Male Idol Extra 5

Chapter 5 Shirogane Lapis, Secret Little Sister

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 As the sun sets, the living room also grows dim.

 If we just turned on the lights, it would be fine, but neither I nor my sister nor my Mother can muster the energy to do so.

 Ever since my brother left this house a few days ago to start his new married life, we’ve been having days like this.

 Ah… Nii-sama, Nii-sama, Nii-sama…

 I wandered out of the living room, sneaked into my brother’s room as usual.

 Although my brother’s room is locked, I have a spare key he gave me, so I can come and go as I please.

 I dive onto my brother’s bed, burying my face in the pillow that still smells like him.


 I naturally take off my shorts, slide them down to my knees, and touch myself.

 Just lightly caressing the surface makes my head spin, and I can fill the emptiness of not having my brother around.

 ”Nii-sama… nnn!”

 Ah… my emotions got the better of me again.

 I gaze at the sticky liquid on my fingertips.

 I use my thumb and index finger to pick it up and pull it apart, forming a sticky thread.

 Please forgive me for fantasizing about you every day and indulging in self-pleasure, Nii-sama.

 As I reach my climax, I stifle my voice and tremble with small movements on my brother’s bed.


 I accidentally stained my brother’s bed sheets with what came out of me.

 I panicked and cleaned it up, but the absorbed water left a faint stain.

 I did it again. This time, I have to secretly wash the sheets when no one’s home…

 As I was thinking that, I heard a familiar voice from downstairs.

 ”I’m home~!”

 It’s my brother’s voice!

 I quickly exit his room, trying not to make too much noise, and hurry to the entrance.

 But my Mother, on the other hand, makes a big racket, and rushes to hug my brother as if she’s diving into him.

 Ugh, it’s so unfair! My Mother is usually strict about manners, but she’s ridiculously lenient when it comes to my brother’s behavior!

 ”Aqua-chan! Are you okay? Are you eating well? Can you take care of yourself in the bathroom and stuff? If you just contact me, Mother will come to help you anytime. If you’re feeling lonely, I’ll even sleep with you… Ah, do you have money? If you run out, tell me right away. Hey, you can take Mother’s savings book and bring it back. And, and…”

 ”Mother… don’t worry, I have enough money, and I’m eating well. I’m not a kid anymore, so…”

 My brother looked a bit embarrassed, but he gazed at Mother with a very kind expression.

 As I looked at Mother again, she was hugging him tightly with all her might.

 Normally, if a man saw his mother like this, they’d probably get annoyed, but Brother didn’t seem to mind at all.

 ”Huh, why is it so dark in here? Ah, did everyone just get back home?”


 Mother turned away from my brother, looking like a child.

 It was impossible to say that she was crying alone in the dark room, lamenting his absence just a Motherent ago.

 ”So, did you eat dinner?”

 ”Not yet, but since Aqua-chan is back, let’s order some sushi!”

 ”Ah, it’s okay if we order now, we can wait. I’ll just whip something up.”

 Wow, it’s been a while since brother cooked for us!!

 Not just me, but Mother and Sister’s tension also rose.

 As I saw Mother holding a fork and spoon in both hands, sitting in a chair, my sister and I quickly looked away. Sometimes when brother is around, Mother seems to regress into a childlike state, but maybe that’s just my imagination?

 ”Hmm, we have chicken, so how about an Oyakodon?”

 ”That’s ridiculous, Aqua-chan, an Oyakodon… Yeah, that’s fine.”

 ”Aa-chan, Shitori-oneechan loves Oyakodon every day, you know.”

 Why are Mother and Older Sister making such sexy faces?

 And it’s the first time I’ve heard that Sister loves Oyakodon that much.

 I thought Sister liked Western-style dishes like white stew, cheese gratin, or carbonara, but this is unexpected.

 ”I’m eating! Mmm, this is deliciousss!”

 I’m stunned to see Mother eating an oyakodon with a big mouthful, making a slurping sound.

 Mother, aren’t you a teacher who teaches etiquette? You can’t show your students this kind of behavior, right?

 And Sister, you have white bits stuck around your mouth, which is a bit embarrassing. Look, Nii-sama has been staring at your face since earlier… Come on, you 2 are older than Lapis, so please behave yourselves. I’ll use this nearby tissue to wipe around Sister’s mouth.

 ”Lapis-chan’s ecchi…”

 What is Sister even saying? Come on, you can clean yourself up properly later.

 ”Thanks, Lapis”

 ”Yes, Nii-sama!”

 Hehe, when I scolded Sister, brother praised me while we were doing the dishes.

 By the way, Sister, who got scolded, is still clueless. I was called cute, but I didn’t sink in. Sister, please reflect on your actions!

 ”Ah, it’s been a while… Even though it’s only been a few days, coming home is really relaxing, isn’t it?”

 Brother, who returned to his room, sat down on his chair and gazed far away, saying so.

 Brother sometimes looks into the distance with a far-off gaze, but this time, he looked like someone who came from far away, and it felt lonely.


 Brother twitched his neat nose.

 ”I smell Lapis’s scent in my room.”

 Oh no, oh no, oh no!

 Nii-sama, please don’t sniff anymore! If you do, it’ll be obvious that I was doing ecchi things in this room just now.

 ”Lapis… maybe…”

 I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

 If Lapis got caught doing something naughty in brother’s room, it’s obvious that brother would get mad, and worst-case scenario, he might even disown me. I absolutely can’t let that happen. So I thought I should apologize right away, but when I saw brother’s hand reaching out towards me, my body froze and I couldn’t move.

 I’m going to get hit… The memory of brother from before he became the current brother flashed back.


 But brother didn’t hit Lapis; instead, he gently stroked Lapis’ head like he always does.

 ”I see you cleaned my room while I was away. Thanks, Lapis. You’re really the best little sister.”

 Brother then hugged my body tight and sat me on his lap, holding me close.

 Aww, Nii-sama, you’re too bold. If you hold me this close, won’t we accidentally make a baby? I learned in school that babies are born when you do a certain thing, but when I’m with brother, my lower body gets all tingly and fluttery many times a day.

 ’Lapis-chan, maybe you’re already pregnant? Aqua-sama…’

 ’Nii-sama is so aggressive, even just with his scent…’

 When I told Miyako-chan about this, Subaru-chan, who was sitting next to me, turned bright red and accidentally dropped the Tamagoyaki she was holding back into her lunchbox.

 Subaru-chan has about the same level of knowledge as me, but Miyako-chan is super knowledgeable about these things and taught me what to do.

 ’Really, will this really work?’

 When the 3 of us went to the drugstore, we nervously bought a pregnancy test.

 I was extremely embarrassed before buying it, but the ladies at the drugstore were very kind and smiled at us with their bright, cheerful faces.

 ’If you have any trouble, feel free to ask us anything.’

 ’Yes, thank you very much.’

 As I relaxed a bit and looked around, I noticed that there were other girls around our age, disguised and sneaking around the pregnancy test section.

 Hey, good job! We also wandered around for about an hour before buying this, so I totally understand how you feel.

 ’H-h-h-how was it?’

 When I told them that there was no reaction from the upset Subaru-chan, I got a lot of comfort from those two. And even the lady at the drugstore…

 ”Lapis, what’s wrong?”

 ”Uh, nothing, it’s okay”

 After taking a bath, I got caught by brother.

 ”Hey, come here, you’ll catch a cold if your hair is still wet”

 ”Yes, Nii-sama.”

 I know it’s a luxury to get treated like this, and other girls might get angry if they saw it, but I just can’t get used to it. My heart is racing too much, and I almost stopped breathing many times… But I think I’m doing better than before. Before, he would even give me a foot massage and apply lotion to my arms, but Kanon-sama, I mean, my sister-in-law, told him to stop, so now he just dries my hair and styles it.

 Thank you, thank you so much! I sent my sister-in-law a message of gratitude right away.

 I felt a little lonely and empty, but on days when I got a massage, I wouldn’t even change my underwear, and I had to make sure my private area was clean, so for me, this is already a big favor.

 ”Well, see you all later”

 The next day, my brother made my favorite pancakes for breakfast before leaving.

 He said he’d come back next week, but I just can’t wait for that day.



 Seriously, these 2 are really… You know, take care!

 I turned on the lights in my room and slapped their butts, saying that if he saw them like that, my brother would be sad.

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