s body has an unmistakable top-class femininity.”

 ”Even with a blindfold, I can tell she’s a stunning beauty.”

 ”Yeah, but somehow, she’s the type who loses out due to her body.”

 ”I get it. She has a body that’s like a s*x symbol, and her perverted aura is off the charts.”

 ”Wait a minute, reacting to a body like that… Aa-sama is still Aa-sama, after all…”

 The murmuring audience was left behind, and Morikawa-san and Sister were escorted out by the security guards.

 What was going on at this time, anyway…?

 ’Ah, okay, let’s start again… Entry number, not 2, but 3! A beautiful middle school girl who came to the cultural festival!’

 Oh, oh…!

 Next to appear on stage was Kukuri-chan, dressed in a shrine maiden outfit.


 So cute…!

 Moreover, Kukuri-chan’s glossy black hair and the purity of her shrine maiden outfit perfectly matched.

 This is a high-scoring combination.

 ’Judge Pegonia-san, what do you think? The beautiful girl has arrived!’

 ”This has a very high level of completion. Some princess might get carried away and do a cheerleader routine, but this one-step-back feeling is good. I think it’ll be a hit with the gentlemen.”

 Do I feel like my wife just got hit by a truck or something? Nah, it’s just my imagination.

 Hey, hey, look over there, your master is going crazy.

 It’s okay, in my mind, Kanon’s cheerleader outfit is the winner, so it’s already won from the moment I saw her belly button. But that outfit is too erotic, so don’t show it to anyone else! Only I get to see it!!

 ’Then, beautiful girl, do you have any performances?’

 ”I’d like to perform a shrine maiden dance. Is that okay?”

 ’Oh, wow, that’s amazing! Do your best!’

 Kukuri-chan’s shrine maiden dance was, in one word, overwhelming.

 We were utterly overwhelmed by the mystical and fantastical shrine maiden dance.


 ”This is the real deal, isn’t it?”

 ”Bad news, our faces, everyone’s going to turn into Hogekawa’s”

 ”I wonder what the previous two were all about…”

 ”Even if it wasn’t Aqua-kun, this would still be popular with boys.”

 ”Boys seem to like girls who follow three steps behind like this.”

 ”Yeah, and being younger is a big plus too.”

 ”No way, this is getting pretty intense.”

 ”I know, right? As a middle schooler, the appeal is still pure and innocent.”

 I felt like I was being shown something incredible.

 If I had to say one thing, it’s not something you’d see at a high school cultural festival.

 Even I, a total amateur, was blown away by the level of skill.

 ’Special Judge, do you have any comments?’

 ”Yes, to put it simply, it was overwhelming. I’m grateful to have seen something so amazing, and I speak for everyone here. And, that costume isn’t just any cosplay, is it?”

 Kukuri-chan nodded silently with a small “kuh” sound.

 ”It felt like she was wearing it like it was her everyday clothes. That’s why, as the special judge, I was deeply moved by the beauty of the shrine maiden. The fact that she’s younger, a middle schooler, adds to the fantasy and mystique. Thank you very much.”

 ’Hmm…this guy…’

 ”What did you say?”

 ’Oh, nothing, nothing. Thank you for your comments, special judge!!’

 Kukuri-chan bowed elegantly and stood beside Kanon.

 Well, who’s next?




 Huh? I think I heard screams or cries from backstage.

 Maybe Chijou’s gone out? If it’s Kenzaki, I’ll go get her right away!

 Leave it to me if it’s the older sister in the s*xy costume!!

 ’Ah, it seems like the next person is ready, so please go ahead!!’

 Whoa, I almost spat out the water I was drinking!

 The next person to come out was, for some reason, Toa.



 ”My brain, my brain is going crazy!”

 ”Toa-chan is amazing, he’s messing with our brains and perverted minds too!”

 ”It’s getting too twisted, I think I’m going to faint…”


 ”Is that a nurse costume, Toa-chan?”

 ”No way, that’s a lie…”

 ”Yes, yes, yes, there’s a sick lady with a crazy brain over here. Please take care of her!!”

 ”Uh, I suddenly feel a pom-pom… The nurse is over there.”

 ”Ahh, I’m getting dizzy… I think I need medical attention.”

 Yeah… I guess it’s pretty normal.

 But, wait, what’s going on? I thought he came out, but then he went back behind the curtains again.

 What’s wrong? Did something happen? The audience is also worried, looking at each other with concern.

 And then, from the back, Subaru-chan appeared, wearing a pink nurse costume and being pulled along.



 ”Did Toa-chan split into 2?”

 ”There are 2 Toa-chans?”

 ”If there are 2, can I take one home with me?”

 ”Wait a minute, isn’t that the rumored twin sister from the bulletin board?”

 ”No way… They really do look identical!”

 ”But if you look closely, the sister seems more confident.”

 ”Yeah, that’s true. She’s cute!”

 ”What were the first 2 people, anyway…?”

 ”Hogekawa is like that too, but that area is just a warm-up act.”

 Subaru-chan is so cute. Toa-chan has a different kind of charm, though.

 I mean, Subaru-chan is so cute, but why isn’t she an idol?

 If Subaru-chan… No, if Subaru-tan becomes an idol, I’ll attend all her lives with a penlight.

 Ugh, I was trying to appeal to Lapis, saying she could bring friends home, but…

 If I can talk to Subaru-tan, I’ll throw red sparklers everywhere, big brother-style.

 ’Yes, so it’s Entry Number 4, Nekoyama Toa-san and Nekoyama Subaru-san. This time, Toa-san is participating specially because Subaru-san is joining in!’

 Ah, I see. It’s for Subaru-tan’s sake, isn’t it? That’s a pretty lame reason.

 Yeah, if not, she wouldn’t participate in the Miss Con voluntarily.

 ’Um, then, can we get a comment from Judge Mary-sama?’

 ”Yes, both of them are super cute and made me feel all smiles. If I were taken care of by such a wonderful nurse, even someone with only a month left to live would live for another 50 years!”

 I get it. I get it, Grandmother Mary.

 So, if anything happens to me, please tell Subaru-tan to take care of me.

 ’Um, now it’s time for the 2-person performance, but, Special Judge, sorry to ask, can you please sit on the chair we’ve prepared over there?’

 ”Ah, yes!”

 I stood up from the judges’ seat and sat down on the chair prepared in the middle of the stage.


 Huh? Is Toa-san planning something?

 As I thought that, Toa-san suddenly opened my legs wide and sat on my right knee.

 Then, she started tapping on my left knee with his hand.

 ”Come on, Subaru. Hurry up!”

 ”Awawa, sorry, Onii-san, I’m so sorry…”

 Oh, oh no…

 I had to hold onto the waists of the two to prevent them from falling off my knees.

 Is this what they mean by “having flowers in both hands” or a harem?! No, wait, Aqua, calm down!! Toa is a boy, after all!!

 ”Aqua, did you eat your meal properly?”


 What kind of play is starting here?!

 ”That’s it, then it’s time for the injection!”

 Toa-san, with a mischievous grin, held a small toy syringe and squirted out the water inside.

 At that moment, many of the female audience members let out screams, and I could hear someone shouting “Medic!”

 ”Then, Onii-san, will you go first for the urine test?”


 No way, paper cups are no good! Meh! They’re too erotic, and the naughty police will come after me!!

 Moreover, usually, Aqua-kun’s eyes are full of confidence, but when they look up at me with those watery eyes, it’s like they’re begging to be bullied, and I just can’t help but react!!

 ’Pee! Pee! Yeah, that’s out! It’s too s*xy, and that’s disqualification!!’

 ”Eh, why… Big sis, no way?”

 ’Gwwwwwwww, no, it’s no good Toa-san, red card!!’

 Yeah, there’s no helping it.

 Toa walked away, muttering to himself, and headed towards the stage wings.

 ”O-Onii-san, um, that…”

 ”What’s wrong, Subaru-tan?”

 ”Subaru-tan!? Ah… um, not that, but, um, I, um, Onii-san, I’m stuck to your waist and can’t get off…”

 ”Umm, well, in that case, Subaru-tan can just go with me to the judges’ seats? Or maybe, I can just take you home like that…――Whoa!”

 I felt a strong chill run down my spine, and I unintentionally let go of Subaru-tan’s hand.

 Subaru-tan’s face turned bright red, and she quickly escaped towards the stage wings.

 For a moment, I thought it was my wife, but it’s not. My wife can’t give off a chill like that.

 The chill my wife can give off is like a gentle breeze.

 So, who is it…? I turned my gaze towards the source of the chill.

 And there, I saw Lapis’s cold, cold figure. I panicked and retreated to the judges’ seats.

 ’Eh, and so, the next participant is this person, Entry Number 6 Shirogane Lapis-san!!’

 Whoa! Lapis is wearing a gym uniform!


 Just between you and me, I’ve smelled the sweat-drenched gym uniform Lapis took off once before.

 No way, this is crazy. I mean, her gym clothes are in the laundry basket, and I’m already getting excited just thinking about it. And to make matters worse, when I touched them, they were sweaty and smelled like a girl, which is really getting to me.

 I don’t know why, but girls can make even sweat smell good, and it’s like they have a scent that drives guys crazy.

 ’Instead of Morikawa-san, who withdrew, we have a new judge, Kirika-san, Beryl’s Nee-san, who has arrived.’

 Whoa, seriously?! When I looked over, Kirika-san was already sitting there.

 ’So, Kirika-san, what do you think of Shirogane Lapis-san?’

 ”Yes, I think she’s cute. Her gym clothes are healthy-looking, and she’s showing off her charm perfectly for her age.”

 I nodded silently in agreement with Kirika-san’s words.

 Damn, if I hadn’t lost points earlier, I’d give Lapis a million points for her appeal!!

 ’Then, please proceed with the appeal time!’

 ”Uh, um, since my body is flexible, I’ll do a forward bend!”

 I leaned forward, focusing my gaze on Lapis’s butt.


 ”Hey… somehow, I think Aqua-kun likes butts too”

 ”What? Are you kidding me?”

 ”I felt like he was looking at her butt earlier with a gaze that was like he wanted to touch it, but I guess that was just my imagination.”

 ”He was also looking at Subaru-chan’s butt with a gaze that seemed like he wanted to touch it, right?”

 ”Aa-sama is really something, with his s*x drive and all…”

 ”No way, that’s just too much”

 ”What, are you serious? He’s not some protagonist of an isekai novel or anything”

 ”He’s the strongest idol that a Menhera girl has thought up, a fantasy prince spec that surpasses even the protagonist of an isekai novel”

 Yeah, the audience is getting all worked up too.

 I’m sure Lapis is getting all excited right now, being the cutest little sister in the world.

 ’Special Judge, what do you think? Did you get excited seeing your little sister’s gym clothes?’

 ”Yeah, I’m gonna say it straight out. I’m really into it right now. You know why? That gym uniform, it’s not Claris’, it’s Otomezaki’s! I’m staring at it with all my might, something I don’t usually get to see.”

 By the way, Claris wears bloomers, but Otomezaki wears short pants.

 At first glance, you might think Claris’ is more valuable, but short pants have their own charm.

 When she bends forward, the line of the pants underneath peeks out at the butt area.

 ”Just let me say one thing…”

 ’Ah, yeah, go ahead… I’ve got a bad feeling about this, though…’

 ”I think it’s really cool when adults like our teacher Sugita-sensei or Kirika-san wear gym uniforms. You think they can only wear them during their school days, right? That’s a huge misconception Gym uniforms, school swimsuits, and uniforms ―― you can wear them no matter how old you get! So don’t give up on wearing them so easily! Don’t listen to those people who say things like ‘You’re too old for that’ or ‘You’re being ridiculous’ ―― those are just worthless opinions! As the special judge, I just wanted to say that. Thank you for listening!”

 Huh, did some people just look really surprised? Nah, must be my imagination.

 ”Sugita-sensei, you’re really something!!”

 ”Sensei, this is a total accident!”

 ”Toa-chan, Nurse, come quick!”

 ”Wait, they just found a replacement judge!”

 ”Nee-san, please be careful Your face is turning into Hogekawa’s!”

 ”Can we get Toa-chan Nurse over here too?”

 ”This is getting out of hand…”

 ”When I get home today, my mom is gonna wear my spare uniform and I’ll have to pay for it…”

 ”Me too…”

 ”You know, when Aqua-kun starts talking about perverted stuff, he gets really fast-tongued…”

 ”But when I see him not getting flustered at all, I’m really impressed of him as an actor…”

 ”Stop it, don’t use your acting skills for weird stuff like that, or Kohina-senpai will get mad…”

 ”Whoa, Aa-sama is definitely in the same league as the bulletin board I’m convinced!”

 Next, who’s up?

 Too bad Kanon and Lapis didn’t get any points, but my tired brain is finally waking up!

 ’Yes, so next, representing 1-A, we have this person coming up! Please!’

 Oh, wow!!


 Next to appear on stage was Ayana, dressed in a policewoman’s cosplay.

 Whoa, nice The combination of twin tails and a police hat is the best!

 ’Judge Pegonia-san, what do you think of Tsukimachi Ayana’s outfit?’

 ”Yes, I think it really suits Ayana-san’s character. If possible, I’d like her to arrest that special judge too. We have plenty of evidence, so it’s a done deal. Master should get arrested at least once and eat some bitter food.”

 Huh? Did I do something wrong?

 I’m trying to live an honest life, but…

 I can confidently say I’ve done nothing wrong!!

 ’So, can we arrest that person?’

 ”Ah, yes, that’s fine. Let’s arrest him!”

 Wait, what’s going on, Ayana? You’re not taking this seriously, are you?

 Ayana approached me with a sly grin and handcuffed my hands.

 ”I’m arresting you!”

 ”Oh no…”

 This is great. If possible, I’d like to be interrogated in the interrogation room all day, every nook and cranny of my body examined.

 ”Aqua-kun, aren’t you happy?”

 ”Aa-sama would be happy with any play, wouldn’t he?”

 ”Maybe, but if Aqua-sama got r*ped, he’d say ‘stop it’ while smiling slyly”

 ”Damn, that’s so strong”

 ”It’s been proven once again that Shirogane Aqua is the strongest”

 ”The ideal man a woman desires, that’s Shirogane Aqua”

 ”I wanna play cops and robbers with A-kun too!”

 ”Cut it out, you guys! Act like you don’t notice right now!!”

 ”Right now, our mental strength is being tested in the world of Shirogane Aqua itself.”

 ”I see, this is a trial from God, isn’t it? A-qu-a!”

 ”Rina-chan, do your best! Don’t lose to Kohina Yukari later!”


 For some reason, I got caught in a playful arrest, and Ayana gave me a weird look.

 And then, she quickly took off the handcuffs and let me go.

 What about the embarrassing interrogation? Don’t I get a body search or anything?!

 Ayana looked at my outstretched hand with a cold gaze, then quickly pulled back.

 ”Yes, so next is Entry Number 8. This person is a sudden participant. Please go ahead!”


 The person who appeared on stage, and her appearance made my heart skip a beat.


 I was so surprised that I almost flew backward.

 ”Hi, everyone I’m Kohina Yukari-chan, the great actress who’s going to make this moment shine!!”

 Se, se, se, se, senpai!? What are you doing!?

 The uniform looks even more mismatched than I thought, and it’s actually kind of cool.

 No, it’s like a middle schooler trying to look like a high schooler by wearing a high school uniform.

 Amazing, this is the real deal from a great actress.

 ”This is… too mismatched…”

 ”That’s right, she’s acting like she’s acting, but she’s actually being herself”

 ”I was going to say ‘Kohina Yukari, don’t overdo it,’ but she really pulls it off…”


 ”Even Aqua-kun is taken aback…”

 ”What’s this indescribable feeling?”

 ”I want to say it’s amazing, but I don’t want to get on Kohina Yukari’s good side, so I’m holding back…”

 ”I understand…”

 ”Let’s just boo for now…”

 ”I will too…”

 ”I will too, I will too…”

 Oh, I don’t know what’s going on, but the booing has started.

 Senpai hasn’t even done anything yet, but just by appearing, she’s getting a huge booing reaction, and it’s hilarious

 Ah… whenever I look at Senpai’s face, it’s all puffed up and bright red.

 ’Eh, so, is it okay to proceed with the special judge now?’

 ”Ah, yes…”

 ”A little longer! I haven’t even had my appeal time yet!! This is my appeal time!!”

 ”Eh, but…”

 ”Hey! Don’t rush the conversation!!”

 ”Yeah, I think your cosplay pretty normal, yeah”

 ”Huh!? Why are you explaining it to me alone like that!! Praise me more like the other participants!!”

 Senpai, who was angry, approached me with a puffed-up face.

 Yeah, Senpai’s just cute, so I’m not scared at all.

 I just let Senpai’s Poka-Poka (warm & comfortable) attack happen to me.

 I thought that if I just petted Senpai’s head, her mood would improve, but when I carelessly petted her, she almost bit me.

 ’Ah, that’s not okay, Kohina-san! You can’t use violence on the special judge, that’s disqualification! Security guards, please!!”

 Ah… just like Sister-san and Morikawa-san, Senpai was disqualified.

 Yeah, let’s move on to the next one.

 ’And now, Entry Number 9! Our Otomezaki student council president, Natsuki Sana-san!! Yeah, applause!!’


 With President Natsuki’s entrance, I struck a guts pose.

 The bunny costume is the best, yeah If possible, could you show me more of your butt, the valley between your breasts, and especially your armpits?!

 ’Special Judge, please hide a bit. We’re having a hard time ignoring you, okay?’

 ”Ah… yes. Sorry…”

 I, who got scolded, sat down quietly in my seat.

 ”Aqua-kun who got scolded is cute…”

 ”I got a thrill seeing Aqua-sama get scolded and become obedient”

 ”I got a thrill seeing childish Aqua-sama strike a guts pose”

 ”A boy who gets this happy just from wearing a bunny costume, there’s only one in the world, and that’s Aqua-kun”

 ”If all boys in the world were like Aqua-sama, everyone would be happy”

 ”I understand”

 ”Hey! You don’t react to my uniform! You’re not happy, are you? Humph!!”

 Huh? I think I heard Senpai’s voice from somewhere far away.

 Yeah, it’s probably just my imagination.

 ’So, Bunny President, please give us an appeal time!’

 ”Uh, um, so, Shiro-kun and Tama-chan did it at the Summer Comic Market, ugh, ugh, I’m gonna do it!”

 Wooooo! This is the best!


 When she jumped up, her butt bounced, and since she’s raising her hands, her armpits are totally visible

 Ah, I hope she’ll accidentally let her breasts out…

 As I was thinking that, my prayer reached the god, and by some coincidence, the shock of her jump made her costume slide down a bit.




 My voice, the president’s, and the host’s voices overlap.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

 I rubbed my hands together in gratitude to the god.

 The moment her elastic breasts spilled out, everything went into slow motion.

 I replayed that image, etched into my brain, over and over in my head.

 ’Uh, President Natsuki, sorry. That’s one mistake and you’re out…’

 ”Yes, sorry…”

 Damn, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s in the rules, after all.

 But still, President, you had some great stuff. Aqua-kun’s favorability points definitely went up.

 ’Yes, I feel like we’re already halfway out, but oh well, and now, everyone!! This is finally the last entry!!’

 Ah, is it already ending? Who’s the last entry?

 As I was getting excited, the spotlight suddenly shone on me.

 Huh? Is Kirika-san going to come out? I turned my gaze to Kirika-san, who was sitting next to me.

 ”Eh? Eh? I can’t do it, it’s impossible Aqua-san, please go in my place!!”


 Oh, me? Kirika-san would be way better, absolutely!!











 Wait, what’s with that call?!

 ’Yes, originally, we thought we’d have Kirika-san come out, but the last entry number belongs to this person, Shirogane Aqua-san! Yes, applause!!’

 Huh, this is ridiculous, right?!

 I was dragged to the center of the stage, and Kirika-san looked at me with a pitiful face.

 It’s absolute that Kirika-san would be way better than me, with her Switch or erotic teacher role, or as a school nurse cosplaying, or as an instructor… It’s absolute that she’s more needed!!

 ’Yes, then, Shirogane Aqua-chan, please do your appeal time.’

 ”Appeal time, you say… Ah…”

 The emcee’s microphone was about to fall off.

 I took out my sewing kit from my pocket.

 ”The button’s about to fall off, so stay still.”

 It’s no wonder, with 2 huge rockets stuffed inside my shirt, the button’s at its limit.

 I had to fix it before the bra showed up and flew away.


 In other words, this is my kind intention.

 I’m not thinking about, like, touching my chest when I fix the button, or anything like that!!


 ”He has sewing tools in his pocket, and he’s saying he’s not good at girl stuff…”

 ”Liar! Aqua-kun is way better at girl stuff than me!”

 ”And didn’t Aa-sama used to be good at cooking?”

 ”He even look good in a maid outfit”

 ”He’s way prettier than me”

 ”From Aqua-kun’s perspective, his wife like that has a feminine power of around 5, don’t you think?”

 ”It’s like, the only advantage of being his wife is having breasts, and that’s it”

 ”I mean, he’s just fixing the button because he want to stare at his breasts”

 ”That’s possible”

 ”He even pressed his breasts with the back of your hand earlier, didn’t he?”

 ”That’s too cute!”

 ”If one boob makes him that happy, I want him to massage mine as much as he likes.”

 ”Normally, guys wouldn’t be that thrilled, right?”


 I’m impressed with myself, beautifully attaching the button.

 I’ve got a 3rd-grade qualification in button-attaching, so it’s no surprise I did a great job

 When I attached the button, I accidentally pressed the breasts with the back of my hand, but that was just an unavoidable accident, so it can’t be helped! Yeah, it can’t be helped, it can’t be helped!

 ’Yes, thank you. And, uh… This time, as a special exception, we have 2 new special judges who will give their comments. Please go ahead.’

 Shintaro and Tenga-senpai suddenly appeared from the wings.

 What are you two doing here?!

 ’So, Mayuzumi-san, what do you think of Aqua-chan?’

 ”Uh… Yeah, I think he’s really good at household chores.”

 Mayuzumi!? Didn’t your face just turn a little red?!

 Am I just imagining things?!

 ’Yes, thank you. And, Tenga-senpai, do you have any comments?’

 ”Uh, yeah… I think my junior is really good at household chores. I remember someone saying he’s like a mom, just like Nekoyama’s mom.”

 That’s so mean. That’s Toa’s fault.

 When I focus, I have a habit of tidying up my surroundings without realizing it.

 I was sitting next to him, and I couldn’t help but notice that, so I ended up tidying up without thinking.

 When Toa saw that, that’s what he said to me.

 Aqua’s like a mom.


 By the way, I always carry this sewing kit with me, so I can use it whenever I need to. I’ve cooked so many times on the set of Heaven’s Sword that I’ve lost count.

 During filming, the staff would even joke around, saying “Mommy Aqua, is dinner ready yet?” and stuff like that. And, by the way, the staff member who’s the most troublesome is Director Hongou. That guy’s always walking around in a jersey, looking like a slob, and it’s like, “Doesn’t she have any sense of responsibility?” Yeah, it’s like that.

 The director must have been really embarrassed to have her jersey washed, considering she always kept it clean.

 ’Yes, thank you, Tenga-senpai. Now, I’ll collect the scorecards from the judges and calculate the results. Please wait for a moment.’

 By the time I got here, Sister-san, Subaru-tan, Kohina-san, and Natsuki, the president, had all been disqualified. About half of them got disqualified… what’s going on?

 Well, with only a few of us left, I didn’t think I had a chance of winning. Yeah, I thought that way for a while.

 ’Yes, and so the Miss Con finale The honorable first place is Shirogane Aqua-chan! Congratulations! Yeah, it was a landslide victory. Perfect score. And to top it off, a huge round of applause. It’s unanimous!’

 I’m not saying anything else…

 Everyone must have voted as a joke, right?

 With that, we managed to finish the Otomezaki Academy Miss Con and the cultural festival without a hitch.

 I guess it was a moving finale? But for some reason, I didn’t feel satisfied. I think Kanon should have won, though.

 As I rode the car home, I let out a deep sigh while looking at the trophy I received.

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