Male Idol Extra 11

Chapter 11 Kohina Yukari, Come Out If You Say I Don’t Have Any Friends!

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 ”Hey! Wake up already!!”


 Today’s the day we’re all going to the theme park together.

 I’m going to raid Shirogane’s house early in the morning to make sure that guy doesn’t escape.

 I wake up Aqua, who’s still half asleep, and head to where the car is parked.

 By the way, I’m not waking up early because I’m excited or anything!

 When we arrive at the parking lot, Ayana-chan and Akocchi are already there.

 Those 2 are really early….

 ”You’re really licensed, senpai? That’s not a fake license or something, right?”

 I respond to Aqua’s suspicious gaze with a confident, carefree smile.

 ”Hehe, don’t worry about it. I’ve got a gold license, you know.”

 I take out my gold license from my pocket and flash it in front of Aqua’s face.

 I got my license just for today, and since I already had a regular license, I was able to get a gold license from the start.

 ”How’s that? Isn’t it amazing? Kohina-senpai is so cool, so amazing, you can even praise me all you want!!”

 ”Wait, didn’t Yukari just get her license recently?”

 ”Shh, Akocchi, shh!”

 I quickly cover Ako’s mouth, who’s sitting next to me.

 This kid still says too much… Look, not just Aqua, but even Ayana-chan is looking at me with a worried face!

 ”Kohina-senpai, are you really okay?”

 I ignore Aqua and stick the young leaf mark on the borrowed car.

 That’s it! Now we’re all set! Hey, Aqua, don’t make that worried face when you see the young leaf mark! Shh, shh!

 ”Hey, Yukari, isn’t an open car kind of uncomfortable?”

 ”Ugh… Akocchi, that’s why you’re no good.”

 ”Whoa!? Am I, like, useless?”

 I let out a deep sigh and threw my hands up in the air, looking like I was about to give up.

 ”Of course, I’m a celebrity, just like Aqua and Ayana-chan, but does that mean I have to live a secretive life for the sake of those who don’t know me? I’d rather live life to the fullest and go out in public with confidence If people want to stare, let them stare all they want. Those weaklings with a combat level of 5 or so can’t even talk to me because they’re intimidated by my aura!”

 I, the great actress Kohina Yukari, have never disguised myself before.

 And yet, no one has ever asked for my autograph, shaken hands with me, or even talked to me!!

 When I said that, Aqua and Ayana-chan looked at me with pitiful eyes.

 What’s with that?! If you have something to say, just say it clearly!!

 ”I, um, I’m a fan of Kohina-senpai’s acting, yeah. I’ve seen all her works…”

 ”I, um, I want Kohina-senpai’s autograph, too…”

 Exactly. Exactly!

 I put my hands on my hips and nodded confidently.

 ”Sorry, you two, for worrying about Yukari… and, ow!”

 I pinched Ako’s butt.

 Seriously, stop saying unnecessary things!

 ”Did everyone fasten their seatbelts? Alright, let’s go!!”

 I drove the 4-seater open-top car I rented towards the theme park.

 Although I made a bold statement earlier, this was my first time driving a car like this, so I drove carefully.

 ”Ayana, have you been to a theme park before?”

 ”No, I’ve only seen it on TV.”

 Mutsumiya Seijuu, an actress like me who is also known as the Empress.

 When we co-starred in a program, she gave me 4 theme park tickets.

 If she had just given me the tickets normally, that would be fine, but there’s more to this story.

 That woman… she thought I was a loner and was laughing behind my back when she gave me the tickets.

 She must have been making fun of me, saying I’m a loner with no friends!!

 Hmph, look at that! I’m excited to see that girl’s embarrassed face when I tease her. Ohohoho!!

 ”I think she’s thinking about something really stupid.”

 ”That’s correct, Aqua-kun… Sorry about that. It’s a special holiday, and Ayana-chan is accompanying my Yukari…”

 ”No, I don’t have any plans for the holiday either…”


 You’re the only one on my side, Ayana-chan!

 You’re different from Ako, who has a gloomy face, and Aqua, who has a silly face.

 ”After all, holidays are meant for resting. So, it’s weird for someone with plans to exist!”



 ”Don’t mind it…”

 Hey! Why are you looking at me with that pitiful expression?!

 And Aqua’s last “Don’t mind” was pretty harsh, wasn’t it?!

 I’m really going to get angry now. Pun-pun!

 Oh, the traffic light in front of me has turned yellow. There’s enough distance between our car and the one behind us, and we’re stopping at the yellow light, of course.


 Who said that? I turn my face towards the voice.


 Oh, I see. The window of the car in the next lane is open, and I can hear their conversation.


 ”Kyaa, Aqua-sama!”

 ”Wait, Tsukimachi Ayana-chan is also here!”

 ”Geh, Kohina Yukari!”

 Hey! Why am I the only one getting treated like this? There are plenty of other things to talk about, you know What’s with that, huh?! You’re not looking at me like I’m some kind of monster, are you?!

 I’m the main actress of this month’s 9pm drama, so I’ll allow you to take a special photo with me just for today.

 So, come on, hurry up and take the picture!

 ”Aqua-sama, we’re cheering for you!!”

 ”The girl sitting next to you is Rina, right? That’s great. I want to switch places with her.”

 ”Kohina Yukari is wearing a Wakaba mark, isn’t she? Pupupu.”

 ”Is the woman sitting next to Kohina Yukari President Atori? Is she working on something?”

 Why is it that only I get called by my name, while you’re all so familiar with the younger Aqua?!

 Grrr… If you’re going to say things like that, then I’ll close the curtains and hide in the back!

 I press the button and close the curtains. I won’t let you guys see my Aqua for free!!

 ”Amazing, Kohina Yukari, how childish…”

 ”Look at that triumphant face…”

 ”It’s just like the rumors on the net…”

 ”I’ll write about it on the bulletin board later…”

 I pretend not to notice Ako, Aqua, and Ayana-chan’s shocked faces, and step on the accelerator as if nothing’s wrong. Hmm.

 As I drive smoothly to our destination, Ayana-chan, who’s sitting next to Aqua, starts whispering to him in a low voice.

 Tch, tch, tch… Unfortunately, Kohina Yukari, with her devil ears, can hear everything!

 ”Hey, Aqua.”


 ”Don’t you think our car is surrounded by undercover police cars?”

 ”Ah… That’s true. I should wave and say ‘good job’…”

 Huh? I turn my gaze to the next lane.

 Then, a police officer with a helmet gives me a nice smile.

 When I turn to the other side, another police officer with a helmet nods at me with a smile.

 When I look in the rearview mirror, the police officer in the car behind me salutes.

 It’s like the car in front of me hasn’t changed at all…

 ”It’s all green lights…”

 Just like Ako said, it’s been all green lights all the way to our destination.

 Yeah, I’ll pretend I didn’t know. Even I felt a little scared.

 Is this guy really okay? Is he being watched by some weird organization or something?

 ”We arrived faster than I thought.”

 ”Yeah, yeah, that’s right… Aqua.”

 ”The police were following us all the way to our destination. They were tailing us till the end.”

 ”U-um, that’s right… Aqua-kun.”

 Come on, Ayana-chan and Ako, tell the truth already!

 You’re spoiling him by being so nice, and that’s why he’s still got that clueless face.

 ”Kohina-senpai, is something wrong?”


 Ayana-chan and Ako’s gazes are piercing my back like a sharp pain.

 Well, it’s not like I mind. I don’t care if I spoil him a little…

 But, they say he’s cute enough to be pampered, and it’s better to just play along… Ah, geez! You girls are pampering him too, so we’re even! And it’s the wife’s job to do that, anyway!

 I’ve already decided to pamper him, so I’ll leave everything else to Aqua’s wife from now on!!

 ”By the way, Yukari, where’s the ticket?”

 ”Just wait a minute, and all 3 of you come closer!”

 Yes, *click*… I’ll post this on social media with the caption, “Thanks to the ticket-giving empress, I got to come and play with my good friends!” Serves you right!

 ”You’re really kind, Yukari. You’re using the theme park’s signboard and tickets properly, and in the end, Aqua-kun and Ayana-chan came, so it’s like an advertisement… You’re really sweet on social media, but…”

 ”Shut up! It’s embarrassing to be told that, so Akocchi shouldn’t notice! It’s better if she doesn’t notice, anyway!”

 Well, I’m glad they noticed, but…

 Anyway, that’s good, so let’s hurry up and go Already.

 ”So, where are we going first?”

 ”It’s obvious we’re going to the roller coaster!”

 As we lined up for the roller coaster, the people around us started making a fuss and staring at us.

 I mean, from the moment we entered the theme park, everyone was staring at us.

 Well, that’s what happens when you bring Aqua along.

 ”Go ahead.”

 ”We can’t make Aqua-sama wait!”

 ”We’ve been waiting in line for Aqua-sama.”


 The people in front of us smiled and let us cut in line. I think there was one weird guy at the end, but maybe that’s just my imagination.

 Aqua was trying to refuse the offer, saying “it’s okay,” but that’s silly. She’s still a kid, so he should just accept the kindness with a smile.

 I’m telling you, it’s better this way, so I’m going to drag Aqua along with me.


 ”I didn’t realize we were in the lead!”

 ”Sorry, everyone. Thanks!”

 Hehe, from now on, when there are a lot of people, it’s better to bring Aqua along.

 Ako said it was a bad idea, but I was right, as usual.

 Even on TV, Aqua’s fans was ranked number one in the idol rankings, and it’s no surprise.

 The reason for this is 59.8% because they don’t want to trouble Aqua, and 27.6% because the manager, Nee-san, is scary. I’ve seen that manager at work, and she definitely has a intimidating aura. I can understand why.

 But I’ll tell you, people like that can be unexpectedly kind. So, you can’t judge someone just by looking at them.

 By the way, I’ll ignore the remaining 12.6% who said it was for religious reasons.

 ”Ayana, are you okay? You don’t look so good?”

 ”Yeah, I’m fine…”

 Hmm… Ayana-chan is unexpectedly bad at this, isn’t she?

 On the other hand, Aqua is doing great for his first time.

 ”Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve been on a rollercoaster!”

 I know, right? I went on one with Ako 3 years ago!

 Ako has loved rollercoasters since she was a kid.

 ”By the way, Yukari, are you really okay? You’ve always been bad at this, right?”

 ”No, no, no, what are you talking about, Ako? Of course, I’m fine!”

 Ugh! You’re only doing this because you like me, and yet you’re acting like this! If you’re going to notice, then notice already! Idiot!

 I thought she’d changed since she was praised as a capable president online, but I was wrong.

 She’s still as silly as ever, and this idol, Shirogane Aqua, and this president, are just the same!

 Really, these two are so similar that I’d think they were parent and child when they act like that!


 ”Woah, yay! This is so much fun!”


 ”Wow, amazing!”

 As I was screaming and laughing, I grabbed Ako’s hand.

 On the other hand, in front of me, Aqua was holding Ayana-chan’s hand.

 This guy! He’s doing something so embarrassing without even realizing it, no wonder girls fall for him!

 He’s got too many women wrapped around his finger, it’s like he’s living in a harem in the evenings!

 ”Wow, Aqua-kun, that was so much fun!”

 ”Yeah, I’ve never been on a rollercoaster before, but it was really exciting!”

 Compared to the energetic duo walking in front of us, Ayana-chan and I were already exhausted from the start.

 ”I-I was scared…”

 ”Kohina-senpai, if you’re not good at it, can we do something else instead?”

 After taking a break on the bench, we decided to grab a meal at a nearby restaurant.

 Ayana-chan and Aqua, who were popular with the fans, were waving at people and taking photos, but I didn’t do anything like that. It’s not like I have any fans looking at me anyway!!

 ”Ah, go-kart!”

 When I saw the go-kart, it was like a lightbulb went off in my head.

 ”That sounds great! Let’s have a go-kart race!!”

 ”A race?”

 ”Yeah, remember that cosplay corner we saw earlier? The winner gets to make the losers wear their favorite cosplay, how about that?”

 ”Well, I guess that’s okay…”

 ”Sounds good, let’s do it!!”

 For some reason, Aqua was really enthusiastic about it.

 This guy… he’s always thinking of something ridiculous.

 ”Alright, sorry! Kohina-senpai, but I’m going all out!!”

 I turned my gaze in the direction Aqua was facing.

 Ah, I see. So he wants to make us wear those skimpy cosplay outfits with minimal fabric, huh?

 Ayana-chan and Ako didn’t notice, but I know Aqua is different from those other guys, and that’s what I like about him!

 Sorry to say, but I won’t let him make Ako wear something that embarrassing I, Kohina Yukari, will be the one to win!!

 I said that with confidence, but in the final corner, my go-kart spun out, and Ako, who had been lagging behind, ended up winning.

 Well, well, well. I guess I won the bet since the original plan was achieved. Yeah.

 ”Kyaa, Yukari is so cute!!”

 Ugh, why do I have to dress up in this childish getup?


 What I was forced to wear was a cosplay of a certain popular character, from kids to adults, with a blonde hair maid outfit.

 Ako, you really have bad taste. Saying I look cute in this outfit is something only you or that weirdo Shirogane Aqua would say.

 ”Ayana-chan is cute too!!”

 ”Ah, thank you.”


 ”Oh, you really are cute!”

 Ayana-chan was embarrassed, but I thought the fairy cosplay suited her well.

 The unrealistic fairy cosplay brought out both her beauty and cuteness.

 It’s like she’s a top idol or something.

 As I was thinking that, a loud, annoying voice came from somewhere.



 ”Hold on!”

 ”Live! Live and burn it into your eyes!!”

 Yeah, yeah, it’s Shirogane Aqua, always causing a ruckus.

 We turned our gaze towards the exit of the men’s locker room.


 And out came Aqua, dressed in a stunning white prince-like outfit, with a blonde wig on.

 Just a little, but absolutely, there’s gotta be a makeup artist and stylist with us, right! It doesn’t feel like cosplay at all, and even I don’t know how to react!

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 Ako, you’re not the type to specify your own cosplay and then slack off, are you?

 And what about Aqua? If you didn’t notice, then you’re really dense.

 Ugh… and to think that the prince-like look isn’t even a joke, but actually suits him.

 In that case, I’ll just have to tease him a bit.

 ”Hey, since we’ve gone to the trouble of changing clothes, let’s ride that thing.”

 I pointed to the Merry-Go-Round behind us with my thumb. Hehe, even you would be embarrassed to ride the Merry-Go-Round in a prince costume, right?

 Waiting in line? Don’t be ridiculous. Nobody’s riding it anyway, and the other customers are too busy taking photos to get the best camera angle.

 ”The real prince is coming…”

 ”I was going to say that the girls are a nuisance, but Ayana-chan and Kohina Yukari are both really beautiful and suit their costumes, so it’s a problem…”

 ”It’s like a beautiful prince and princess, isn’t it? I’m so jealous.”

 ”Aqua-kun riding a white horse is way too cool, and if we post it on social media, it’ll go viral.”

 ”I posted it on the bulletin board earlier, and it got deleted in an instant.”

 ”Ah, Shumi died. That’s so lame!”

 ”Hagetoru’s presence disappeared… she must have gone to pick flowers.”

 ”And somehow, Sommelier disappeared too, but that’s probably what happened.”

 ”Nee-san seems to like this.”

 ”Sorry, I misunderstood about Kohina Yukari-san.”

 ”Aa-sama brought Kohina Yukari to the Merry-Go-Round, and that’s just amazing!”

 ”Kohina Yukari-san is the best! I’ll follow her for life!!”

 Wait, stop praising me so suddenly. It’s embarrassing

 For some reason, it turned into a photo shoot, and Aqua and Ayana-chan are having fun, so… I guess it’s okay…

 But… that theme park staff, you’re no good. I think you’re planning to use our Aqua in a promotional photo without permission, but you won’t get away with it unless you go through our Beryl.

 If I get serious and fly into a rage, you’ll be so scared that you’ll raise both hands in surrender. So, I’ll let you off this time, but there won’t be a next time.

 ”Still, Kohina Yukari is so scary~.”

 ”I knew that from the start.”

 ”I’m quitting being a fan!”

 Wait, why did my favorability rating just go up and then down?!

 It’s really frustrating Since most of Aqua’s fans come from bulletin boards, they’re all like this!!

 ”I’m going to change into something more comfortable. Let’s ride the Ferris wheel with a more relaxed atmosphere.”

 And so, after we changed into our new outfits, the last attraction we visited was the Ferris wheel, a classic at the theme park. Normally, friends would ride it together and take a memorable photo, but I had a good idea and suggested we split into pairs of 2.

 I thought that if I could get Ako to ride with Aqua, there might be a chance…

 It takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete one round, so it would be a breeze with Aqua.

 Even if it wasn’t Ako, it would be fine if Ayana-chan rode with us too, and I was being unusually considerate, but it backfired.

 ”Why did it turn out like this…”

 Why am I riding the Ferris wheel with Aqua?! It’s meaningless!

 If it’s like this, I’ll have to make a baby with Aqua instead of Ako… no, that’s meaningless too.


 ”What’s wrong?”

 As the sun set, Aqua smiled with the sinking sun as our backdrop.

 Aqua is just too cheating. When I see a scene like this, even I, who’s not interested in guys, think it’s cool.

 So, I can understand why Aqua’s fans get so excited, and they didn’t stop taking photos even on the Merry-Go-Round.

 I was going to stop if Aqua didn’t like it, but Aqua was enjoying it too.

 However, Aqua got too into it and ended up carrying me on a white horse, which I’ll never forget.

 I’ll definitely get back at him for making me feel so embarrassed someday.

 ”Thanks for today. Lately, I’ve had fewer chances to go out alone, so… I never thought I’d be able to come to a place like this.”

 ”Hmm, if you understand that, then you should be more… reverent!”

 ”Yes. Kohina-senpai is always amazing. You’re always cool when you’re acting, and I was really lucky to meet you right after watching you in a drama, and I always think that.”

 I turn my face away, trying to hide my embarrassment.

 It’s really great that it’s evening now. No matter how much I’m praised, I can’t show my embarrassed face.

 Ugh, Aqua doesn’t need to say that to me, so maybe he should say it to Ako or Ayana-chan instead.

 ”I’ll only say it once, okay?”


 I keep my face turned away, but glance at Aqua with just my eyes.

 ”Thanks for keeping me company on your day off, I appreciate it.”

 ”Yes! Thank you too!”

 I turn my gaze away from Aqua again.

 Ah, it’s really great that it’s evening now!

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