Retunee 63


Chapter 63 The Deceiver and the Deceived

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 ”I think that’s the general arrangement. How does it look? Will it work out?”

 I am addressing a woman who is prostrate on the floor, completely naked.

 Her body is covered in semen as if she has been raped, but I had nothing to do with it. The act was consensual.

 That woman is Miki, who is addicted to Aphrodisiac, and she and Nishikuze were having s*x just a few days ago.

 Due to certain reasons, I visited Gospel of Love Church and raided the residence of Nishikuze without making an appointment.

 ”We will do as Shiena-sama instructed. Can you do it, Miki?”

 ”Yes, I can.”

 Miki nods in accordance with Nishikuze’s words. Her face still bears the lingering pleasure, seemingly under the effect of Aphrodisiac. Her eyes reveal a submissive, seductive gaze towards Nishikuze. However, it is Miki that I am asking for help. My request is akin to setting a Honey trap or engaging in Marriage fraud against Kyouka’s father, Katsuji.

 If Katsuji shows no intention of separating from Mizuki, even if I manage to solve Mizuki’s problem, it will complicate matters. Additionally, there is the issue of Kyouka. Since he has a lot of debts due to gambling, it would be easy for Mizuki to get a divorce if she wanted to, but Kyouka may not be able to abandon his father. That is why I plan to involve Miki and entangle her with Amazawa Katsuji, leading him to distance himself from Kyouka and the others.

 However, I have no intention of demanding money. The plan is to create a physical relationship between Miki and Amazawa Katsuji, using that as a reason to remove him. Love is not necessary; it will be enough if Kyouka or Mizuki discovers the affair. Miki will have to put her body on the line, but there is no other way. If it is revealed that Katsuji not only has substantial gambling debts but is also involved with other women, Kyouka, despite being his daughter, will surely lose her patience.

 ”Shiena-sama, what about… the reward? Since I am letting my woman be taken by another man, it is only fair to have a reward, don’t you think?”

 ”If there is no reward, will you not obey my orders?”

 I glare at Nishikuze, who is persistently demanding a reward.

 ”Oh, n-no, it’s not like that…”

 ”Hmm, well, fine then. I suppose that’s what you wanted all along.”

 I say that and take out a new Aphrodisiac from the Interdimensional storage, throwing it directly towards Nishikuze. The Interdimensional storage is filled with a stockpile of such items. I cannot simply hand them out like candy, but they are not that precious either. I thought it would be acceptable to give Nishikuze some candy this time.

 ”Oops… Thank you very much. Also, would it be alright to give this Sacred medicine to someone in the Mortal world who needs salvation, other than Miki?”

 ”Have you already found new Prey? Well, as long as you don’t try anything like what happened with Sayaka, Vepar’s sacrifice, I have no objections. However, refrain from involving minors. It would be troublesome if it becomes a serious matter.”

 ”I understand. Hirofumi has been lecturing me about similar things.”

 Allowing Nishikuze, who has a liking for young women, to do as he pleases is a bit scary, but Higashikawa should stop him if necessary. Although he becomes greedier when it comes to making money, he will not do anything that would jeopardize the church.

 ”Other than that, yes. Please follow the detailed schedule and plans that Yukari-san will communicate to you, Miki-san.”


 Miki readily agrees even to my unreasonable request for her to have s*x with a stranger. Compared to Yukari and Naoko, she may pale in comparison, but her figure is appealing enough to attract men, and her appearance is not bad either.

 If Miki approaches them, most men would not hesitate to respond, regardless of whether they are Amazawa or not. Originally, she seemed to have been involved in the s*x industry, so manipulating men should be second nature to her. After conveying this to the two, I disappear using the Mirage Coat and quietly leave the residence.


 ”I see. Is Katsuji-san not here? However, the repayment deadline for this month is tomorrow. For now, can I at least get the interest? How is the plan to raise the funds going?”

 I took a sip of the tea offered to quench my thirst and began discussing the matter with Mizuki, who sat before me. Pretending not to know, I was aware that Katsuji, her husband, had been out since morning, probably off to the pachinko parlor. Kyouka should still be at school during this time, so I took the opportunity to meet with Mizuki, who was alone at the Amazawa household.

 ”Here it is…”

 ”Thank you. Hm? It seems that the amount falls far short of this month’s repayment?”

 I opened the tea-colored envelope handed to me and peered inside. I had already suspected this even before receiving the flimsy envelope; the money Mizuki provided was insufficient even for the interest.

 ”I-I’m sorry. Right now, it’s all I can manage to come up with, 50,000 yen.”

 ”What about the remaining amount?”

 ”Well, uh… my part-time pay will be coming in on the 10th, so could you wait a little longer for the rest?”

 ”That’s an impossible request. Relying solely on your income for repayment would only make your living situation more difficult, wouldn’t it? It would be better if tour daughter cooperated as well…”

 ”Please spare my daughter. I-I mean… I intend to start working in the evenings immediately.”

 ”I see. And has your husband agreed to this? If it’s for a few months’ worth, I believe Katsuji-san can pay it.”

 ”W-Well, yes. But, um… that money is needed for the future, you see…”

 Mizuki’s words leave me dumbfounded and unable to say anything. I’m not sure if she genuinely believes Katsuji’s words, but instead of relying on his money, she plans to sell her body to manage the debt. Well, that means I don’t have to forcibly assault Mizuki. It simply makes negotiations with her easier. However, it’s still disheartening.

 ”I see… Well, it’s a conclusion reached through discussion between husband and wife. It’s not my place to intervene in such matters. As long as you can properly repay the debt, I don’t mind what method you choose.”

 ”Masuda-san, do you have any suggestions for such store? Places where someone like me, my age… can earn a decent salary… I’m not very familiar with night work.”

 It was unexpected for Mizuki to ask such a question. Compared to Kyouka, she does have a much softer demeanor, and I am not too strong with Mizuki, her mother. Last time, when we discussed the matter involving Katsuji and Kyouka, I even showed a sympathetic attitude towards Mizuki.

 Well, that was all in an effort to steer the conversation towards separating from Katsuji. But even so, would Mizuki really ask someone like me, an obviously suspicious debt collector, about such things? It makes me wonder if there might be issues not only with the father but also with the mother. Maybe she’s a sheltered young lady from a well-off family who is naive about the world, or perhaps she’s just not accustomed to doubting others due to her personality. Either way, if Mizuki starts listening to what I say, all the problems will be resolved.

 ”Do you have any experience working in the adult industry?”

 ”Is it difficult to work in such places if I don’t have any experience?”

 ”It’s not that you can’t, but it might be difficult without any experience. There are cases where wives start working for the first time at their age, you know. However, do you truly understand what it entails?”

 ”I understand. I handle men with my hands or give pleasure with my mouth, right?”

 ”Well, that’s one way to put it. Although there is some demand for married women health services like what you’re thinking, it doesn’t pay that well. With all due respect, considering your age, you won’t make much unless it’s in a high-end shop. If you’re serious about making a lot of money, you’ll have to do more than that. Whether it’s vaginal or anal intercourse, if you’re open to it, you can make a decent amount.”


 ”It seems you didn’t plan on going that far.”

 It seems Mizuki didn’t realize she would have to engage in s*xual intercourse to that extent. However, the reality is that whether or not she engages in full intercourse doesn’t make much of a difference in income.

 The type of establishment matters more in terms of earnings. I am merely deceiving Mizuki, who seems unfamiliar with the world of the s*x industry, in order to bring her down. Mizuki fell silent, lowering her head without uttering a word, completely at my mercy.

 ”This is troublesome. I can’t get the young lady to cooperate, and you lack the necessary determination. How exactly do you plan on repaying the debt? As I mentioned earlier, I want the interest portion of this month’s repayment to be settled by tomorrow.”

 ”I know I’m asking for the impossible. But can’t you do something about it? If you wait until the 10th, I’ll repay the remaining amount along with the excess interest.”

 Ideally, I should catch Katsuji and forcefully take at least the interest portion. There’s no way Katsuji has used up all one million yen he had just yesterday. However, that wouldn’t be very convenient for me either. On the other hand, if he easily pays for this month, it might delay my plans. So there was a possibility.

 ”If you were to suggest waiting, would that be satisfactory for me? I do sympathize with your circumstances to some extent, Oku-san. However, I don’t want the repayment to be further delayed. After all, this is a business transaction on my part.”

 ”Ugh, if you could somehow…”

 I had expected it to come to this. It’s Katsuji we’re talking about. He would try to gamble and multiply the cash he currently has rather than using it directly for repayment. Well, even if he obediently pays only the interest, it would still be insignificant. In that case, I had planned to manipulate Miki into leading Katsuji to squander his money, but it seems that won’t be necessary after all.

 ”In that case, should I have you settle it with your body? How about this? I can extend the payment date based on the number of times you have s*x with me, Oku-san. You have five more days until the 10th. If you have s*x with me five times, I can wait until the 10th, just as you desire.”

 ”Eh? S-Sex…”

 ”It means inserting my p*nis into your vagina. Of course, I’ll ejaculate inside. Unless we do something like that, it won’t be worth it for me either.”

 ”I… I can’t. That’s impossible.”

 ”You were prepared to work in the s*x industry, right? But, as I mentioned earlier, you won’t make decent money unless you engage in full intercourse. Since you’re going to use your vagina for debt repayment anyway, what’s the difference if it’s with me?”

 ”I… I didn’t think I would have to go that far.”

 ”I see. If you can’t even do that, Oku-san, then I’ll have to turn to the young lady.”

 ”W-Why Kyouka?”

 ”The debtor’s name on this contract is Kyouka-san, after all. Regardless of the circumstances, legally it’s Kyouka-san who has the obligation to repay. Since you don’t cooperative with the repayment, there’s no choice but to ask her directly, right, Oku-san?”

 ”P-Please wait!”

 ”Even if you ask me to wait…”

 ”I-I’ll do it. Instead of her, I’ll do anything, so please spare Kyouka.”

 There’s no need for such a drawn-out conversation. I could simply force her to consume an aphrodisiac, like Miki. However, I don’t want Mizuki, Kyouka’s mother, to become like Miki, obsessed with aphrodisiac-induced s*x. She should play the role of Kyouka’s mother with her normal judgment. After all, she will be the sole parent from now on. That’s why, this time, I planned to use War Rabbit’s ovaries, which have a short-term effect similar to an aphrodisiac but with a lower physical dependency.

 ”Are you sure about this?”

 ”Y-Yes, if I do that, you won’t lay a hand on my daughter, right?”

 ”That’s up to you, Oku-san.”

 I said that and take out a newly packaged over-the-counter oral contraceptive from my bag.

 ”Are you currently taking any birth control pills?”


 ”Then please take this one first. As you can see, it is a low-dose birth control with very low side effects, so there is no problem if you take it beforehand. I’m not going to have s*x except raw.”

 Pretending to take out a brand-new over-the-counter pill packet, I swap the low-dose birth control pill in my hand with War Rabbit’s ovaries. When consumed, it would quickly increase s*xual desire, making one immediately crave a p*nis.

 In truth, the ingredients in low-dose oral contraceptives and Warabbit’s ovaries are not significantly different, and my statement about contraception is not entirely false. By externally injecting female hormones such as progesterone and estrogen, the brain is tricked into believing that the woman has already secreted those hormones, causing ovulation to cease, which is the mechanism of contraceptives.

 The amount of progesterone, one of the main ingredients, doesn’t differ much even when using War Rabbit’s ovaries. The only notable difference is the abnormally high level of estrogen. However, whether it’s due to the abnormally high level of estrogen or because it’s War Rabbit’s ovaries, I don’t know. What I understand is that consuming it will cause anyone to experience a significant surge in s*xual desire.

 ”Understood. If I have s*x with you five times, you’ll wait for the repayment, right?”

 ”Yes. I always keep my promises, so rest assured.”

 Mizuki brought the War Rabbit’s ovaries to her mouth. While silently observing, I couldn’t help but send lascivious glances at her mature body, hidden from her sight.

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