Male Idol Extra 12

Chapter 12 Shirogane Kanon, Magazine Debut

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 ”Nice to meet you, I’m looking forward to today.”

 ”Likewise, nice to meet you.”

 On a certain sunny day, I and Aqua were scheduled to have an interview at home for a feature article in a women’s magazine. By the way, the theme of the feature was “10 things to do when you become a couple.”

 Aqua seemed to have thought about the answers to the questions, but I was a bit worried if it would be okay….

 Just in case, I had done image training with Pegonia beforehand, so I thought it would be fine.

 ”Then, let’s get started with the interview right away. And, before that… your matching roomwear… it’s a set, isn’t it?”

 The editor-in-chief of the magazine, who was conducting the interview, pointed it out, and my face turned bright red. Ugh… ah, please don’t look at it too much.


 Aqua and I were wearing matching animal roomwear and slippers that we had bought at Fuji Department Store previously.

 It was a bit embarrassing to realize that a third party knew about this kind of thing….

 ”Yes, the first thing to do when you become a couple is this. Buying matching items together!”

 Aqua proudly showed off the matching mugs, teacups, and chopsticks she had brought from the kitchen, and the magazine staff couldn’t help but laugh.

 It was surprising. Everyone was looking at me, but I didn’t say we should buy these. It was all Aqua’s idea!!

 ”Ah, you’re loved, aren’t you?”


 I replied in a faint voice.

 I wondered why I had taken on this job and felt a little regretful.

 ”Then, what’s the second one?”

 ”This is it.”

 Aqua lays down on the sofa with her head on my lap.


 The shocked camera staff and interviewers covered their faces with both hands, letting out cries of surprise.

 Yeah, that’s a pretty normal reaction. I was surprised too when it happened to me for the first time.

 Aqua didn’t seem to care about their reactions, though.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”I-I, it’s okay! Maybe, just maybe, you’re about to… you know, make a baby or something…”

 ”What did you say?”

 ”No, no, it’s nothing. We’re just recording everything, so just pretend we’re not here, okay?”

 I get it. I thought the same thing when it happened to me for the first time ―― I almost took off my outer garment, thinking we were about to have s*x.

 But it’s not like that, right? Does Aqua really want to be pampered that much?

 ”…Is this not foreplay?”

 ”Huh? What did you say?”

 ”No, no, it’s nothing. Just ignore this…”

 By the way, I love this ear cleaning thing.

 I mean, I usually lose, but for some reason, I feel like I’m in a more advantageous position than Aqua right now.

 Oh, I found a big chunk, crunchy crunchy… fuu fuu.

 ”Is everyone okay? Is the cameraman still breathing?”

 ”We’re fine, Editor-in-chief. We’ll record everything even if we die! Just promise us…”

 ”I promise. I’ll make sure to complete the magazine, no matter what. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure to clean up the bones afterwards!”

 While I was mesmerized by Aqua’s ear cleaning, the staff were whispering to each other.

 When the ear cleaning was over, Aqua got up and smiled brightly.

 ”Shall we enjoy the third movie review, then?”

 ”Eh… movie review…”

 Aqua moved a big beanbag cushion in front of the TV and brought out juice and snacks from the kitchen.

 ”It’s okay if we went on a movie date, but let’s do the home version this time.”

 Aqua leaned against the beanbag cushion with me, holding hands like we always do when watching a movie.

 It reminds me of the time we first watched a movie together at home…

 Back then, I was too concerned about Aqua sitting next to me, and the movie’s content didn’t even enter my mind by a millimeter.

 ”I see. So this is a true romance movie…”

 ”Huh? Isn’t this an action movie?”

 ”Ah, sorry about that. It’s nothing. Please just ignore us and think we’re just air.”

 At some point, I stopped watching the movie.

 ”Then, can I ask for the 4th one?”

 ”Yes The 4th one is playing a game together!”

 We played a racing game with a go-kart theme on our home console, just the 2 of us.

 ”Yes! I’m in first place!”

 ”No way! Why did you slip up at a place like this?”

 The racing game we were playing was a multiplayer game.

 When the Verification Team members or Toa-chan came over to our house, or when my grandmother came over, we often played this game. And more often than not, we played it with Pegonia, making it a 3-player game.

 By the way, when Pegonia played games, she wore glasses she didn’t usually wear, and she got super serious. It seemed like she hated to lose.

 ”Okay, I’ll put a banana here.”

 ”Wait! Who put a banana here? No way!”

 Ugh… I lost again.

 On the screen, a gorilla with a silly face like Kaede-senpai was jumping around and celebrating.

 Hagetoru, Grandmother, and even Pegonia often used that character, but was I the only one who got annoyed by it?

 By the way, Aqua usually used a green dinosaur character. I used a princess character, and Hagetoru often used a boss character.

 ”Well, that’s how it is. Then… let’s do the 5th and 6th ones too, everyone!”


 ”Kanon, we’ll going out.”


 After lightly changing our clothes, we left the house and headed to the supermarket downstairs.


 We’ve already got permission to film, and since we’re at our usual supermarket, we can relax and shoot without any worries.

 ”Number 5 is shopping together, yeah! Today, we’re going to buy ingredients for dinner together!”

 Aqua pushes the cart, and I walk beside him, thinking about tonight’s menu and putting the ingredients into the shopping basket.

 Usually, Pegonia buys the ingredients, but it’s nice to go shopping with just the 2 of us like this sometimes.

 ”Next is number 6. Is everyone hungry yet?”

 ”Uh… I… I guess it’s already evening, so I’m getting a little hungry, I suppose…”

 ”So, if you’re hungry, let’s go eat dinner. I’ll get it ready now.”

 ”Wait, what…? You mean… Aqua-sama’s homemade cooking…? I understand! I’ll wait without moving a muscle!!”

 After we finished shopping, we invited the magazine people to the dining table and headed to the kitchen.

 ”Kanon, can you prepare the plates, please?”


 ”Thanks, Kanon.”

 Usually, Aqua would give me a light kiss on the cheek around this time, but today he’s being considerate.

 Good, good. If he had kissed me here, my face would have turned bright red for sure.

 ”I usually kiss Kanon on the cheek around this time, but I’ll hold back today.”


 Did he just say that out loud?!

 I glanced at the table and saw everyone looking at me, like “Is he really doing that?” So I just pretended I didn’t hear anything and ignored it.

 ”Everyone, please help yourselves while it’s hot!”

 By the way, today’s special is Aqua’s signature kid’s lunch.

 Originally, Aqua created this menu for Lapis-chan, and it’s also my favorite.

 Well, back when I was in middle school, I wanted to eat it but couldn’t…

 ”The mini hamburger with quail eggs and the fried chicken are so cute, Aqua-sama’s cooking sense is amazing…”

 ”Editor-in-chief! They’ve got my favorite shrimp fry and potato fry, and even fried chicken on top!”

 ”Napoli-tan is so delicious I can eat it forever. It’s so good, so good!”

 ”The Octopus Wiener is decent, but the illustration on the Mini Omurice box, with the flag stuck in it, gives off a weird artist vibe… or is it just me?”

 ”This Petin Pudding Almond dessert is amazing… it’s basically a homemade pudding!”

 ”I’m glad I’ve lived this long…”

 ””””I agree.””””

 Hehe, seeing everyone enjoy their food so much made Aqua look satisfied too.

 By the way, I also love it when my grandmother helps us cook dinner and Hagetoru comes over to eat with us ―― this is actually her favorite thing!

 Of course, I can’t eat it every day, but since it’s a rare treat, it feels extra special and delicious.

 ”Editor-in-chief… this is already the 6th one… 4 more to go…”

 ”Don’t worry, I’ve already prepared myself. I can even eat the last supper.”

 ”Indeed, even if I die after eating this, it’ll be my dream come true.”

 ”Don’t worry, someone will definitely take over our remaining work.”

 ”Everyone… Thank you for joining this suicide squad!”

 The sound of washing dishes was loud, but everyone was laughing and chatting with smiles on their faces.

 I whispered to Aqua, “It’s great to see everyone so happy, isn’t it?”


 Then, when no one was looking, I got a light peck on the cheek.

 W-w-wait?! You said no surprise attacks, didn’t you?! …idiot.

 ”Oh, it’s already night, isn’t it?”

 After finishing the dishes, we were chatting with the magazine people and having a great time when we realized it had become pitch black outside.

 ”Shall we head to the observatory deck for a bit?”

 We put on our slightly thick coats to keep warm and headed to the rooftop terrace.

 Luckily, it was a clear day with not a single cloud, so we could see the night sky really well.

 ”This is the 7th, watching the night view together. This time, we’re doing it with a bit of a cheat, but I think it’s better to go further out or see it from the Ferris wheel at an amusement park.”

 ”Yeah, I see… it’s a good reference.”

 After taking some photos on the rooftop, we headed back to our own room.

 ”Shall we do the last three, 8, 9, and 10? Kanon, sorry, but can you take a bath and come back?”

 ”Okay, got it…”

 Everyone’s eyes widened, making a silly face like Kaede-senpai.

 I get it. Everyone’s thinking, “What’s going to start now?”

 I had Pegonia help me, and after quickly taking a bath, I returned to the living room where Aqua and the others were waiting.

 ”The 8th one is to dry your lover’s hair, okay!”


 Yeah, it’s already getting ridiculous.

 When I did the same thing in front of everyone before, they all made that face, and even that old lady let out a silly voice.

 ”After drying their hair, you have to brush it properly too, you know?”

 ”A, Aqua-sama, do you always do this kind of thing…?”

 ”Yes. At home, I even do it for my sister Lapis. I’m pretty fond of it, you know.”

 ”H-Hoge~. It’s a great reference… or is it?”

 ”Huh? Did you say something?”

 ”N, no, it’s nothing. Ahahahaha…”

 I get it. It’s definitely not going to be a useful reference.

 Recently, guys have been changing, but only Aqua would do something like this.

 Even Kohina-senpai, who came to play the other day, said that your husband is weird just because of that, and that the screws in his head are loose.

 ”Then, I’ll enter the 9th one with this flow.”

 Aqua kneeled in front of me, who was sitting on the sofa, and gently touched my bare feet with her usual gentle hands.

 Mmm… I pressed my mouth shut with my hand to hold back my voice. No way… We’re in the middle of a shoot, so I have to hold back my embarrassing voice.

 Give your lover a massage, that’s it!”

 ”””””Ma, massage?”””””

 The people from the magazine, who were leaning forward, stared at us without blinking.

 Hey, don’t look at me like that… it’s embarrassing, and Aqua too…

 ”Editor-in-chief… is it okay to publish this?”

 ”Yeah, I’ll take full responsibility. Even if I lose my head, I have a duty to deliver this article to everyone. That’s… after 15 years of working at this publishing company, even if this is my last job, I have no regrets. Okay? This is real journalism, the kind of work that media should be proud of.”

 ”Editor-in-Chief… I’ll follow you to the end!”

 ”I’ll also stay with the Editor-in-Chief until the very end!”

 ”Please let me see the Editor-in-Chief’s work through to the end!”

 ”Hehe, don’t worry about me, Editor-in-Chief. I’ve been with you for 10 years, and if you get fired, I’ll go down with you.”

 ”Thank you all… really, thank you!”

 Wait, what’s going on here?

 I’m completely at a loss, I don’t know what’s happening, and Aqua has been massaging my body with all his might since a while ago, and Pegonia, stop laughing and help me!!

 ”Well, that’s how it is.”

 I… managed to endure… somehow?

 No weird photos were taken, right?

 Hey, Pegonia… why are you turning your face away from me? Say something, please!!

 ”And finally, this is it. Kanon.”

 ”Eh… nn.”

 Something gently touched my lips.

 I felt a silent scream coming from nearby.

 ”After all, the last one is a goodnight kiss. By the way, there’s a good morning kiss in the morning too.”

 Wh, Wh, wh….

 ”What are you doing, you idiot Aqua!! You’re so stupid! Geez!!”

 I patted Aqua’s chest with a “poka poka” sound.

 I heard the sound of someone falling behind me.

 ”Heh, Editor-in-Chief!!”

 ”Sh, are you dead?!”


 ”Editor-in-Chief, I saw your work through to the end. Thank you. Now, leave it to us and take a rest.”

 ”Vice Editor, this is no time for jokes!!”

 ”U… thank you, everyone. Ah, my life… was happy until the very end… ah.”


 ”Uu, uu…”

 ”No, no, I can hear your heartbeat, and you’re alive, so it’s okay. You just fainted, that’s all. You guys are overreacting.”

 Is everything really okay?

 Just in case, I turned my face towards that direction, and the Editor-in-Chief was lying on her back with a happy face.

 Yeah, it’s fine, I guess. I’m gonna glare at Aqua with tears in my eyes again.

 ”Sorry, Kanon. But… I won’t lie, okay?”

 Ugh… I almost fell for that cool face of hers.

 Wait, that’s a line from Yuujin-sama! You can’t fool me with that kind of talk!!

 ”Are you really going to publish this magazine…”

 Pegonia sighs from afar.

 In the end, the magazine gets published, and the bulletin board gets flooded with Shumi’s death threats.

 Ugh… why does it always end up like this?! I’m not the bad guy!

 I mean, Hagetoru is the one who’s been spamming the board with over 100 posts That guy’s just a troll!

 That night, I got my revenge by messing with Hagetoru’s dinner. I made sure to give her pork instead of beef in her hamburger, reduced the number of potatoes, and even peeled the skin off her fried chicken.

 ”Shumi… honestly, I’ve been enjoying my meals lately. I’ve even gained some weight. I never thought you’d go out of your way to make healthy food for me. Thanks, I guess you’re a kind person after all.”

 Ugh… why does it always end up like this?!

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