Male Idol Extra 4

Chapter 4 Kirika Kotono, Day Off

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 I woke up with a roll and gradually regained my consciousness.

 Oh yeah, I was tired yesterday and fell asleep right on the bed.

 As soon as I woke up, I looked at the clock placed beside the bed.


 Oh no! I’m late! Work!!

 Waking up to reality, I jumped out of bed and almost tripped over the cable, causing her to stumble.

 Danger! I’m not in my twenties anymore, I need to be more careful. But thanks to that, I’m fully awake now.

 There’s no time to shower or eat breakfast, but at least I’ll fix my hair. Oh wait, it’s a holiday. I sighed in relief upon seeing the calendar hanging on the wall.


 Standing in front of the vanity, I let out a sigh of relief. What am I doing at this hour of the day?

 Although I now work at Beryl Entertainment, I used to work at a company known as a “black company” in the past. Even though I’m been working at Tenkai Aircraft Development for a while now, I still can’t shake off the feeling of being a corporate sl*ve.

 ”At least take a shower.”

 After washing my body thoroughly in the shower, I stopped in front of the mirror in the dressing room.

 ”Hmm, maybe I’ve grown a little bigger again?”

 I sighed again in front of the mirror.

 After drying my hair and applying serum, I had a very late breakfast.

 Today’s breakfast was the bento I bought last night to eat, but I fell asleep and didn’t get to eat it.

 After eating and washing the dishes, I brewed my favorite drip coffee to wake myself up.

 Well then… let’s watch TV slowly while enjoying my post-meal coffee.

 ’Breaking news. A group that scammed people by pretending to be from Beryl Entertainment and claiming that they won the right to meet Shirogane Aqua, one of their talents, has been arrested en masse. They scammed people out of hundreds of millions.’

 This is known as the 300 Million Yen Incident.

 It happened just while everyone was at Stars.

 The incident was quickly calmed down thanks to Shirogane Shitori-san, Aqua-san’s big sister, who was at the company at the time and immediately announced that our company was not involved. However, there were still a considerable number of people who were affected.

 Even though there are always strange incidents happening, the weird group run by Hagetoru-san, also known as the Holy Aqua Religion, usually takes care of them right away. But this time, they must have been busy with the Stars incident. That might have also contributed to the expansion of the damage.

 ”The suspects who were arrested kept repeating nonsensical statements like ‘I hate cookies’ and ‘My butt was confirmed with an eggplant.’ Some of them were in a state where they couldn’t even communicate because they were forcefully made to inhale something from a plastic bag.”

 The scene switched to footage of the arrested criminals being shoved into police cars.

 The women who were holding their butts down were forced to crawl and sit on the seats of the patrol car because they couldn’t sit.

 What a pathetic sight. I thought that families with young children should be shown this footage deliberately. This is what happens if you do bad things ―― you’ll end up in such an embarrassing situation.

 ’Uh-oh, we’ve got some new information. It seems that a person claiming to be a High Performance Server has just contacted the Metropolitan Police Department. They said that they managed to intercept the money that the fraud group extorted from the victims in the 300 million yen case just as it was being converted into cryptocurrency. So, they’re going to return it to each victim. I repeat…’

 Who exactly is this person who claims to be a High Performance Server?

 President Atori seems to have met them in person, but their true identity is unknown.

 I can’t believe this, but our High Performance Server is not involved with that weird place called Holy Aqua Religion, right? I checked with Server administrator Sabato-san, and the president says they aren’t involved, and there’s no evidence to suggest otherwise, so I think we’re okay… but I just can’t shake this bad feeling.

 I gave Hagetoru a stern warning, so I hope she can properly manage that strange group…

 ’And now, for the next news. A visit from the Arabian Peninsula Federation is scheduled…’”

 I left the TV on and opened my laptop.

 [Shota Onee] Hoshimiya Shiro’s Big Sister Squad Part 14 [Shota Onee]

 278 Anonymous

 Personally, I want Shiro-kun to say this line.

 ”Hey, big sister, what are you doing with my discarded socks? You’re not going to sniff them or use them for something weird, are you?”

 ”Giggle giggle. Big sister, you’re so happy with this. What a pushover.”

 ”Big sister, aren’t you embarrassed to be scolded by a little boy like me?”

 ”Huh!? Big sister, you’re still keeping that useless thing? Let me throw it away for you.”

 ”It’s so sad that you haven’t experienced this until you’re this old. Okay. If you bow down to me within the next 3 seconds, I’ll let you throw it away. Okay, come on… oh, big sister, you’re too quick. You’re weak.”

 ”Aren’t you embarrassed to bow down to a child like this?”

 281 Anonymous


 Ah, ah, ah (the sound of my brain being destroyed)

 282 Anonymous


 After all, the era of OSUGAKI is here~desuwa.

 283 Anonymous


 I’m so sorry that I haven’t experienced this until this age. So please, please, can you let me throw it away?

 284 Anonymous


 I’m confident that I can melt my entire fortune if Shiro-kun and Tama-chan open a shota cafe.

 285 Anonymous


 I would bow down in the middle of talking.

 287 Double Duet



 290 Anonymous


 Here comes Kanade-san, the Beethoven of the bulletin board.

 291 Anonymous


 Thank you for always making my ears happy. Thank you very much.”

 292 Verification Team *07218KADO6


 Thank you for always taking care of my uterus. Thanks.

 294 Anonymous


 Only the duet and the godly artist are gods.

 How many times have I been indebted to them.

 295 Anonymous


 Hey, you guys who haven’t listened to this yet, be careful!!

 Your brain will melt and you’ll trip out in 3 seconds after listening.

 Oh, the thread I was peeking at last night was still open.

 I don’t usually look at such questionable threads, but I have to check them sometimes… well, you see, I’m an employee of Beryl Entertainment, so this is also an important part of my job.

 And also, I feel like I know someone here, but let’s just pretend I didn’t see them.

 When I close the bulletin board, I go around checking the bulletin boards and sites I always visit.

 Well, everything seems to be running smoothly.

 ”Let’s check the messaging app too.”

 I launch the app on my smartphone.

 [Verification Team2]

 Emily: “Hey Kaede! I had a great idea!

 Kaede: “What’s that!?”

 Emily: “If we have a child with Shumi, we can indirectly become part of Aqua-sama’s family, right?”

 Kaede: “Wow! Hagetoru, you’re… a genius!”

 Kanon: “Oh, come on.”

 Kanon: “Instead of talking about such petty things, you should just go for it.”

 Kanon: “Hagetoru is really a keyboard warrior, isn’t she?

 Kanon: “I heard from Aqua that you’re quiet when I’m not there, aren’t you? That’s not good.”

 Kanon: “Kaede-senpai, you should just ask him out to dinner and say you need to talk about work.”

 Kanon: “But first, Kaede-senpai has to come home first. Aren’t you home yet?”

 Emily: “Uh-huh…”

 Kaede: “Yeah…”

 It seems like things are normal here too.

 I type on the keyboard of my laptop.

 ”Kaede-san, I need you to come back home quickly as I have some work for you to do.

 Kaede: “Yeah…”

 Seconds later, I received a reply. But is everything really okay?

 I can’t help it. I type that I’ll pick her up at the airport if she lets me know her return date.

 ”Hmm, a new message? I wonder who it’s from.”

 Nekoyama Toa

 About the CD from the other day, please go ahead and approve it.

 Also, Aqua treated me to a crepe today.

 Isn’t that great?

 I’ll secretly send Kotono-oneechan a picture that even his wife doesn’t have.

 Attached image *****.jpg

 Oh my.

 It was a picture of Aqua-san with whipped cream on his cheek, taking a bite of a crepe.

 Huh? Does he not realize that there’s whipped cream on his cheek?

 Is everything okay with him in various ways?

 Nekoyama Toa

 Oh, by the way, I made sure to wipe off the whipped cream later.

 It was delicious!

 What? Does that mean the crepe was delicious?

 No, no, no, no, no, or did Toa-chan eat the whipped cream on his cheek… ugh, my heart is suddenly racing…

 Haa, haa, it seems that some residents have been experiencing heart palpitations and dizziness on the bulletin board lately, and it seems that the wave has finally reached me. I’m also 30 now, so I really need to go to the doctor.

 Also, I haven’t been to the gym since I was at Stars, so my body might be getting sluggish.

 ”Speaking of which, I heard that Beryl’s headquarters got a gym, right?”

 I heard that President Ako created it at the request of Aqua-san and Akira-san because they wanted a place to work out.

 Speaking of which, I haven’t used it yet, and the company is closed today except for a few people, but I heard that the gym is open 24/7, so I might as well try it out.

 I get myself ready quickly and get in my recently purchased car and head to the company.

 Tokyo is a place where one can live comfortably even without a personal car, but when I was in Shizuoka, I used to drive the company car, and I quite liked driving. I convinced myself that it would be good for work and bought it, but to be honest, I was captivated by the name of this car, which has the numbers 9 and 2 engraved on it, and its cute, round shape. Driving a foreign car, especially a classic car that was released long before I was born, made me a little anxious at first, but when Aqua-san saw the car and said it looked cool, I realized that I made the right choice.


 After arriving at the company, I changed into my workout clothes in the nearby women’s changing room and entered the gym.

 There were plenty of new equipment lined up, and the interior was spacious with a luxurious feel on the ceiling, floor, walls, and most importantly, a great view.

 ”Hmm, this is amazing!”

 Fortunately, it was a private session, so I felt a bit luxurious and my excitement rose, leading to a productive workout.

 Now, I was thinking of finishing with a run and some stretches when I heard someone’s footsteps.

 Just as I thought my private session was over, I heard a sound of something dropping behind me.



 Without thinking, I turned around at the sound of a familiar voice, and there was Aqua-san, dressed in workout attire.

 The muscles in his upper body were clearly visible even through his tight T-shirt. Oh, how cool he looked. I couldn’t help but be captivated. And on top of that, wait, are those bare legs!? I couldn’t help but stare at Aqua-san’s bare legs peeking out from his shorts.

 Oh no! I’m Toa-chan’s manager!! I can’t let my composure be disturbed here!!

 Upon closer inspection, I noticed that Aqua-san had dropped the mat he was holding onto the floor.

 What, what’s going on? Oh no! I have to look down at my own body and reassess my condition.

 The bra top that emphasized the sweat stains on my large chest, the visible belly button, the ponytail at the nape of my neck, the droplets of sweat running down my exposed armpits, and on top of that, the spats I was wearing underneath were digging into my private parts, making the shape clearly visible.

 ”S-Sorry. Showing you something unsightly…”



 Aqua-san? Did you say something just now?

 ”Ah, no, it’s nothing. I mean… it’s not embarrassing at all. Kirika-san is just so beautiful that I couldn’t help but be mesmerized. Thank you so much!!”

 B-Beautiful!? M-Me?

 Aqua-san… maybe I should talk to Ako-san later and go to the eye doctor.

 How could someone like me be called beautiful? Ah, I see, because Aqua-san is kind, he must have said that to be considerate of me. Haha, I almost took it seriously and misunderstood. Geez.

 ”Ah, I’m definitely not just saying that to flatter you.”

 Huh? Huh? Not just flattering?

 W-What does that mean? It’s bothering me~ I’m curious, but I can’t ask~ I don’t have the courage~

 When we were running side by side on the treadmill, I felt someone’s gaze intensely.

 Could it be… I was being watched? But I’m scared to confirm it, so I didn’t look in that direction. While I was wondering what to do, I noticed our reflections on the glass window in front of us.

 And when I focused on that reflection, Aqua-san, who was next to me, was clearly staring at my bouncing breasts. And it seems like there’s a slight bulge in the lower half… M-Mmm, no, I don’t have the qualification to be a ochinchin sommelier, so I don’t know.

 Should I shake them more? When I deliberately moved up and down vigorously, Aqua-san’s gaze followed suit. Aqua-san… you must not let out an “oooh” sound. To be honest, when it’s a woman in my age, it’s not strange to misinterpret a boy’s reaction as agreement and be attacked.

 In the end, I continued to be sneakily watched by Aqua-san while stretching.


 I’m sorry. I couldn’t bear it and comforted myself in the shower in the changing room.

 But, you know, this is the first time I’ve been looked at with such lustful eyes by a man since I became such an old woman.

 I almost thought I was mistaken, and my female desires are getting aroused.

 ”Sigh, what am I doing…”

 After calming down my aching body, I get ready to go home and leave the locker room.

 Just then, I received a message from someone.

 Miyuki Heliodor Yui

 Would you like to join me for dinner tonight?

 I immediately replied to the message with a “yes”.

 Since that day, Miyuki-san and I have had dinner together a few times.

 Miyuki-san and I are both involved with Aqua-san through our work, but we avoid talking about that part of her life and often talk about idol Shirogane Aqua-san or Shiro-kun as fans.

 Miyuki Heliodor Yui

 How about the Toriyoshi in Akihabara that we talked about the other day?


 Yakitori and beer after exercise are delicious. But, drinking beer will make the exercise I just did… no, rather, isn’t this a chance? If I go to the gym to burn off what I ate, I might be able to be alone with Aqua-san again, and, and, maybe he’ll look at my body a lot again.

 But, I don’t have the confidence to do anything else, but that’s okay.

 Because, Aqua-san is the only one who sees me as a woman, when no one else has ever looked at me before. I’m happy just to be able to take care of Shumi-san’s child when she has one, and to help the still young Emily-san and Kaede-san get together with Aqua-san.


 In the car, I touched my lips lightly with my fingertips, which had just whispered that word.

 The reflection of myself in the window was surprised to see me say that word without thinking.

 ”But, I have to hold back”

 I work for Beryl Entertainment, so I think Aqua-san would be troubled if such an older lady were to show interest in him. That’s why I need to control myself. I tell myself this over and over again.

 By the way, that night, I got so drunk that I almost overslept the next day. I was so embarrassed.

 I can’t talk to Kaede-san like this.

 ”Alright, let’s do this!”

 I tightened my grip on my loose heart and headed towards the president’s office with a new proposal in hand.

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