Returnee 75

Chapter 75 Tears Of Determination

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 Revision: Sabbah is a woman, so I will change it to Her Highness.

 ”You’re really late, Kaburagi-kun. You made me wait quite a while.”

 As soon as I entered a room in a fancy hotel, a woman threw those words at me.

 And right next to her was another woman.

 It was the figure of Higuchi Yukari wearing a mask of a Middle Eastern woman, Her Highness Sabbah, and Kyouka, who was wrapped in a bath towel and facing down.

 ”Look, Kyouka-san. It seems your beloved Shu-kun has finally arrived.”

 I pretended to be dumbfounded by Yukari’s words.

 I almost snorted at my own performance, but there was no helping it.

 I was trying to recreate a scene I had seen in my memory right here and now.

 However, I didn’t think the part of the interaction with Yukari was that important. I was just acting out of caution, thinking it wasn’t really relevant whether I did it honestly or not.

 ”Shu, Shu-kun…”

 On that memory, I rushed to the hotel upon receiving a message from Kyouka, only to witness Akuzawa taking advantage of her.

 I’m sure reproducing something from that memory will be the key to saving Kyouka.

 I came to this conclusion because the common thread in the memories of the women I remembered was that I witnessed something related to a woman connected to me.

 ”Hehehe. I apologize, Kaburagi-kun. It seems I have taken your lover, Kyouka-san. Kyouka-san has completely fallen for me. Well, it can’t be helped since women understand each other’s feelings better, right, Kyouka-san?”

 In the first place, I don’t believe I completely saved Kyouka by rescuing her from Akuzawa.

 Of course, I initially considered that possibility.

 I wondered if I had simply followed the scene as per the memory when the email arrived.

 But now, I’m reconsidering what I used to think optimistically.

 The reason being, Kyouka herself didn’t appear in that experience.

 When I think about the similarities with the other three, it feels important to witness Kyouka herself.

 I had a hunch that by witnessing that scene, Kyouka’s fate might finally be determined.

 Of course, I wasn’t completely sure about it.

 I don’t know if it’s a god or something, but only the one who set this up knows the answer.

 However, it feels odd that in Kyouka’s case, just seeing an email is enough.

 If that’s the case, do I have to experience all the remaining memories too?

 It feels different as well.

 In Yukari’s case, only a part of the memory scenes were inherited.

 The first memory that came to mind was seeing Ayano coming to my house on a rainy day after a long time.

 This memory hasn’t changed much from reality.

 First of all, I had just returned from that world, and neither I nor Ayano had changed any actions leading up to that scene.

 It was only natural that the same thing would happen.

 However, the problem lies in what happened next.

 The second thing is the memory of when I saw the angel wings tattoo on Ayaka’s back.

 Originally, I was supposed to meet Ayaka after becoming a salaryman, but I happened to meet her at Yasunaga’s store by chance.

 Because of that, I find myself in a situation where I see Ayaka’s tattoo much earlier than I should have.

 However, considering this, it can be said that the date and time in memory and reality are irrelevant.

 The third thing is the memory of seeing Yukari, who had lost her left leg.

 This situation is clearly different.

 The memory I saw was due to a motorcycle accident, and the place should have been a hospital.

 However, what actually happened was a fall accident, and the place where it occurred was near the road close to the Gospel of Love Church.

 If that’s the case, it means that the place where it happened and the circumstances leading up to it don’t matter.

 Furthermore, I suspected that Nishikuze was not involved in the motorcycle accident in my memory.

 This is because it was me who created the bad blood between Nishikuze and Yukari.

 It all started with me giving Nishikuze the Orc Aphrodisiac.

 As a result, Naoko, who should not have been involved, fell into Nishikuze’s hands, which angered Yukari and led her to storm into the Gospel of Love Church.

 It’s hard to believe that such a sequence of events could happen in a world where Orc Aphrodisiacs don’t exist in memory.

 Therefore, I believe the likelihood of Nishikuze being involved in the motorcycle accident in my memory is low.

 Well, the only memory I recalled was from the hospital.

 I have no idea what happened before, or why the motorcycle accident even happened.

 It could have been Yukari’s solo accident, or maybe it had nothing to do with Aphrodisiac and was just a bad connection between Yukari and Nishikuze.

 The fact is, I can’t say for sure that there was no possibility of a bad relationship between them. The chances of Nishikuze being involved in the motorcycle accident are low.

 However, if that assumption is correct, the third person involved with me and the woman could be someone completely different from what I remember.

 Considering all of this, I concluded that it was important for me to see something related to Kyouka, regardless of the place, time, circumstances, or the other person involved.

 Of course, there are other memories I have recalled besides those.

 For instance, memories with Naoko would be one of them.

 Even so, memories with Ayano, Ayaka, Yukari, and Kyouka were different.

 They were so vivid as if they were being replayed in my mind, creating an illusion that the memories were colored, making them something special.

 ”Ugh… Yes. I am captivated by Her Highness Sabbah. Her Highness Sabbah’s caresses feel so good…”

 If I hadn’t relied on my ability to search for Kyouka’s whereabouts, I would have ended up seeing Kyouka being taken by Akuzawa a few days after the email arrived.

 I forcefully intervened there and twisted fate.

 However, considering the case of Yukari losing her left leg, even if I had changed my actions or met earlier, there are parts that cannot be altered, making it reasonable to think that there are aspects of fate that cannot be changed, no matter how much I saved Kyouka.

 Could this be called the compelling force of an inescapable fate?

 Sure, I may have saved Kyouka from Akuzawa once, but who’s to say Akuzawa won’t try to make a move on her again, or that someone else won’t take Akuzawa’s place.

 It’s likely to be the same in the future.

 No matter how many times I save Kyouka from dangerous situations and prevent fate from taking its course, as long as I don’t witness Kyouka being taken away, similar events are bound to happen repeatedly.

 In the end, maybe Kyouka’s fate of being taken away cannot be changed?

 Ultimately, coming to such a conclusion doesn’t seem all that absurd.

 If that’s the case, I have no choice but to prepare someone for that role.

 Naturally, I have to be the one witnessing it, so the replacement for Akuzawa would have to be someone other than me.

 By recreating scenes as they are in my memory, whether it’s self-staged or not, as long as I can reproduce scenes as I remember them, I should be able to follow my memories even in reality.

 It’s a situation that was intentionally created based on my expectations and intentions, so if it’s not something that follows my memories, then I’m at a loss. However, since the circumstances leading up to it are irrelevant, there shouldn’t be any problem even if I intentionally created it.

 That being said, I can’t tell Kyouka about this.

 That’s because I would have to reveal most of my secrets to Kyouka.

 Even if I keep hidden the fact that I went to a different world and killed many people, explaining the part where I’m redoing my life would require revealing some circumstances to convince Kyouka.

 It’s not just Kyouka.

 I couldn’t bring myself to tell Ayaka and Yukari about the important parts of my secret.

 In any case, that’s about all I can do at the moment.

 I have to create a scene where Kyouka is being stolen away, and I have no choice but to witness that scene myself.

 Since I couldn’t escape the force of fate, it seemed to me that this was the only way I could save Kyouka.

 ”That’s the situation. I’m really sorry, Kaburagi-kun, but could you give up on Kyouka-san?”

 Of course, even if everything goes well with this, I can’t proudly say I saved Kyouka.

 I just chose the lesser of two evils.

 I thought it would be much better to be treated as a toy by Yukari, a woman, than to have a future her violated by Akuzawa or other men.

 Kyouka will still feel pain from this, and to others, it might seem like I’m acting selfishly.

 Well, maybe that’s true.

 In the end, I didn’t want to save Kyouka.

 I just didn’t want another man to take her away.

 ”N-no, Shu-kun. This is…”

 ”Kyouka-san. Didn’t we promise that earlier?”

 Kyouka, feeling overwhelmed, tries to speak the truth.

 However, Yukari interrupts her in a split second.

 Yukari is making a bet on whether she can trust Kyouka in this situation.

 Well, it’s not really a bet.

 She just wanted a plausible excuse to clear the 8 million yen debt.

 –And then,

 At the moment a single tear falls from Kyouka’s eyes, I somehow understood.

 I needed to witness this scene.

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