Returnee 74

Chapter 74 Unkept Promise

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 Did Akuzawa drink a ton of alcohol out of frustration?

 He stumbled over with a brandy bottle in hand.

 Akuzawa’s current state is undoubtedly because Sato Hanae ran away.

 Or perhaps, he got a serious scolding from Kusunoki Seiichiro.

 But I doubt he thinks I’m involved.

 Is he here to ask for money?

 Or did he just come closer looking for someone to vent to?

 Either way, it’s going to be a bit troublesome.

 It’s fine if Akuzawa messes up in business, but I didn’t take action anticipating this outcome.

 Honestly, I still question why I helped Sato Hanae in the first place.

 I’ve concluded it was to throw Akuzawa into jail, but it’s not a certainty, and I feel my motives are somewhat lacking.

 Well, I should have expected things to turn out this way, but I guess my foresight was lacking.

 As long as Ayaka doesn’t spill the beans, there’s no way they’ll find out about my connection with Sato Hanae, so I wasn’t too worried about Akuzawa figuring out it was me.

 ”Hey there. If it isn’t Masuda-san, How’s things been going since then?”

 Akuzawa plops down next to me without a word of warning, speaking to me all familiar-like. I respond with a polite smile.

 ”Oh, things are going well, thanks.”

 ”Hmm. So, how much are you making these days?”

 ”Well, you know, it’s decent enough…”

 ”So, how much are you making anyway?”


 ”What’s up, big bro? Just shooting the breeze. Right, Masuda-san?”

 With that, Akuzawa placed a bottle of liquor on the table and slung his arm around me like an old friend.

 ”Sorry about that, Masuda-san. Akuzawa can be a bit rude.”

 ”It’s okay. I don’t mind. Though, it seems like he’s had a bit too much to drink.”

 ”What’s that supposed to mean? You saying it’s my fault for drinking?”

 ”No, no. I didn’t mean it like that.”

 ”Ha! Everyone’s always… I mean, just watch. That woman is totally going to miss my p*nis and come back soon.”

 ”That woman?”

 ”Hey, Akuzawa. You’re really going overboard with the drinking. Let’s call it a night.”

 Yasunaga intervened hastily, probably sensing that Akuzawa was about to say something he shouldn’t.

 It’s not just about messing up in business. It’s also about not wanting Sato Hanae’s name dragged into it.

 But I didn’t plan on prying into Sato Hanae’s affairs any further.

 It felt a bit odd not saying anything there, so I just went with the flow of the conversation. It wouldn’t be wise to stick my nose in too much here.

 ”What’s that supposed to mean? You’ve been making plenty off Masuda-san all this time. Can’t I get a little something too?”

 ”Come on, no need to get so worked up. Besides, didn’t I just make a deal with you recently, Akuzawa-san?”

 ”That was just me doing Masuda-san a favor. If anything, it’s me doing you a favor.”

 ”But you see, I’ve already put in a lot more than the market value back then. Originally, it was an 8 million yen debt, but I paid Akuzawa-san 20 million yen. Surely you don’t think that’s normal, right?”

 ”W-Well, maybe not…”

 Just to be sure, I wanted to make things clear with Akuzawa.

 Because I was worried that if he got desperate for money, he might break our agreement and get involved with the Amazawa family again.

 Of course, I’m making sure to mention Yasunaga and the Rindou group to ensure some security.

 But regardless, breaking promises for his own benefit seems to be Akuzawa’s style. Well, I don’t think he’d do anything too reckless that would make him look bad later on.

 ”If there’s another opportunity for business, I might ask Akuzawa-san next time.”

 ”Is that so? You’re saying you’ll share the profits with me next time?”

 ”Well, I can’t promise that much. After all, even I am just a pawn of the organization. I can’t do business freely with everything.”

 I hinted that I have connections to an organization.

 They probably wouldn’t imagine that everything was being handled by just me, but Akuzawa would need a strong deterrent.

 ”So, you’re the one in charge of all the money deals, right?”

 ”Well, yeah, that’s true.”

 ”Can I get in on that action too?”

 ”Big Bro Akuzawa. Stirring up trouble with my business isn’t exactly a peaceful idea.”

 ”Tch. Then do you have any other businesses going on?”

 ”Well, I do dabble in dealing with gemstones a bit. But it’s not a very profitable business, you know. We don’t have cheap supply routes for that.”

 I know I shouldn’t say too much.

 But I was worried that if I didn’t keep Akuzawa quiet by giving him some bait, he might start doing reckless things after failing a job from Kusunoki Seiichiro.

 ”Buying gemstones… doesn’t seem very profitable.”

 Despite the words, his greedy yellow [interest] and pink [desire] seemed to rise in the air.

 Seeing Akuzawa like that, I felt a bit uneasy.

* * *

 It was a stain that wouldn’t come off no matter how much you washed it.

 Those thoughts were running through Kyouka’s mind.

 It was because Her Highness Sabbah (the foreigner) had been touching her body until now.

 Moreover, there was a part of her that found that act pleasurable.

 She kept dripping lewd fluids from her v**ina, even though she should be reluctant, she also felt like she wanted more in the middle.

 How many times had she climaxed before?

 Kyouka had to admit she was a perverted woman as she kept reaching climax.

 ”This is part of the job,” so she tells herself it can’t be helped.

 But is that really the case?

 Is it not a betrayal to Shu, her lover, to feel like she wants Her Highness Sabbah to touch her v**ina more while under her touch?

 Not just her v**ina, but also her chest and buttocks…

 There’s hardly a place left untouched by Her Highness Sabbah.

 Even kisses.

 Her face inevitably flushes with the melting kiss where their tongues intertwine.

 It must be because Her Highness Sabbah’s caresses were so skillful, but Kyouka harbored a sense of hatred towards herself for feeling that way.

 Today marks the third time.

 Kyouka feels despair at the thought of having to continue this for another year.

 No, if it’s just the body, it’s still okay.

 She thought it was just a physiological response, and she was confident in her love for Shu.

 Yet, she keep this hidden from Shu.

 Feeling guilty about it, Kyouka had been blaming herself all along.

 She turned the shower nozzle to stop the hot water.

 Even though she was washing her body, her work for the day was not yet finished.

 Her v**ina had become unbelievably messy, so she just took a quick shower.

 She knew she would have to get her v**ina wet again soon.

 Just thinking about it made love juices drip from Kyouka’s crotch.

 But for now, she had no choice but to attend to Her Highness Sabbah below.

 After quickly drying herself off, Kyouka steeled herself and returned to Her Highness Sabbah’s side.


 In Kyouka’s eyes, Her Highness Sabbah was in the room playing with a smartphone.

 And that smartphone definitely looked like it belonged to Kyouka.

 ”Your Highness Sabbah, that’s my phone, right?”

 ”Yes, it seems so.”

 ”It seems like that, right? But that’s against the rules, isn’t it?”

 ”Do you think so? I’ve asked Masuda-san to introduce me to a woman who is a virgin and doesn’t have a boyfriend. Otherwise, I can’t fully enjoy s*x, you know.”


 ”If the woman keeps resisting like this, it’s hard for us to get excited. We promised to act like lovers for a year, didn’t we?”

 ”But even so…”

 ”He is Kaburagi Shu-kun, right? Kyouka-san, are you interested in this guy?”

 ”N-no. Sh-Shu has nothing to do with it. Please, just give me back my phone already.”

 ”Haha. Well, alright then. It’s too late anyway.”

 Her Highness Sabbah said this and tossed Kyouka’s phone onto the bed.

 ”I will treat Your Highness properly, so please refrain from doing anything like this in the future.”

 ”Okay, okay, I understand. But before Kaburagi Shu-kun comes to this room, let’s have a little more fun, shall we?”


 ”This time, please also lick my vagina. Kyouka-san.”

 ”Her Highness Sabbah, wait, what?”

 ”I asked you to lick my vagina. Well, we could also pleasure each other in that way.”

 ”Not that. What about Shu-kun?”

 ”Oh, I just sent him an email asking him to come to this room. If Kyouka-san doesn’t mind, I would like him to insert his p**is into my v**ina. It’s been a while since I’ve been with a man.”

 Upon hearing that, a flustered Kyouka quickly starts touching her smartphone.

 ”No way!”

 ”If he finds out the truth, Kyouka-san should be able to give up, right? I don’t want to continue this half-hearted relationship either.”

 ”That’s awful…”

 ”Our contract was supposed to be like that. During this period, you were supposed to be like my lover. So, even if Kaburagi Shu finds out, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

 ”The thing with Shu-kun has nothing to do with Your Highness Sabbah at all! I’m done. I’m going home.”

 ”Are you running away? It may be too late to do anything now. Anyway, I plan to tell Kaburagi Shu everything from my own mouth.”

 ”Why are you doing this?”

 ”It’s because Kyouka-san seems unable to make up her mind. If I don’t do this, you’ll probably keep reluctantly playing the role of my lover.”

 ”If that’s the case, why didn’t you at least say a word to me? You could have changed your attitude, couldn’t you?”

 ”This is interesting in its own way. Let’s make a bet on what kind of attitude Kaburagi Shu will take after he knows the truth. If he accepts Kyouka-san after knowing the truth, you win. Our contract will be completed at that point.”

 ”Don’t joke around!”

 ”You haven’t told him anything yet, have you? Are you planning to stay silent like this forever? If you truly like him, shouldn’t you tell him everything?”


 ”Alright. Let’s change the topic a bit from earlier. Even if he doesn’t accept you, it’s fine as our contract will be considered complete. It seems like quite an interesting spectacle, worth about 8 million yen. Honestly, 8 million yen is just pocket change for me. If Kyouka-san really doesn’t want to, I can just find another woman. However, I’m not so kind as to just give Kyouka-san a free pass. I won’t enjoy the 8 million yen worth without entertaining myself.”


 ”Think carefully. Can you keep hiding things from him after this? He probably already noticed that something is off with you.”

 Kyouka, looking bewildered, collapses to her knees on the spot.

 Below her, Her Highness Sabbah watches Kyouka’s state with a mischievous look.

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