Male Idol Extra 7

Chapter 7 Shirogane Aqua, Otomezaki High School Cultural Festival, Miss Contest

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 ”Wh-what should I do?”

 When you see a troubled woman in front of you, what would you do?

 Even though it’s said that you should help someone in trouble, it takes a lot of courage to talk to a stranger.

 By the way, I’m the type who would talk to them. Oh, and I’ll say it upfront, but it’s not because the troubled girl had big breasts. Well, it’s natural to glance… but that’s unavoidable.

 It’s like a rocket…

 If 2 rockets were to launch and her uniform fabric were to tighten that much, any healthy high school boy would… well, you can’t help but take a peek.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 I thanked the slightly visible skin tone from her lifted uniform and gently spoke to the troubled girl.

 ”Ah… Shirogane-kun, um, actually, the Miss Contest judge who was supposed to be here collapsed during the play earlier.”

 Miss Contest, it’s a sweet-sounding phrase.

 On the second day of the Otomezaki High School Cultural Festival, the final stage event is traditionally this, it seems.

 That’s a big deal, and since she collapsed during the play, I’m somewhat responsible.

 No, I’m 100% responsible!! That means I need to take responsibility.

 Yeah, that’s right, I think I should take responsibility and become the Miss Contest judge.

 ”Alright. If that’s the case, I’ll do it instead.”

 I smiled very naturally.

 Of course, there wasn’t a single shred of ulterior motive in that smile.

 I, as an actor trained by Kohina-senpai, fully utilized my skills to hide my true intentions.


 The girl looked puzzled.

 Wha…? Did my ulterior motive get exposed?! Abababa!

 ”I-is it okay?”

 ”Of course.”

 It’s okay. Stay calm, Shirogane Aqua!

 You can still do it. You can still shine.

 I gently took the girl’s hand and showed off the greatest smile of the century.

 By the way, it was written in the Miss Contest outline earlier, but there’s a swimsuit judging portion.

 Our class representative is Kanon.

 It’s all about admiring my lovely wife’s swimsuit up close.

 Yeah, and by the way. I’ll just take a peek at the other participants’ swimsuits too, but oh well, can’t help it. Yeah, yeah, can’t help it.

 ”Ah, thank you, Shirogane-kun. So, can I ask you to be a judge for the Miss Con competition?”

 ”It’s okay! We’re from the same school, so we’ve got to help each other out when we’re in trouble.”


 I kept a straight face, but inside, I was doing a victory pose.

 ”I see, thank you very much!”

 ”Fwah〜, Shirogane-kun is so kind…”

 ”The girl who got carried away by Aqua-kun’s Astel cosplay and got a nosebleed is the previous judge, right?”

 ”No choice. It’s already an official Astel cosplay, after all.”

 ”Kumano-sensei is updated her Twitter in an instant, saying it’s official.”

 ”There’s a swimsuit judging at the Miss Con, right? Isn’t it painful for guys?”

 ”But Aa-sama is trying to help those in trouble, and that’s so cool!”

 ”No, rather, Aqua-kun should be praised…”

 ”Shh, don’t tell anyone, but Aqua-tan loves breasts, so let’s just pretend we don’t know.”

 ”Aqua-kun is probably trying to deceive us, but he’s been talking to Sakano-san’s rocket breasts all this time, right?”

 ”Sakano-san’s definitely getting wet. She’s been rubbing her thighs together, after all.”

 ”Aqua-sama must be tired today, too. He’s not as good at deceiving us as usual.”

 ”I want to wrap up tired Aa-sama with my H-cup and give her a good job, yeah!”

 ”I get it. I’ll give him a head pat while flashing my F-cup, and say ‘good job’ too!”

 ”Today, I’m feeling great with his gaze that fully affirms girls’ bodies.”

 ”That gaze is the greatest praise for girls. Rather, I wish he’d stare at me with a ‘loser’ gaze today.”

 I, who had been decided to be a judge for the Miss Con, returned to the school gym, which we had used for the drama club until earlier, feeling full of energy.

 The set we used in the school play had already been removed, and the judges’ seats were set up on the stage.

 ’Now, let’s start the Miss Con competition to decide Otomezaki’s Number 1 Lady!!’

 Ah, it’s the girl who did the live commentary during the basketball team’s game.

 Thanks for your hard work today, Broadcasting Club.

 ’Now, let’s introduce the 4 judges! First up, we have our school’s pride, Student Council President Natsuki Sana-senpai!’

 Whoa, the president is super popular. I’m going to join in with everyone else and applaud from the wings.

 ’Next, we have Pegonia-san, who serves as Shirogane Kanon-san’s attendant from Class 1-A!’

 I almost fell over. That person is way too popular. And this applause, it’s not even losing to Natsuki-senpai’s popularity.

 ’Third, we have an external judge who has kindly agreed to participate!’

 ”Hello, hello! I was just walking by and got asked to do this. I’m Morikawa from the national broadcasting network. Nice to meet you, and don’t call me Hogekawa or Gorikawa, okay?”

 Morikawa-san!? Whoa, that’s amazing popularity!

 As expected from a popular announcer from the national broadcasting network. I can’t lose to that.

 By the way, what’s with everyone saying Hogekawa and Gorikawa since earlier? What’s that about?

 ’And lastly, we have this person, the special judge and our school’s star, Shirogane Aqua-samaaaaa!’

 ”I’m Special Judge Shirogane Aqua. Do your best, everyone!”

 I didn’t expect to be so nervous, but after a brief moment, the loudest applause of the day erupted from the audience seats.

 Huh? Is this more lively than the school play’s stage?

 There are even people asking if they can participate on the fly….

 ’Okay, okay, so we’ll have these 4 judges for today’s competition. Let’s get started right away! The top batter among the 5 remaining finalists is… her!’

 The spotlight shines on the wings of the stage.

 ’2nd Year, Class A, Natalia Rosenesta, Vice President, Enters!!’

image host

 The pure white swimsuit with a blue ribbon, spotless and giving off a refreshing impression at first glance.

 It doesn’t have frills, but it’s cute, and it also has a sporty side, making it a bold design.

 This swimsuit wraps around Vice President Natalia’s white and healthy body.

 And, what’s more… her bust size is F-cup!?

 Whoa, someone with a bigger bust than my wife just appeared out of nowhere… Is my wife okay?

 Moreover, Vice President Natalia is a distant relative of Kanon’s, and if I look closely, the small parts resemble each other.

 However, Vice President Natalia has a more mature and cool atmosphere than my wife, so the impression is quite different.

 ’Wow, an amazing person has appeared! Then, as the representative of the judges, President Natsuki, what do you think of the Vice President?”

 ”Hmm. As expected, Natalia is a beauty. Her swimsuit figure, with the blue ribbon on her panty line, is cute, and the simple white fabric gives off a healthy impression, which I personally think is a high point.”

 I nod in agreement with President Natsuki’s words.

 ”Ah, thank you. President.”

 Ah, now, she’s blushing. The cool Vice President Rosenesta’s blushing expression, this is a special point from the special judge.

 ’Yes, then please write your points on the whiteboard you’re holding.’

 It’s a whiteboard that can be erased, nice. I write my points on the whiteboard.

 ’Then, everyone, please show your whiteboards at the same time!’

 We all show our whiteboards with the points written on them at the same time.

 ’Uh, President Natsuki has 98 points, Pegonia-san has 95 points, Morikawa-san has 96 points, and special judge Shirogane Aqua has… wow!? It’s 100 points!! Someone got 100 points right away!! I mean, they had a high score from the start!!’

 The venue erupts in noise.

 ’So, special judge, if you don’t mind, could you give us some comments?’

 ”Of course.”

 I turn on the mic and start talking.

 ”First of all, what’s amazing is Vice President Rosenesta’s toned abs. Looking at the documents in front of me, I see that Vice President Rosenesta was a former track team member. In my opinion, track and field athletes tend to have well-maintained abs since they have to show off their midriffs. Plus, the results of their daily training are clearly visible. Although she’s written that she’s retired from track, Vice President Rosenesta still puts in effort every day. The proof is in her feminine, smooth waistline and her well-trained abdominal muscles, which are a perfect combination of contradictory charms that have been brought out through her daily workouts.”

 A murmur of “ooh” can be heard from the audience seats.

 ”And there’s another charm to Vice President Rosenesta…”

 I glance around at the audience seats. Everyone is holding their breath, listening to my speech with serious expressions.

 ”The beautiful curve of her waist, hips, and legs is just amazing. Even I, who’s used to this, can’t help but sigh in admiration. The harmony between her mature upper body and healthy lower body is truly a work of art. If a Venus were to descend upon the earth, it would be Vice President Rosenesta. In other words, it’s a perfect 100 points ―― there’s no way to deduct points Vice President Rosenesta, as a special judge, I’d like to offer my gratitude once again. Awesome!!”

 When I finish my speech, applause erupts throughout the gymnasium.

 Wait, is Vice President Rosenesta crying? Did I, did I just commit s*xual harassment?!

 ’No, no, it’s an amazing comment!! Thank you, Special Judge Shirogane Aqua-san! Vice President Rosenesta was great too! Congratulations!”

 The host’s applause is followed by applause from the audience.

 Phew… it seems I didn’t commit s*xual harassment after all.

 I’ll just take a good look at her while I can. Hehe…

 ”I was underestimating Aa-sama.”

 ”He’s not even trying to hide it anymore.”

 ”Ugh, but we still have to pretend like we don’t notice!”

 ”This is basically a proposal, isn’t it?”

 ”That cool beauty, Vice President Rosenesta, would even cry.”

 ”If it wasn’t Natalia-san, I’d definitely wet myself.”

 ”Looks like Kanon-san’s next is Natalia-san, huh?”

 ”Since they’re relatives, if he likes Kanon-san’s looks, then Natalia-san is fine too. He can even do a pseudo-shimaidon.”

 ”Wow, Aqua-kun is praising everything from start to finish.”

 ”He’s not saying anything bad at all, is he?”

 ”Huh? Maybe Aqua-sama is on the same level as the bulletin board and that sommelier…”

 ”Somewhat, but it’s like they’re on the same level as that expert…”

 ”No way, that can’t be true.”

 ”This is bad, I have a bad feeling…”

 The audience seats are super heated up. But for some reason, my spine is cold.

 Huh? I feel like someone’s gaze is on me from somewhere…?

 Wait, what’s with Pegonia-san and Morikawa-san? Huh? Over there?

 When I look in the direction they’re pointing, I see my wife peeking out from behind the stage curtain, her cheeks puffed up.

 No, Kanon-san. This isn’t, like, cheating or anything. As a special judge, I need to carefully and accurately examine Vice President Rosenesta’s body.

 ’Then let’s move on to the next candidate Entry number 2 3rd year, class A, Sakura Ui-san!’

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 With a pressure that could blow everything away, I felt like I was going to be blown off the stage.

 Is it Chest Power H?! Damn, did my breast counter break?!

 No, that’s not a mistake. It’s the H of ecchi, the H, cup H.

 And Sakura-senpai’s slightly plump feeling is even more emphasized, making the H cup’s impact even stronger.

 Ugh, I never thought Sakura-senpai would be hiding such a deadly weapon under her uniform all along.

 And yet, I was so blind to the fact that someone who possesses such an amazing thing would be on my mental “breasts list”. This is totally my mistake.

 ’This is quite surprising, isn’t it? What do you think, Judge Pegonia-san?’

 ”It’s unbearable. I won’t say who, but some people might get hurt, I won’t say who…”

 Huh? Why is Judge Pegonia-san looking at me like that?

 No, I don’t get it. Haha…

 ’Vice President Rosenesta represented the student council, but Sakurai-senpai was recommended by her classmates. What do you think?’

 ”Ah, it’s so embarrassing… I mean, am I really okay? Compared to Natalie-chan, my body is… well, a bit chubby… And, I’m happy that my classmates chose this swimsuit for me, but somehow it feels a bit too small…”

 The swimsuit Sakurai-senpai was wearing was a pink bikini with a small surface area.

 And it was a halter neck, too.

 The strings digging into her chest were just… wow. In one word, it was irresistible.

 Ah, I wish I could be reborn as those strings!

 ’And now, here are the judges’ scores. Please take a look! President Natsuki has 97 points, Judge Pegonia-san has 96 points, Judge Morikawa-san has 98 points, and Special Judge Shirogane Aqua… wow 100 points! We have 2 consecutive 100-point scores!!’

 I took the mic and turned the switch back on.

 ”This is, you know, natural beauty.”

 ’What do you mean by ‘natural beauty’, Special Judge? Sorry, could you please explain?’

 I nodded silently.

 ”If Vice President Rosenesta’s beauty is polished through daily effort, Sakurai-senpai’s beauty is a natural, unadulterated beauty. Her feminine softness and warmth are overflowing in this swimsuit, and the fact that she chose a halter neck bikini is, in my opinion as a judge, worthy of extra points. Thank you, Sakurai-senpai’s classmates!”

 My one comment made the entire 3-A class, or rather, the group that thinks they’re 3-A, do a simultaneous guts pose.

 ’Seriously, as the special judge, even a slightly chubby woman can be charming, right?’

 ”Yeah! But, I mean, I’m saying this for Sakura-senpai’s sake, but senpai is normally slender, and it’s not like she’s chubby compared to other girls. From a guy’s perspective, someone like Sakura-senpai is just right, you know, with a marshmallow body that makes you want to hug her tight.”


 Oh, no!

 She’s in danger! I jumped out of my seat like Kenzaki, doing a flashy action, and caught Sakura-senpai as she was about to fall backwards.

 Whoa, so soft… no, that’s not it!

 ”Senpai, are you okay?”


 The rescue team from the backstage area came out and slowly took Sakura-senpai behind the stage.

 She looked a bit pale, but it’s not like she’s anemic or anything, so I hope she’s okay. I’m worried.

 But that marshmallow body of hers was incredibly soft… I thought I was a little lucky, but it’s not like I’m bragging about helping someone, so please forgive me.

 So, Kanon-san, please don’t stare at me from the wings like that. I know, I know!!

 ”Heh, Aqua-kun is so perverted.”

 ”This is like saying ‘let’s have s*x’ or something.”

 ”My chubby body is ringing the victory bell in my heart.”

 ”Wow, wow, wow, I thought I was just being paranoid because I’m fatter than everyone else, but it turns out Aqua-kun was looking at me back then.”

 ”That’s so Aqua-kun.”

 ”You have to pretend you didn’t notice or it’s no good.”

 ”Yeah, yeah, if you pretend you didn’t notice, he’ll totally fall for it.”

 ”That’s the most adorable thing.”

 ”I know.”

 ”When I get looked at with that gaze, I just want to do anything for him.”

 ”I know, it’s like he’s always cool, but that pure and innocent boy-like gaze is just too much.”

 ”He makes me feel like an older sister.”

 ”Kanon-san must be totally into it at night, yeah.”

 ”His gaze alone can make girls unconsciously hand over their wallets, and his gaze alone can make them pregnant ―― that’s Shirogane Aqua.”

 ”I sometimes want to say ‘it’s okay to touch me’ but I’m holding back.”

 ”Yeah, because if you do, he’ll get embarrassed and won’t look at you anymore, and that’s a no-go.”

 ”Honestly, he’s more perverted than the 2D guys in ero-books.”

 ”That’s right, even Aiko-chan sensei can’t win against him in real life.”

 Okay, who’s next? I’m so excited!

 ’Entry Number 3 The small but mighty Student Disciplinary Committee leader, Asumi Runa-senpai!!’

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 Wow… this is great again.

 Asumi-senpai is wearing a school swimsuit, and it’s not just any swimsuit ―― it’s the one with a white cloth on the chest with “3rd Year A Class, Asumi Runa” written on it.

 Some people might think that’s a high point.

 ’Senpai, why did you choose to wear a school swimsuit today?’

 ”Umm, because it’s a hassle?”

 Everyone bursts into laughter at Asumi-senpai’s typical answer.

 ’Do you have any recommended points?’

 ”This swimsuit, I bought it when I was in elementary school.”

 Wow, this is appealing to her thrifty nature.

 She’s got a great spirit of taking care of things, and I think that’s awesome

 ’Morikawa-san, do you have any comments?’

 ”It’s cute. It’s healing. I might try wearing it too… maybe I still can!”

 What’s going on here?!

 I want to see Morikawa-san’s school swimsuit…

 Ugh, if it comes to this, I should give her 5, no, 6 pool tickets, and we can all go to the pool together, including grandmother and everyone else. And then, I’d like her to casually send me an email… with a photo of her in a swimsuit… no, that’s too difficult. How can I naturally ask her for a photo? Think, think, Shirogane Aqua!!

 ”Morikawa, at her age, wearing a school swimsuit is painful!”

 ”Old hag, don’t be ridiculous!”

 ”Ugh, I’m so annoyed I was a college girl just like her until recently!!”

 ”Old hag, nice one!”

 ”Yeah, I’m still young, but swimming school is a bit too much”


 ’Morikawa-san, please don’t argue with the audience!’

 That’s right. I’ve been thinking about something lately.

 Is it only a privilege for young people to wear school swimsuits or school uniforms?

 No way! That’s not true at all.

 Let me imagine it. If a grown woman with a dynamite body like Miyuki-san or Kirika-san wore a school swimsuit and came at me, I’d be done for. And those 2 would definitely be embarrassed, so that’s all I need. I won’t say anything more, but the angle of their lower body’s curves would be too much.

 And then there’s the uniform. Of course, Kirika-san and Miyuki-san would look great, but if someone like Kiyoko-san (Shintaro’s mother) wore it, it would be too much. Yeah, just imagining it makes me feel like a new door has opened. If I imagine it any further, I might even imagine my mom, so I’ll just keep it locked deep in my heart.

 ’And now, honorable judges, please give us your points! Oh, wow President Natsuki got 98 points, Pegonia-san got 97 points, Morikawa-san got 97 points, and Shirogane Aqua, the special judge, got… yes, 100 points As expected, I kind of knew it. Now, let’s hear some kind words from the special judge.’

 I turned the mic back on.

 ”I can’t take it anymore. I wish I could keep her as pets at home with Lapis and Subaru-chan.”

 My one comment made the audience buzz.

 Ah… that was bad. Did I just say something a bit criminal?

 I slightly regret saying it out of pure pet-like instincts.

 ”Anyway, Asumi-senpai in a school swimsuit looks cute and charming at first glance, but that doesn’t mean she lacks feminine charm as a woman.”

 That’s right. I’m not a lolicon at all. So I have to properly talk about Asumi-senpai’s feminine charm as a woman.

 By the way, Asumi-senpai’s bust size is the smallest among the 3 of them. I can really tell. And that’s a good thing!

 ”First of all, that school swimsuit doesn’t suit a womanly figure like hers. You get it? When Asumi-senpai turns to the side, it’s at that angle. If she tilts her head a bit more… Ah, it’s great! And can you raise your hand for me? Ah, yeah! Everyone, take a look at this angle. Her healthy armpits, captivating bust, and the line from her underbust to her waist, her cute little butt, and her healthy, small legs stretching out from her school swimsuit. Her feminine charm is on full display. It’s too much!”

 Huh? I said that out loud, and it feels a bit weird. But maybe it’s just my imagination.

 Yeah, I’m not a lolicon. I’m not a lolicon, so I just find Lapis and Subaru-chan cute in a mascot-like way. That’s it, I would never have perverted thoughts about my sister or anything like that…

 ”Wait a minute, Aqua-kun’s defense range is too wide, isn’t it?”

 ”He did all the positions by himself in the soccer game on the 9th of last month, didn’t he?”

 ”It’s like he’s playing baseball by himself, pitching and catching the ball.”

 ”He’s pretending to be oblivious, but that gaze of his is definitely lecherous.”

 ”When he looks at Asumi-senpai with that condescending gaze, it’s like…”

 ”Even Asumi-senpai, who usually looks sleepy, gets her eyes sparkling.”

 ”I’ve never seen a sweaty senior like that before. So cute.”

 ”Ha. I guess lolis are the strongest after all. There are as many girls who want to be kept by Aqua-kun as there are stars in the sky.”

 ”I want to be kept by him, with a collar around my neck. And if I misbehave, I want to be scolded in a s*xy way.”

 ”Ah, I get it. You want to be trained, starting with how to use the toilet properly, and be scolded for making mistakes.”

 ”That’s what everyone’s thinking.”

 ”Aa-sama’s pet is going to be a trending topic in no time.”

 ”It’ll be on the popular keywords on job search sites, like ‘Shirogane Aqua’s pet’ or something.”

 Ow, ow, ow, ow! Kanon, I know, I know!

 If you look at me like that with those piercing eyes, I’ll get a hole in my face!

 ’So, the 4th person is this one! The teacher’s quota for the Otomezaki Miss Con pageant! Now, please educate these younger kids. Sugita Mari-sensei, the homeroom teacher of 1st year Class A!!”

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 What the…!!!

 This is crazy. I almost stood up from my seat.

 ”What’s going on… why me…”

 I almost dropped the pen I was holding.

 To put it simply, she’s an adult who’s too cute. Her frilly tube top and bikini are stealing the show. The gingham check fabric and small ribbon are also cute, but it’s all because of Sugita-sensei’s charm.

 ’Sensei, you’re so cute!’

 ”Ah, thank you.”

 The audience is also shouting “cute” at Sugita-sensei, who’s trying to act embarrassed.

 It’s because Sugita-sensei is tall and has a short haircut, giving off a cool vibe, that this gesture is so captivating.

 ’What do you think of President Natsuki? What about Sugita-sensei?’

 ”She’s incredibly lovely. I didn’t expect Sensei to wear a swimsuit like that, so I’m surprised, but it really suits her! She’s so cute!”

 Yeah, I just nodded silently.

 ’Let’s move on to the scoring. Natsuki, the president, gets 99 points And Pegonia-san gets 99 points, Morikawa-san gets 99 points… wow, this is the highest score so far. Ah, by the way, the special judge gets 100 points. That’s not surprising at all. This report…”‘

 Wait, is my treatment a bit rough?

 Am I just being paranoid? Yeah, I’ll just think it’s my imagination

 ’Then, Special Judge, please give us your comments.’

 ”Yes. First, take a look at these beautiful, long legs. They’re slender, long, and beautiful ―― there’s no flaw. They’re perfect. If I were Sensei’s teacher, I’d give her a perfect score. And next, take a look at these high heels. Do you understand? There’s a black cat illustration on the side of the sole.”

 Sugita-sensei’s face turned bright red as she covered it with both hands.

 ”Sugita-sensei’s cuteness is just too much, even here! Any guy would be captivated by a beautiful adult woman like her. Just look at the design of her swimsuit ―― it’s clear that Sugita-sensei has great taste. And that tiny straw hat on her head is just too cute, like a secret date. I’m a student, but even I’m getting all fluttery in my chest!”

 Well, I’m just a kid, and to Sugita-sensei, I’m just a student, nothing more.

 And, Kanon, I know, I know!

 ”Aqua-kun, stop it! Sugita-sensei’s life is already 0!”

 ”Sensei, you must have given up on marriage, right? This is getting out of hand!”

 ”She’s tall, so I’m sure she’s given up on it just like Nee-san.”

 ”Aa-sama, you can’t avoid taking responsibility for this!”

 ”He has really made a grown woman fall for him, after all!”

 ”This is going to make all the big sisters go crazy!”

 ”I see. Aqua-kun is really weak to gaps, isn’t he?”

 ”Or rather, he’s weak to everything…”

 ”I have this feeling like he’d fall for any girl’s trap…”

 ”I thought guys who fall for girls’ traps only existed in 2D…”

 ”Aa-sama, this is already a perfect score of 100!”

 ”Unexpectedly, it’s not just the wife who’s a perfect score…”

 ”Shumi, this is quite a pressure, isn’t it?”

 ”She must be nervous behind the scenes…”

 Fuuh, the time has finally come. The last one to appear is my wife.

 ’And the final entry is this person 1st year, Class A, Shirogane Kanon-san!!’

image host


 It’s already impossible to put into words. What beauty is this?

 Even the sailor-style swimsuit is amazing, and the twin tails are just too much…

 Kanon, in front of you, even the most beautiful women in the world would flee barefoot.

 ’What’s going on, Special Judge?!’

 I turned around, and it was already written on the whiteboard.

 Impossible to measure, can’t be expressed with just 100 points.

 So, I deliberately wrote “Thank you” in simple terms on the whiteboard.

 [0 points!!]

 Huh? Morikawa-san is showing 0 points next to me. Is that a mistake, not 100 points?

 [Get back here!]

 Pegonia-san’s reaction was even worse. Huh, that person over there, isn’t that your master?

 ”Hey! You two! Take this seriously!!”

 Look, my wife got angry.

 ’Um, so Morikawa-san, why is it 0 points?’

 ”Huh? I just felt like it…”

 ”What do you mean ‘just felt like it’?”

 Ugh, even Kanon, who’s angry, is cute. I think I’ll add some Dere-Dere points as the Special Judge. Guhehe.

 ’So, is that okay with you, Pegonia-san?’

 ”Yes. I just felt like it.”

 ”Pegonia too!?”

 This person is definitely just messing around… Can you please stop playing around with my wife?

 ’Alright, let’s proceed with the scoring then. Yes. Morikawa-san has 0 points, and Pegonia-san… Ah, yes, that’s 100 points. Natsuki, the president, has 97 points, the same as Rosenesta, the vice president, and the Special Judge has… Wait, what?! 1 million points?!’

 I turned on the mic.

 ”This is an estimate. Ah, no… This is a special point from the Special Judge. You know how point-giving is trending lately? It’s the same thing. In other words, 1 million points, and my wife wins!”

 ’Wait, didn’t you just say ‘estimate’ a minute ago?!’

 ”Explain the reason!”

 ”This can’t be accepted!”

 Why are Morikawa-san and Pegonia-san, who are nearby, shouting the loudest?

 ”Do it again! This is invalid!!”

 No, there’s one more person, the Sister with the blindfold in the audience, who’s also shouting loudly.

 ”This is unfair! We demand a redo from the Executive Committee!!”

 I thought so, and the old lady sitting next to me was also shouting at the top of her lungs.

 Wait a minute, it’s your granddaughter!?

 ”Do-over! Do-over!”

 ”Do-over! Do-over!”

 ”Do-over! Do-over!”

 Ugh, that Sister over there in the audience and the former queen are really good at stirring up the crowd. What’s going on!?

 ’Alright! Then let’s start the real final round of the Miss Con competition!!’

 Whoa!? I was shocked by the sudden do-over and my face went pale.

 And so, the chaotic Otomezaki Miss Con continued into an extended battle.

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