Male Idol Extra 6

Chapter 6 Natsuki Sana, Preserving Peace At Otomezaki Academy

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 In the classroom with the sign “Otomezaki Academy’s Peace Preservation Club Headquarters” written on it, I was leaning on the table, keeping an eye on the situation.

 ”First Squad here. We’ve got an intruder trying to sneak into the school building, so we need backup ASAP!”

 ”Roger that. We’ll send someone right away, so just hang in there!”

 Suzu, the student council’s secretary and treasurer, received the message and instructed Reona from the Student Disciplinary Committee to head to the First Squad’s location.

 ”This is Third Squad. We’ve spotted a suspicious person near the school gate, and we’re going to approach them now.”

 ”Okay, be careful and handle it properly.”

 ”This is Seventh Squad. We’ve recovered the discarded takoyaki pack and toothpicks that Aqua-kun threw away.”

 ”Alright, bring those back to HQ right away. We’ll take care of them before things get out of hand.”

 ”This is Fifth Squad. The target is moving towards the haunted house.”

 ”Okay, keep monitoring and let us know what’s going on.”

 Natalie, also from the student council, was handling multiple squad communications on her own.

 As expected of the vice president She’s doing great!!

 ”President, we’ve got an intruder detained at the train station, and the local shopkeepers are sending them back on the train.”

 ”Got it! Thank them for their cooperation.”

 The local shopkeepers have been keeping an eye on our students’ commutes since before Aqua-kun and the others arrived.

 Even for this cultural festival, we got our costumes and equipment through the local shopkeepers. Otomezaki Academy may be a relatively new school, but it’s got a super strong community-based style.

 ”Botan, how’s it looking over there?”

 ”President, everything’s quiet on this end!”

 Botan from the Student Disciplinary Committee is in charge of monitoring the security cameras installed within the school.

 She’s the first to detect any anomalies and reports them, then I mobilize the security team, while Natalie and Suzu handle communications, and Ruuna and Reona head to the scene. By the way, Claire, who’s in charge of student council affairs, is responsible for the crucial task of class security.

 ”So, what was that thing this morning, anyway?”

 ”Ah? Maybe it’s because we tweaked the security system to match the cultural festival, and it malfunctioned or something.”

 This morning, for just a moment, all the PCs, including the surveillance cameras, froze.

 The reason behind it is still unknown, but for now, the system seems to be working fine, so it’s probably okay.

 Maybe it was just a glitch or a bug, like Suzu said. It started working again after we restarted it, anyway.

 ”President, here’s the report on the suspicious person we caught this morning.”

 ”Umm, let me take a look.”

 I took the report from the person and started reading it.

 Hmm… what’s this?… A 20s OL from a company in the city, already handed over to the police. The crime was trying to expose her breasts to Aqua-kun while he was riding a car to school.

 When I looked at the perpetrator’s photo again, it seemed like she had an H-cup or bigger. Yeah… even someone as kind as Aqua-kun wouldn’t be able to handle an H-cup, would they? It’s just too big, no matter what.

 I made a disgusted face and turned to the next page.

 16 years old, a high school girl from another school, self-proclaimed idol… when we checked with her agency, it turned out she was a real idol, so we had to call her manager to handle it. The crime was trying to put her used panties in Aqua-kun’s shoebox.

 What’s with that, anyway? Guys aren’t interested in girls’ underwear, and even if a girl used a guy’s underwear, it’s not like the opposite would happen. I mean, when I was in elementary school, I used to hang my underwear to dry in a reachable spot every day, but no one ever stole it. Instead, the guys would report it as a nuisance.

 Next was an 8-year-old girl… wait, 8 years old?! Isn’t that a bit too early to be doing this?! I felt like holding my head in my hands.

 The crime was trying to lure Aqua-kun into the toilet by pretending to be lost. Ugh… this kid is scary…

 As I flipped through the papers, there were many more reports with similar or even worse content.

 ”Ah, thanks. I’ll count on you from now on.”

 ”Yes, President.”

 I took a deep breath and turned my gaze back to the monitor.

 Just then, Aqua-kun was about to enter the haunted house.

 ”Damn, this way we can’t see what’s going on inside. I’ll rush to the scene right now!”

 Luckily, the class that’s running the haunted house is just downstairs.

 I dash out of the classroom, sliding down the handrail with my butt, just like Kenzaki did in episode 5 of “Heaven’s Sword”.

 ”I’m with the student council. I’m going in to keep an eye on things.”

 ”Ah, okay!”

 I put on a black uniform to disguise myself as a ghost, and take a step into the classroom.

 ”K-Kanon, are you okay?”

 ”U-um, yeah…”

 Did something happen?

 I approach the direction of the 2 voices.

 ”…her breast”


 Breasts? Is someone harassing him?

 I approach Aqua-kun and the others, still not used to the darkness.

 And then it happens. It really happens.


 A large hand grabs my breasts.

 In that instant, I feel an electric shock-like sensation coursing through my entire body.


 I let out a voice in surprise, matching Aqua-kun’s shocked tone.

 ”Sh-Shirogane-kun is really aggressive, huh…”

 I-I’m a high school student too.

 I’m not someone who doesn’t have days where I comfort myself like other students do.

 But the way Aqua-kun touches me is completely different from how I do it myself.


 No way, Kanon-san is right there…

 I press my hand against my crotch over the black costume.

 The sticky liquid dripping from my hole passes through the crotch of my panties and down my inner thigh. Oh no… I think I messed up my panties.

 Just from having my breasts touched once, my uterus is sending signals all over my body that I want a baby.

 ”I-I, this is like an irresistible force or something…”

 The pressure on my breasts eases up a bit.

 Normally, I should be able to move my body to the side at this timing, but I got flustered and ended up pushing my breasts even harder against him.


 Aqua-kun’s palm, which gently received my boobs, squeezes them even harder.

 I can feel my slightly chafed n**ples throbbing with pain.

 I want Aqua-kun to go wild on this body… I might think I’m saying something ridiculous, but my rationality is being overwhelmed by my s*xual desire to the point where I’m having such a fragile dream.

 I want to have intense s*x like the animals I saw during s*x education, mating with each other fiercely.

 Just having my breasts touched makes my uterus feel like it’s dropping, and if I were to get all sweaty and entwined with Aqua-kun in a private room, I wonder how good it would feel.

 ”No, no, no, I just tried to pull my hand away and my fingertips got caught a little.”

 No way! The other me inside my heart is shouting.

 My younger self, wearing a white one-piece and a straw hat, is yelling something at me.

 Come on, Summer King! If you lose to your s*xual desire here, you’ll become a Chijou too!

 Chijou…? Yeah, if I get consumed by my s*xual desire here, what’s the point of Kenzaki and the others fighting?! Remember… I’m the student council president, and it’s my job to protect Aqua-kun and the students of Otomezaki’s smiles! Uooooo!

 I forcefully pull my body away from Aqua-kun’s hand and take a slight distance.

 Haa, haa, haa… I was almost completely taken over.

 If I didn’t have the voice of my childhood self, I might have been devoured by my beastly desires and attacked.

 ”Hmm, earlier, you were only looking the bra Pegonia left in the locker room, right? And for some reason, you also stared at Emily-senpai’s bra.”

 ”Ah… yeah. Sorry…”

 Let’s just take a step back and observe for now. It’s okay as long as we don’t touch.

 That’s what I thought, but I want to punch my self from a few minutes ago.

 ”Oooh oooh oooh!”

 Aqua-kun, who’s making a voice like a popular snack from Morinaga, stumbles.

 This is bad, and I instinctively throw my body at him, using my breasts to block his face.


 I gazed at Aqua-kun, who was sitting in the valley of my chest without any defenses, and my maternal instincts began to overflow.

 I want to hug him tight… like this, and pamper him, saying “it’s okay, it’s okay, you’re safe now.”

 No, no, if I do that, I’ll never be able to take it back.

 I trembled, biting my lip, and hid my shaking hands.

 ”Is Aqua okay?”

 ”Yeah, I’m fine. There was a super comfy and nice-smelling cushion, so I’m good.”

 Aqua-kun said it smells good I was worried because I thought I smelled sweaty, but it seems I’m giving off a nice, feminine scent, and that’s a relief.

 But, if he treat me like a girl and give me full affirmation, there will be more girls who get the wrong idea, so he need to be careful.

 ”Whoa, there’s something soft all around me…”

 Look, it’s not like I’m saying it out loud. You’re surrounded by girls who have the wrong idea, and I can’t move.

 I pulled away the girls who were crowding around Aqua-kun.


 It’s dark, and I can’t see well, but I felt like the highlight in Kanon-san’s eyes had disappeared.

 This is bad, and I became even more vigilant.

 But Aqua-kun, as if on purpose, kept slipping his hands and touching my breasts, again and again! It’s like, what’s with this…?

 I feel like I’ve had a lifetime’s worth of breast-touching just today. But because of that, I might have become able to tolerate it a bit more.

 And when I think about the women who die without ever being touched by a man in their lives, I feel like I shouldn’t be touched so much, and maybe he should touch other girls instead. I know it sounds weird when I say it, but I don’t have that kind of charm. I still wear cute bear underwear sometimes…

 ”It, it was amazing, that haunted house…”


 Kanon-san is amazing. She’s getting jealous over Aqua-kun… something a normal girl can’t do.

 I felt a warm and fuzzy feeling when I saw Aqua-kun trying to cheer up Kanon-san, who was in a bad mood.

 If all men and women could be like Aqua-kun and Kanon-san, wouldn’t the world be a happier place?

 It’s impossible to imagine a relationship where both partners are equal, but seeing these 2 together makes me think that it’s possible.

 Yeah, I think that’s why Kanon-san was able to capture Aqua-kun’s heart ―― because they can be natural and equal with each other. That’s something no other girl can do.

 ”Thanks for your help, President Natsuki!”


 A maid suddenly appeared, holding a signboard, and whispered in my ear.

 I’m pretty sure her name is Pegonia-san. She’s Kanon-san’s personal maid, and she’s been allowed to attend school as a special exception.

 I heard that Pegonia-san never went to school due to family circumstances.

 When my classmates heard that, they gave her a school uniform as a present, and thanks to Sugita-sensei’s consideration, she’s been attending classes sitting next to Kanon-san.

 I happened to see her chatting with my female classmates in the hallway during my patrol.

 Pegonia-san might not be an official student of our school, but she’s definitely one of us, Otomezaki’s members. As the student council president, I should know!

 ”I’m sorry to surprise you.”

 ”No need to apologize. You must be tired, Pegonia-san. Let’s work together to maintain everyone’s peace!”

 I said that and held out my fist towards her.

 Pegonia-san blinked for a moment, then pressed her own fist against mine.

 ”Yes, let’s do our best together!”

 I saw Pegonia-san’s natural, youthful smile for just a moment, and I thought, “That’s why everyone’s so kind to her.”

 ’President, it seems the target is heading towards the gymnasium.’


 I was thinking about what to do in the gym when an announcement echoed throughout the school.

 It seems like Aqua-kun is participating in the basketball team’s event.

 This is bad…

 Aqua-kun’s sweat that’s fallen on the floor might get licked up, or the mop and bucket used to wipe away his sweat might get stolen.

 I rushed out to protect Otomezaki’s and Aqua-kun’s peace.

 I’m having some doubts about Natsuki’s interpretation.

 So, the author will leave some images and their thoughts here.



 First, President Natsuki looks like a slightly carefree and big-sister-like feel.

 I think the fact that her breasts are prominent might also add to her Aqua points.



 Next, there’s Natsuki with a more mature feel. She still has an big-sister-like vibe.

 Actually, in the drama that takes place before the main story, her hair is cut to this length.



 Personally, this is the closest to the author’s initial image.

 She has a confident air about her, and that’s really cool.



 This one has a similar feel.

 When I think about it, I get the impression that the image from around this time is closer to 3-4, and the image from later on is closer to 1-2.

 5, Bonus


 I managed to create an image that combines Natsuki and Aqua’s feels, so I’ll leave it here.

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